WIWW - Vacation Edition

Here is a snapshot of what I wore on our Disney Cruise last week.
The fun thing about cruises is that you get to "dress up" for dinner each night.
I don't know about you, but I love any excuse to get dressed up!
The Disney Cruise was casual dressy, with one more "formal" night.

First Night:
Blue Dress - Target
Black Tank Top - Nordstrom
Necklace - Target
Flip Flops - Old Navy

Second Night:
Striped Dress - Target
Belt - Brass Plum
Necklace - Brass Plum
Flip Flops (that you can't see) - Target

Formal Night:
Dress - H&M
Necklace - Ann Taylor Loft
Black Heels (that you can't see) - Target

Pirate Night:
(There was a Pirates of the Caribbean Night. So fun!!)
Dress - Old Navy
Flip Flops - Old Navy
Pirate Hat & Eye Patch - Local Party Store :)

Final Night:
Dress - Ann Taylor Loft
(I got this dress last year on clearance & it was only $3.99!!!!! Deal of the century!)
Black Heels - Target
Necklace - Allora Handmade

Now, most days on the cruise, you would see me like this, in my bathing suit, swim suit cover up & flip flops.
All my suits & cover ups come from......Target!

For the 4 days we spent at Walt Disney World, here is what I wore:

Magic Kingdom:
Tank Top - Old Navy
Shorts - NY & Co
Flip Flops - Rainbows

Dinner at Downtown Disney:
Dress - Target
Necklace - Brass Plum
Flip Flops - Rainbows

Animal Kingdom & Epcot Center:
(we did both those the same day)
Tank Top - Old Navy
Shorts - Target
Flip Flops - Rainbows

Final Day at Magic Kingdom:
Tank Top - Old Navy
Shorts - Target
Sunglasses - NY & Co
I am really, really, really sad about my sunglasses.
I got them on clearance at NY & Co a few years ago for $5.
I love them. But sadly, after this Dumbo ride, I went on Space Mountain and I put my sunglasses in my pocket so I wouldn't loose them. But, the ride was so twisty that my sunglasses got crunched while in my pocket & the frames cracked. I am so sad.
I have such a hard time finding sunglasses that I like (and that are cheap!)
RIP, sunglasses. You will be missed.


If you have Ears, say Cheers!

We are back!
We have been on vacation with Kevin's family the past 10 days.
My girls officially earned their mouse ears.
We went on the Disney Dream Cruise for 4 days.
And, then spent 4 days exploring Disney World.
It was fun.
It was tiring.
It was hot.
(This California girl can't hang with the heat & humidity of Florida, it wiped me out!)
It was one of the best vacations I have ever been on.
Now, I am just trying to sort through the 2,000 + photos that I took, unpack & do laundry.
It was a great vacation, but it's good to be home!


It's Pinterest & I'm in Love

Have you jointed Pinterest yet?
It's the latest rage going around the internet & I'm in love.

Do you have hundreds of bookmarks on your computer with fun ideas that you have found on the internet?

Well, that is where the beauty of Pinterest comes in....all you have to do is "pin" something & it saves it right there for you.

Here are some of my pins:

All your bookmarks & ideas all in one place.

It's genious I tell you.

And, it's addicting.

That is why I didn't let myself join until after school got out.

It is my new time suck! Ha!

Amazing ideas...all in one place.

So glorious!

Here are my boards for the girls Birthday Party Ideas:

Oh, and look at all the fun recipes I have found:

Let me know if you are on Pinterest so I can check out your pins.
Click Here to see my boards.

If you aren't on Pinterest yet....hurry up and get on!

I have 6 invites so leave your email if you want one!


Better than Everything Cake

Get ready for an easy recipe for an amazing cake.
Normally, I am not a fan of cake.
I like cupcakes, but cake? ehhh. Not my favorite.
But this cake? This cake is really good!
When I worked at our church as Assistant Director of Student Ministries, I made this cake a lot for our girls Bible Study & for the Christmas Progressive Dinner. It feeds a lot...and is SO easy to make!
Here is what you need for:
Better than Everything Cake
- Box of chocolate cake mix
- can of sweetened condensed milk
-jar of caramel
-4 Heath Bars (or Skor Bars)
- Whipping Cream (or you can use Cool Whip)

Make Chocolate Cake according to package directions in a 9x13 pan:
Let cool for 10 minutes & then poke holes in top using the handle of a wooden spoon:
Pour can of Condensed Milk over top of cake.
(I don't use the whole can...about 3/4 of it)
I also lightly run a knife over it to make sure the milk is spread out.
Then pour about half the caramel on top:
I like this brand because it is squeezable & easy to use. But, any brand is fine.
Cover the cake with foil & put in the fridge for 2-3 hours.
2 hours later, your cake will look like this with everything soaked in:
Get your 4 Heath Bars out & put them in a zip lock to crush them up. I always use a rolling pin:
Sprinkle half the Heath Bar on the cake:
Then, make your whipping cream (Or get out your Cool Whip)
I always add a little vanilla & couple heaps of sugar to make the whipping cream sweeter.
Spread out the whipping cream over the top of the cake:
Then, add the rest of the Heath Bar:
When I serve it, I always add extra caramel on top:
Seriously, so good.
This is an easy & delicious cake that is a real crowd pleaser.
What's not to love?
Chocolate? Yum.
Caramel? Yum.
Whipping Cream? Yum.
Heath Bar? Yum. Yum. Yum.



First Week of Summer!

Here is our first week of summer, Instagram style!


I got the girls a "Hooray It's Summer!" presents
New sand buckets, pool toys, chalk & a new book.
(The reason behind the present? Working Mom guilt.)
Drinking copious amounts of this everyday:
June 14th - Happy Flag Day!

"Swim Team"
A year ago were supposed to go to U2, but Bono had back surgery, so it was postponed until a year later. We went last week & it was awesome!

Chipolte. Yum. Yum.
Summer has finally arrived in Nor Cal...we are in the 90's! Yeah!

That means swimming time!
And, Sparkly Flip Flops!
($5 at Target. Win.)

Sparkly hair:
Mocha Coconut Frapachino.
3 words: Go drink one.

Dalila's in my yard.

Summer means Cherries!

We love summer!


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