Kate's Rainbow Art Party

Kate's 5th Birthday Party was this past weekend & it was a blast!
One of the reasons it was so fun is because Kate picked this theme for her party last May!
So, of course, I have been planning it in my head for the past 9 months.
The first thing I knew I wanted to make for the party was Rainbow Tissue Pom Poms!
Our house is so colorful with all the decorations! I still have some up :)
The morning of the party was slightly rainy & 3 of my friends texted me to let me know there was a rainbow outside...perfect timing for Kate's Rainbow Party. You can *barely* see it in the picture below:

I had a kids table set up & I used rainbow fabric from Joann's for a table cloth.
I had markers & crayons in mason jars down the center of the table with rainbow pom poms hanging above:

The chairs had an apron for each party guest & I sewed on their initial using the same rainbow fabric. Since we were doing art projects, I wanted to protect their clothes.
The aprons were reversible, one side pink, the other side purple.
Kate's initial was on the purple side (her favorite color) and the other girls were on the pink side. It made Kate's stand out & more special for her :)
I got the aprons at Michaels this summer for $1 each! Score!

The invite that I made:
{available in my Etsy shop}

I also made a Rainbow Birthday Banner:
And, I had a Rainbow Pennant:
I also had rainbow colored flowers is big mason jars & balloons!
I made little signs with the same layout as the invite:
And, colorful straws & party plates/napkins:
Party Activities:

The first project the girls did when they arrived was put on their aprons & then decorate white paper bags with dot dot art, markers & stickers.
These bags would be used to contain all the art projects they made at the party.
The next project we did was canvas paintings. Each girl had an 8x10 canvas that they could paint on. I had fun sponge paint brushes & normal paint brushes.

The girls also made beaded necklaces:

I also had the girls make Sock Puppets. Kate got a Puppet Theater for Christmas & is really into puppets, so the sock puppets were really fun to make.
I also had our awesome babysitter Torrey at the party doing face painting/hand painting for the girls.
Kate got a rainbow, of course!

There was one other craft, but I forgot to do it at the party!
I realized it right after the party was over. Spin Art!
So, I had Kate make some for fun as we were cleaning up.
Party Food:

Because the party was from 2-4, I didn't need to serve a meal, so had snacks!
I had a rainbow fruit platter:
And, veggies with hummus.
There was Lemonade & Fruit Punch:
And, of course....a Dessert Table! You know me...I love Dessert Tables:
I got the K at Joann's for a few dollars & then spray painted it purple.
(I picked out all the brown m&m's and then added some purple m&m's from the Valentines m&m mix:
Dipped Marshmallows:
These were cute, but a pain to make:
Paint Drops? Nope, Cake Balls!
Funfetti Cupcakes in rainbow polka dot liners:
Close up of the toppers I made:
Dipped Oreos:
Aren't they so pretty?
I also made rainbow jello cups, but I FORGOT to put them out!!! Ahh.
After the party, I opened the fridge & saw them still in there.
My friend Heather made a cute pennant for me that I wanted to use for the rainbow jello.
My girls didn't complain that we had 8 jello cups left :)
The Cake:
My mother in law made the cake (as usual) and this rainbow cake gave her a run for her money because when she woke up Saturday morning, the cake had slid (she puts custard between the layers of her cake & the custard made the cake expand & slide) She was able to salvage the cake & I still think it turned out great!

The rainbow cake:
Close up:
I even found rainbow candles at our local party store!

The inside of the cake:

The girls got to take home their aprons, all their crafts & I also got each girl a pad of white art paper, markers & box of crayons:
I got them at Target in August during their Back to School Sale. The markers & crayons were $.50 each!

It was a great party & so much fun. There were 8 little girls there & it was the perfect amount for an Art & Craft Party.

Kate told me that it was the best birthday party ever! I call that a success!
Thanks to everyone who came & helped celebrate Kate's 5th Birthday!
Now, it's time to start planning Claire's 4th Birthday party in September...I already have a few themes in mind :)


Kate is 5!

I can't believe it has been 5 years since God blessed us with this bundle of joy!
{Adorable Rainbow shirt made by my friend Keri}
Five. It seems SO old.
My sweet, kind, caring, bike riding, purple loving artist.
I am so lucky to be her Mommy.
It seems like just yesterday she was born. And now she is 5.
Happy 5th Birthday Katelyn Grace!


Insta January

Happy Friday!
It's Insta Friday which means you can see what we have been up to the past few weeks!
We have had unusually warm weather this January which means the girls have been playing a ton outside. This girl loves to chalk.
Have you had these Chocolate Croissants from Trader Joes?
This girl is totally obsessed with her Tangled Wig & Dress. She wears it almost everyday. The wig is a rats nest now. That didn't stop her from wearing it to a princess party last weekend.
Sigh. Friday Night Lights.
It's an obsession, I tell you.
We got the entire series for Christmas & have been staying up WAY too late watching it.
We are on Season 3 & we have a new rule that we will only watch it on the weekend so that we don't stay up late during the week watching it! Can't wait to watch it tonight!!!
Someone was being sneaky & had some fun with the camera.
Guess who beat the Saints last week!?!?!?
My 49ers!!!!! Who Dat? WE DAT!
Such an awesome game!!! Can't wait for the NFC Championship this Sunday! Go Niners!!!
Our neighbors dropped off Krispy Kreme donuts on our doorstep over the weekend!
I LOVE our court!!!It FINALLY rained here this week. It hadn't rained in months!!!! So thankful for the rain.
The girls had fun playing inside & building little forts & playing with dolls.
I LOVE rainy days!
Someone has a birthday party this weekend, so I have been busy with party prep this week!
Kate picked out some flowers at the store for her party:
Helping me with party decorations:
I even busted out my sewing machine!
Can you guess what kind of party she is having?
Getting the favors ready:
Kate has been so opinionated with this party planning & it has been so fun.
Can't wait to tell you all about the party next week!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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