Before & After: Kitchen and Family Room

We are finally feeling pretty settled in our new house (although there are still a lot of boxes in the garage!) We are lucky that this house that it was pretty updated, but there are still some things that we did when we moved in (and we still have a bunch of things we want to do, but that will come in time, maybe when I win the lotto......)

Here is the BEFORE of the kitchen:
Left side:
Right Side:
Here is the AFTER:
Left Side:
Right Side:
What we did:
1. Painted the walls a darker color. (We painted them Spanish Sand by Kelly Moore)
2. We painted the french doors white (before they were a natural wood color)
3. Added a (move-able) butcher block island
4. We added 2 more cabinets on each side of the window. (I don't know why the previous owner never added those, we really needed the storage!)

Family Room/Kitchen Table Nook BEFORE:
Close Up:
What we did:
1. Painted it Spanish Sand
2. Added a light fixture (before there was no over head light above the table area)

Family Room BEFORE:
Family Room AFTER:
View #1
View #2
View #3
What we did:
1. Painted the area Spanish Sand (our whole downstairs is now that color, I love it!)
2. Painted the built in TV stand/bookshelf white (it was a natural wood before)
3. We also removed the door from the family room to the laundry room for now because that door was NASTY!

Oh, and to clarify, when I say "We" painted I mean we hired painters to paint. Kevin and I are THE.WORST.PAINTERS ever. This is the first time we have hired painters & it was so nice! I loathe painting! My edging is terrible & I always spill the paint. I don't have the patience for it!

So, there is our Kitchen & Family Room Area.
It was a pretty easy re-do because the kitchen was already updated.
(with granite & Viking appliances!!!)
Love the 6 burner stove!
I am not a big fan of the oven yet, I liked my my good old GE at our old house. Every time I bake/cook something in our oven here, it gets burned or is under cooked. I need to make sure the temperature is calibrated. Something is off and I refuse to blame the cook ;)

The re-do/update was mostly paint & a few cosmetic & functionality things that we improved!
The only thing left that we want to do in the Kitchen & Family Room is to add crown moulding, but that is not going to be anytime soon!


  1. GREAT COLOR!! It looks very homey and welcoming!! Great choices. Love the white instead of natural...natural looks so unfinished to me. I mean, that's exactly what it is, lol, but I like a nice, bright finished look!!

  2. Oh I love a good make-over!
    Everything looks great.
    I love white kitchens...maybe in our next home. :)
    Enjoy the night

  3. looks great Mel! I love it. I would LOVE a kitchen like that!

  4. LOVE it! And I love that color too. I am on hold for re-painting our family/dining room, until I figure out a color and if I am going to paint it.

    And I LOVE that rug in your kitchen...where did you get it...so cute.

    Great job and I can't wait to see the rest of the house.

  5. Absolutely lovely and bright and cheery. Now, all you need is me sitting at your island, chatting and having a cup of coffee! :)

  6. i love that color...great pick. the little upgrades are the best, not to expensive and makes a world of difference. I am not a fan of natural wood tone either. I wanted to recommend a great website for crown moulding... http://www.architecturaldepot.com/

  7. it looks so pretty! i love that color with the white molding. beautiful!!

  8. You do know Kevin calibrates ovens for a living, right?

    Everything looks awesome! Can't wait for a party!

  9. I love before/after pics! The room looks so warm and inviting. Enjoy!

  10. It looks very nice...and I LOVE the color. I've been looking for the perfect khaki and that's pretty close! I love that you added the cabinets, I agree that they were needed. Enjoy your new space.

  11. I love how you painted all the natural wood white! Love it!

  12. So pretty, I love the color change and the island added in the kitchen :)

  13. Mel, it looks amazing!!! I can't wait to see the rest of the house. Just the simple things you did, added so much personality! Way to go!

  14. I like the small things you did to make a bid impact. Way to go.

    I've followed your blog for awhile but haven't said a proper "hello" yet. Your family is beautiful.

    Good luck with the unpacking!

  15. I'm so glad you posted these! You guys did a great job! Good call with adding those two cabinets (I would not have even thought to do that) and the wood-turned-white door and entertainment center look a million times better.

    I feel a housewarming coming on! :)

  16. Beautiful!!! Love the choice of colors.
    I love warm colors!
    What great appliances too. I would LOVE to have some Viking.. enjoy

  17. great changes!! Can't believe no one thought of adding the cabinets... even if it were just to "balance" the room out- much improved! Great color too...very close to our house- Sherwin Williams "Shortbread"- it was a Martha color when she was there. Love the neutral warmth :)

    buy a $5.00 oven thermometer, seriously, everyone should have one if they bake. I'm sure its not the cook ;)

    looks like you guys are settling in nicely.
    ~ Ada in Coastal Cali
    (I have peeked in from time to time & love to because we have the same camera :)

  18. I haven't been able to keep up with your blog lately, so I'm catching up today! Your new place is absolutely beautiful! Love what you have done to it!

  19. looks amazing! i love the paint color just makes the cabinets pop and the island is adorable!! i'm so jealous of your viking appliances ha! they're so gorgeous.

  20. your home looks like it was pulled right out of a magazine!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

    I love your kitchen! It looks so inviting...like you could sit in there all day with friends chatting!

  21. Wow, everything looks incredible, Mel! And Viking appliances?? I am SO jealous!!

  22. Your kitchen and family room are so pretty! I love, love, love the kitchen!! How do you like the gas stove? We're moving and going to be redoing the kitchen and I've been dying for a gas stove...because I love the way they look! I've never cooked on one though. Just curious.

    So pretty! :)

  23. Looks great! The addition of the extra cabinet by the window and the island really made it look finished! The whole space is beautiful!

  24. I like the addition of the island and the french doors. They let in alot of light.

    Thanks for the tour,
    My Southern Front Porch

  25. everything you did in the kitchen makes it look so nice!

    nice redo!

  26. I love the french doors! It lets in so much light!!! Lovely kitchen!!

  27. Where did you get your white tables and chairs? I love them!! And great idea topping the table with glass ;)

  28. "Worst painters ever"?? I do not believe you, looks great to me! We remodeled a few years ago and added faux ceiling beams and got new cabinets. I wish we had just painted them, we didn't even consider that!! Great looking french doors, well done!



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