The 2010 Summer List

Our first weekend of summer has been hot, busy & fun!

I don't know about you, but I love lists!
I especially love checking things off a list. It feels so good!
Kate came up with almost every item on the summer list.
The first thing she said to put on the list was to "Have Christmas in Tahoe" but I reminded her that Christmas wasn't until December, so she would have to wait on that. Last time we were in Tahoe was the day after Christmas & it was snowy. Kate thinks it is going to be snowy there this summer.
After I wrote them down, she added her own coloring touches.
Here it is:
I am so excited about having the summer off with my girls.
Let me tell you, that is probably the biggest perk about being a teacher.
If you remember my post in January, I wrote about THIS.
I think our summer list will make me very intentional with the time I have with my girls this summer! My goal is to do all of these things on the list. I have 70 days of summer with my girls and I want to make them fun & memorable!

What fun things do you have planned this summer?
I can always add to our list :)

And, I picked a winner for my note card giveaway!
Congrats Andrea!
Email me what note card you want from my shop!

If you didn't win this giveaway, don't be sad, I am doing another giveaway today over at Blessed Little Nest.
Head over there for her Blogger's Guide to Summer.
Heather is going to have guest bloggers & giveaways All Week Long!
My guest post & giveaway will be up sometime today!

I am humbled & honored to do a guest post and giveaway for her.
Heather & her blog are awesome, head over there to be inspired!

Happy Summer!


  1. love the list. i want to make one too. not sure how much the girls will tell me what we should do, so i think it will be me coming up with some ideas.

    and the dresses...love them! the girls have them, but in the blue/green color, since they have those big blue eyes.

    happy 1st day of summer!

  2. Yippee Skippe! I never win :) Thanks so much. and our summer list looks very close to yours actually! I'll email you my details right now

  3. Great list! And the dresses are adorable :)
    Happy summer vacation!! :)

  4. Thank you SO much for the photography tips on Heather's blog today! I really needed those!


  5. Oh man! I thought that Andrea might be me...it's not. We wore those dresses this weekend too...well not me but my girls :)

  6. i need to do this with harper, i know she will enjoy checking it off. i need to steal this idea...hope you don't mind :)

  7. thank you so much for your amazing post today, mel. and the great giveaway! it is awesome!

  8. i love your list! and i'm here from heather's blog. thanks for the post! great tips!

  9. Hi there Mel,

    Love those dresses from Target! I saw them too and they did not have both my girls sizes. Bummer! Your girls looked darling in them.

    Fabulous summer list. I've been making one in my head and I think we'll have to write ours down too. Fun stuff planned for you all!

    Oh and my husband was talking sports to me the other day, and mentioned your Buffs in the pac 10 (or is it 11) and I said oh yea I know. He was all suprised, and I told him I knew because of your blog post. hee hee Then he told me his best buddy from high school went there. Mike Hockett. Know him? How crazy if you did!

  10. too cute! I love lists too, and love that Kate made this one :)

  11. Stealing this idea!
    Or rather, I will trade you smashing gingerbread houses with mallets after Christmas with creating a summer fun list.

  12. The photography tips over on Heather's blog are going to be soo helpful this summer. Thank you!

    I was wondering if you have any recommendations or tips on where to get pictures printed. Who do you use?
    Thanks again

  13. Your girls are so pretty! Love the dresses.

    Summer does make all the hardships of teaching worth it. I am relishing our summer and like the idea of making a list that they construct.

    So far we have spent our days lounging outside and trying to stay cool. Works for me but it might get tiresome for The Offspring after a while.

  14. We have a list too! I took a picture of it for 10 on 10. Posting it soon....such a fun way to track summer activities!

  15. love the list! I'm inspired to write one of my own, just for hubby and I! Summer always goes so fast, so it's great that you are being intentional about what you want to do!



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