Ahoy! It's a Boy! A Nautical Baby Shower.

On Saturday, my friends Kelly, Susan and I threw a baby shower for our friend Becky!
{Kelly is my dear friend & the one who threw me my baby shower for Luke}

Becky is expecting her 3rd baby (and 2nd boy!)
{Becky's daughter Maddie is one of Kate's best buddies. They are just a week apart. Claire & her Sam are 6 months apart and her newest, Evan will be about 6 months apart from Luke!}
The shower was held at Susan's beautiful home!
I had fun making all the signs & food labels.
The Food Table:
Dessert Table:
The table settings:
Favors! Kelly made poppy seed muffins with strawberry jam in mini mason jars & attached spoons.
The spoons look like oars, to go along with the nautical theme!
Present Time!
Kelly, Susan & I got Becky a Juicy Sweatsuit for her present. Becky deserves it more than anyone I know, she is a Pastor's Wife & they are church planters. She deserves to be spoiled, this has been a rough pregnancy for her!
The hostesses with the Guest of Honor!
It was such a fun day celebrating Baby Evan! Can't wait for his arrival in less than 3 weeks!
 And, a reminder! Pin-Spired is THIS Friday, March 1st!!!!

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200 Days of Luke

Today Luke is 200 days old! How do I know this?
Well, when he was born, I made a goal to take a photo of him everyday during his first year of life and I am calling it, The Daily Luke. #thedailyluke

I posted his first 100 Days on THIS post.
(Oh, he was so little!!! Makes me sad! Tears!)

Here are the next 100 photos of Luke!
 And, Day 200:
Can't believe I am over halfway through documenting his first year. 
As you look through these, you will notice I wasn't lying when I told you he wears pajamas most of the time. Poor 3rd kid. Ha!
I haven't missed a day taking his picture....yet! 
Thankful for the convenience of iPhones & not having lug out my big camera all the time.
200 down, 165 to go!


It's Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday!

Soooooo glad it's Friday.
This was a "short" week because of President's Day on Monday, but it felt like the longest.week.ever.
I thought we were all done with being sick, but Claire got a stomach bug mid week. Luckily, it was short lived. Keeping our fingers crossed no one else gets it.
Here is what we have been up to lately via Instagram:

We are redoing part of our backyard & chopping down a bunch of trees. 

One of my favorite meals to make for dinner is homemade calzones. 
Sooooo good. Sooooo easy. I will blog them soon!
 Never like getting this in your kid's folder. So far, we are safe. Just reading this makes your head itch, right? Your welcome :)
Dear Target, thank you for carrying paper straws. Only $1.99 each. Confession: there were 4 packages left & I bought them all. Thank you for letting me get that off my chest.
Do you have a Pottery Barn Kids near you? Check out who is in the display window!
It's Claire! Luke was also at that photoshoot, but they didn't use the pics of him & Claire, they used Claire and another baby....how rude ;)

Friday was also our 11 year engagement anniversary. Here we are 11 years ago. Babies!!
We celebrated by going to see Wicked on Saturday night!
 We saw it 4 years ago & it is even better the 2nd time. SO good. Hands down my favorite Broadway musical. And, I have seen a lot of musicals. If it's playing in a city near you, GO!
Working on 40 bags in 40 days. My hoarder Claire was NOT happy about getting rid of some of her stuff.
Think Luke is outgrowing the swing? Yikes. Thank goodness for straps.

Pioneer Woman's Spicy Dr Pepper Pulled Pork. Make it. So good.
On Tuesday, a cold front hit Nor Cal. It even snowed in the foothills of our town!!! Crazy!  View from my classroom:
After school, the girls and I (and Luke) went on adventure, driving around to see the snow.  GORGEOUS!!!
On Wednesday, the weather was beautiful again. We had a fun afternoon in San Fran.
Do you watch The Bachelor? Do you watch American Idol?
My jaw literally DROPPED when I watched American Idol on Wednesday. This girl, Brandy, looks EXACTLY like Tierra. Seriously. They could be twins. Don't you agree? This pic is of Brandy.
 Kate got a note from a boy in her class. Ahhhh.....Kindergarten romance.
Yesterday my mother in law let me borrow Season 1 of Downton Abby. Jumping on the bandwagon, late as usual. (Remember last year, when we finally watched Friday Night Lights in it's entirety??!?!?
Starting it this weekend.
Baby Shower Prep for my friend Becky's Baby Shower tomorrow!!
Crazy Hair Day at Kate's school. She wanted 5 braids. But, by the time she left for school, she took them out because they were bugging her. Sigh.
Next Friday, March 1st is our 2nd Pin-spired Link up!!! So much fun! I can't wait!

And, In case you missed it this week:
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Hope you have a great Friday & a wonderful weekend!


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