On a boat & At the pool

It was a HOT one this past weekend!
Temperatures were over 105 on Saturday and Sunday!
Good thing we had weekend plans that involved water!

On Saturday we headed out on my Dad's boat
(affectionately named, Jimmy's Big A** Boat)
Jimmy got this boat the day Kate was born. He actually called the boat dealer from my hospital room to seal the boat deal. We joke that her Grandpa got her a boat for her birthday since she was the first grandchild. Hey, that reminds me, he still needs to buy something really cool for Claire since he bought Kate a boat :)

Jimmy keeps his boat at a marina on the Delta and my favorite thing to do (besides wakeboard or tube) is to boat out to Bob's for lunch.
This was Claire's first time on the boat! She did pretty good. On the way out, she was not too happy, but on the way back from Bob's she slept the entire time. I will give her a silver star. Kate gets a gold star. Kate hadn't been on the boat since she was 6 months old in the summer of 2007. She was awesome and LOVED the wind blowing in her face.
Kate wants to drive the boat like Daddy & Captain Jimmy:
Keep your hand on the throttle!
Claire just chillin' in her life vest:
Docking at Bob's:
Claire was happy to be free of her life vest during lunch:
They have the BEST ice at Bob's:

Kate's first time swimming in the "clean" Delta:
Auntie Bots & Auntie El were such a big help with Kate on the boat:

Claire asleep for the last hour of the boat ride:

We were on the boat all day Saturday & when we got home at 5:00 it was still 100 degrees out, so we went straight to our neigborhood pool to cool off (our house was so hot because we had been gone all day & didn't have the A/C running) We are so lucky to have some of our best friends live a few houses up the street, so we all went to the pool together, like usual! (Kevin and Mark have been friends since 4th grade)

I think we have 2 water babies on our hands!
These pictures from the pool are actually from Sunday because my camera battery died from the boat trip. It was the first time swimming in the big pool for Claire and for Zayden. We went to the pool again on Sunday since it was 108 degrees! Yuck! We brought dinner down to the pool so we could just hang out into the evening as the weather cooled down.
Our pool is great, and it is never crowded! Of course, every time I go to our pool, I run into one of my students (or former students). I guess that it was I get for living in the same neighborhood that I teach in!

2 tired girls headed home (we were at the pool an hour past their bedtime)


3 Princesses {and a Prince} Playdate

We love our weekly playdates with Maddie & Samuel!
Yesterday, all the girls dressed up princess skirts.
(By the way, Kevin has said for the past 2 years that the word "princess" is banned from our house but the reality is we have 2 girls and the word princess is going to get used!)
It was impossible to get them to pose all together, but I got some cute individual ones of them on their own!

Maddie is hysterical! Love this girl!



How cute is Samuel?!?! Such a handsome guy!
Not only is he handsome, he is one of the most mellow babies ever!
Kate was done with her skirt after about 5 minutes & decided to go on a horsey ride!
Giddy up!
Kate LOVES Samuel & talks about him all the time:
Thanks for another fun playdate, it is always a highlight of our week!



Guess who started cruising?
Her favorite place to cruise is along the sliding glass door

The slider has lots of Claire sized hand prints along it. I should buy stock in Windex.

Her 2nd favorite place to cruise is along the dining room chairs.
Our baby girl is growing up too fast!

Way to go Claire Bear!


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