Flashback Friday: A post about Sports

If you know me, you know that I LOVE SPORTS.
I love watching them, playing them & following sports, especially soccer!

Two very exciting things are going on in the Sports world right now & both have special places in my heart.

Event #1.....
Today is the start of the World Cup.
I LOVE soccer.
It is suffice to say that soccer has helped shape who I am.
I played competitive soccer from a young age & played college soccer.
I coached high school soccer for 6 years.
The "beautiful game" has changed my life. I really miss playing.
But, every 4 years, the World Cup happens!
In 1994, the World Cup was held in the USA.
The quarterfinals were held at Stanford Stadium & we got tickets to the Romania vs. Sweden game.
Myself, Elyse & Jimmy outside the stadium:
Waiting to go into the stadium, it was a very hot day in July!
A picture of the score board.
Sweden ending up winning on penalty kicks. Such an exciting game!

I was very fortunate my parents supported my love of soccer & took us to this game and then 2 years later took us to see soccer at The Summer Olympics.

And so today, the 2010 World Cup began.
What a great way to kick off my summer!
Kevin & I turned on the game this morning & when Claire woke up we told her about soccer & for the first time ever she said the word "soccer". I can't wait for the US vs. England game tomorrow morning!
Will you be watching?

Event # 2.....
The other exciting news in the sporting world was announced yesterday.
My beloved University of Colorado Buffaloes, the school that is my alma mater, officially announced yesterday that they are switching conferences. They are leaving Big 12 and going to the Pac -10!!! (Now Pac-11?)

I can't tell you how EXCITING this is for me.
I LOVE my Colorado Buffaloes.
Before, we were in the Big 12, which mostly consists of schools in the Midwest & Texas.
As someone who lives in California, Big 12 games are RARELY televised out here and I hardly ever get to see Colorado play (in person or in real life)
Although, it is sad that the Big 12 may now fizzle out. It really is (was) a strong conference.
Any one have any ideas on what I should do with my Big 12 laptop bag & tshirt that I have had since college from the Big 12 soccer championships? Sell them on e-bay as collectors items? ha!
We flew out to Colorado when Kate was 8 months old for my soccer reunion & we were able to see a soccer game & a football game.
With the move to the Pac 10 (our local conference) I will now be able to see Colorado sports on television.
Even more exciting is that now Colorado will come out to California to play teams like Cal & Stanford which are so close to us!
My mom on the other hand is SO bitter about Colorado changing conferences, she wishes they did this 10 years ago so that they could have seen more of my college soccer games.
(I was deciding between Cal & Colorado as my college choices and my parents wanted me to go to Cal so they could see more games. Sorry Mom & Dad...I am NOT a Cal fan!)
I am so excited that my girls will grow up going to Colorado football, basketball & soccer games even though we live in California!
Go Buffs!
Seriously, this makes me so, so, so happy. (I know I sound pathetic)
So far, this summer has started out with great news!


  1. we're huge ku fans so we are in tears today. we always try to go to the big 12 games and i'm so going to miss it. hope y'all have a great weekend!

  2. You are too funny!! I like sports, but maybe not as much as you. My husband on the other hand is just like you!! He is OBSESSED with sports. There is never an off season in our home. Unfortunately, all the Big 12 stuff might not go so well for my husband. He is a Baylor Bear. Enjoy watching the game tomorrow!!

  3. As a K-Stater, I am HEARTBROKEN about Colorado leaving (betraying???) the Big 12... but I guess the silver lining is that you are happy! I'm glad you'll get to see your team play more often. We'll see how to dust settles for everyone else! Your girl looks good in gold. :)

  4. A girl after my own heart too. I love sports too, I used to be a Physical Education Specialist in Canada before I moved to the States. Have fun watching the World Cup. It's fun sharing your love of sports with the girls. I bet they will grow up to be just like their Mama!

  5. Cute post. You sound like my husband... he came home from work today and the first thing he said was "Did you hear that Boise State made a new conference today?"

    He grew up in Boise and he is a HUGE BSU football fan. The biggest. Sounds like you are a big fan of your team as well. :)

  6. I totally get your excitement about CU moving to the Pac-10! How awesome for you and your fam!

  7. I totally love you for being a Fan of Colorado :) Especially The buffs!

  8. love your sports love...i love sports too. growing up in Madison, WI...I am a huge Badger and Packer fan...my husband doesn't like it that much.

    great news about CO!

  9. Nice to see another lady who's a sports nut. I am part of that club as well.

    Basketball and football are my obsessions. I can talk hours about each with my Pops...

  10. As you can tell, I'm totally hooked on your blog at the moment! I'm also pretty excited about CU's move to the Pac-10! I go to CU and grew up watching them in the Big 12, so it should be an interesting change. I go to CU games all the time and used to go with my dad on Saturdays. Let me tell you, it's definitely something that sticks with me so it's great that you can take your girls!



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