2018 Garden {Month 2} + Christmas in July

It's been a little over 2 months since we planted our 2018 Garden so I thought I would do another garden update.
I love this quote....so true :)
 My favorite part of my garden is my tomatoes....I plant 10 tomato plants each year :)
Here is what our 2018 Garden looked like when I first planted it:
 And, here it was a month later:
Here it is a 2 months:
 Here is what has been going on in the garden.....my tomato plants are growing like CRAZY! 
Box #1 
This box has my 5 different varieties of cherry tomatoes:
 My Sun Sugar tomatoes are almost ready!
My red cherry tomotoes are doing well:
 Box #2:
5 Early Girl Tomato Plants in this box:
They are mostly still green, but a few of them are turning orange which means they will soon be red!
I can't WAIT for these to be ready!
  Box # 3:
My Zucchini & Herbs:
 Zucchini is going crazy, I pick about 1 a day.
 One of my favorite things to have for breakfast lately is an egg scramble with shredded zucchini, cherry tomatoes, a dash of TJ's Everything but the Bagel seasoning and topped with Chalula.
So good!

 Around the edge of my garden, I have watermelon:
There are several already growing.
And, Pumpkins!
 There are a couple baby pumpkins starting!
 They will be ready in October.
  We also have an Orange Tree.
 It is starting to bud, but the oranges won't be ready until winter.

The view from how are garden looked from this direction 2 months ago at the beginning of May:
At one month:
And, now:
  It's so fun to see the garden grow...my kids love heading out to the garden each morning to see what we can harvest each day!
 They love picking the cherry tomatoes off the vine & eating them right there in the garden!
What is your favorite thing to plant/eat in your garden?
Happy Gardening! 
My Rodan + Fields team is having Christmas in July Specials all month & this is our last one. 
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I just got our Body Replenish a few days ago & it's AMAZING.
 Active Hydration Body Replenish is a fast absorbing, ultra hydrating daily body cream.
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In the summer, I wear flip flops every day and it does a number on my heels. 
They are SO bad & I have been searching for something to help them out. 
I have found it! Body Replenish.
Here are my heels before:
 So gross, right? I put the body replenish on before bed.

Here they are when I got up the next morning.
SO much better!

Body Replenish isn't just for your heels, you use it on your whole body (not your face)
 I've been using it for the past few days and it's so silky. My skin feels so much softer.
You can get Body Replenish for FREE if you become a preferred customer and order a regimen or regimen bundle. 

We have products for all skin types.
Redefine for Anti Aging, Fine Line & Wrinkles:
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What's Up Wednesday :: July 2018

It's the last Wednesday of the month, that means it's time for our What's Up Wednesday Link Up!

Link up with  me, Sheaffer & Shay the LAST Wednesday of each month so we can read about What's Up with YOU!

Here we go!
What We’re Eating this week.....
 Monday: Chicken Apple Sausage &

Tuesday: Tri Tip and Pesto Pasta Salad
Wednesday: Taco Salad
BBQ Chicken & Avocado, Bacon Corn Salad
Friday: Friday Night Pizza Night

Saturday: Instant Pot Ribs & Italian Pasta Salad
I need to blog the Instant Pot Ribs...SO GOOD!!!
I actually need to blog the Italian Pasta Salad also!
I made this meal a couple weeks ago & can't wait to make it again.

I am also making these treats this week because I have zucchini coming out my ears from my garden!
 Lemon Zucchini Bread

Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins:

What I'm Reminiscing about.....
A year ago we were in Maui, so my Timehop App & Facebook Memories keep popping up and  is making me remember that trip. 
It was so much fun, one of the best trips we've ever taken. I never did a full blog recap on it. Oops.

Hawaii is the best. Take me back!!!

 What I'm loving.....
The Christmas in July Specials that my RF team is having.
The special this week is ANY regimen for $125!!!!!
I have 1 of each regimen...First come, first served!
This is BELOW consultant pricing. 
Regimens retail for $160-$200, so this is an incredible deal.
This deal is good for ANYONE! 
Customers or Non Customers.
I will ship it directly to you this week since I have them on hand!
Redefine - Anti Aging and Fine Lines/Wrinkles
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Unblemish- Acne (teenagers or adults)
Soothe - Sensitive Skin or Facial Redness
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What We've been up to.....
July has been a blast!
4th of July
County Fair
Kate went to Overnight Camp
Santa Cruz Boardwalk
Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco
 Road Trip to Santa Barbara
Seeing 21 out of 21 California Missions!

What I'm Dreading.....
 That school starts in 2.5 weeks
I could seriously cry.
This summer is going by WAY too quickly & Target has all the school supplies out.

What I'm Working On.....
 Luke's 6th Birthday Party!
Can't believe he will be SIX in 2 weeks!
It's a Lumberjack Pool Party.
Thank you Hobby Lobby for having everything I need for the party!

I just ordered THESE Cookies for his favors (with a 6 instead of a 1)

I can't wait for his party....I love parties...here are some of his past birthday parties:
Luke's 1st Birthday was a Nautical Theme:

Luke's 2nd Birthday was a Train Theme:
3rd Birthday was a Firetruck Party:

4th Birthday was a Construction Theme!

Luke's 5th birthday was a Superhero Party
 That was a fun party!
I love throwing parties :)

What I'm Excited About.....
My nose is healing!
 In case you missed it, 4 weeks ago I had surgery to remove basal cell skin cancer from my nose. You can read about it HERE.
I am still rocking a bandaid on my nose, but I had my 2 week check up and my doctor was happy with how my nose was healing.
The hole in my nose is getting smaller, so that is very exciting to me.
 I am no longer traumatized & start to cry when I take my bandaid off, so that is progress.
I am praying that it continues to heal so that I don't have to get a skin graph. That takes 3-4 surgeries and I really, really, really don't want to do that.
I got back for another post-op appointment in 2 weeks, so I am hoping that by then I won't have to wear the bandaid anymore. 
In case you need another reminder....wear sunscreen and get your skin checked!

What I'm Watching........
 The Bachelorette!

I don't care who she picks, I really like both Blake & Garrett.
Win-Win for her!
That's the only show I am watching, I have been too busy traveling and reading!

What I'm Reading.....
So many books this month! Yay Summer Reading :)

Tell me 3 Things
I really liked this 3.5 out of 5 stars

Love, Luck and Lemon Pie
 Love this author! 4 out of 5 stars

The Perfect Couple
 Elin Hildebrand books are perfect summer reads.
I really liked this one 4 ou.5t of 5 stars

Here's to Us
This was another great "beach " read 4 out of 5 stars

Still Me
 This is the 3rd in the Me Before You trilogy.
4 out of 5 stars.

 All We Ever Wanted
Okay..this was the first Emily Giffin book I have ever read!!!!
What?!?! I LOVED it.
5 out of 5 stars.

First Comes Love
And, now I am on an Emily Giffin kick.
4 out of 5 stars.

 Something Borrowed
Loved this one also.
4.5 out of 5 stars
Going to read Something Blue next because my friend Kelly just let me borrow it!

What I'm Listening to.....
Lots of Pandora since I have been in the car so much.
Here are my favorite Pandora Stations as the moment:
-Summer Hits in the 2000s
- Luke Bryan Radio
-Justin Timberlake Radio
-Today's Hits

What I'm Wearing.....
Let's be honest....It's summer. I am ultimate lazy when it comes to my wardrobe in the summer.
I wear my bathing suit or yoga pants & a tank top or I wear shorts & a tank top.

I look like a ragamuffin in the summer! Hair in a top knot or a braid with a hat.
These flip flops almost everyday.

One of my favorite parts about Summer :)
I also wear hats everyday...gotta have even more sun protection besides SPF.

Here are 2 hats I wear on repeat.
I have the black one:

And the aqua one:

They come in 6 colors.
You can get them HERE.

What I’m doing this weekend.....
We have no plans!!!!!
So, relaxing by the pool & reading.
And, I need to pack us for Tahoe since we are going in a week.
I can't wait!

What I'm Looking Forward to next month.....
 -One last trip to Lake Tahoe
-Luke turning 6
-Our 16th (!!!!) Anniversary!

What else is new.....
RF just announced a NEW product yesterday!
 Active Hydration Body Replenish
 What is it? It's a fast absorbing, ultra hydrating daily body cream.
GET INSTANTLY smoother, softer, less crepey (Amen to that one), healthier skin, that hydrates immediately and continues to throughout the day.
Why is it different from other body creams? It features R+F's proprietary 3D3P Molecular Matrix, which continuously draws moisture from the atmosphere and locks it into your skin, restoring skin to its optimal hydration level.
Let me know if you want a jar & I will put you on my list!

Question of the month is:
What is your favorite memory from this Summer?
Hands down, it was our Road Trip to Oregon.
It was so much fun.
Read Part 1 from California to the Oregon Coast {HERE}
Read Part 2 from Portland back to California {HERE}
The Oregon Road Trip was my favorite Summer memory because we had so much fun the first part of the trip on the Oregon Coast at Kevin's Family Reunion. The 2nd half of the trip was memorable because after Kevin flew home from Portland it was just me & the kids driving home from Portland making memories & seeing the beautiful state of Oregon. And, it was the longest road trip we've done with the kids (12 hours!!!) and I did it solo on the way home. It was a trip I will never forget. So many amazing memories. I really want to do a cross country road trip with them. Has anyone done this?!?!


If you are new to my blog, thanks for stopping by!
Feel free to follow along! 
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Can't wait to read about What's up with all of YOU!


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