Kids Ask the Darnedest Things, Part 2

Oh my word.

Ready for Part 2 of THIS saga?

Because I wasn't!!!
Here it goes....

As I was getting my bathing suit on to go swimming, Kate walks into our dressing area.
(I am in the middle of changing)

She walks in and exclaims this as she sees me changing:

Kate: "Oh! I get it! I came out of this hole (pointing to my left breast) and Claire came out of that hole (pointing to my right)

Me: (trying not to laugh) Umm, no those aren't the holes you came out of........

Kate: Hmmm. Well, hurry up and get your bathing suit on, it's time to go swimming.

Me: Yes, Kate...Let's go swimming. Now.
(so I don't have to continue yet another awkward conversation)
Seriously. Where does she come up with this stuff?
She has seen me shower/change before (and, both girls were nursed for a year), so it's not like she was seeing something new.
This girl sure is keeping me entertained.
Can't wait to see what she comes up with next...


A Cowboy Baby Shower

Last weekend I helped throw a baby shower for one of my best friends.
She is actually my "oldest" friend.
We have been friends since preschool!
We grew up together going to the same preschool, church, Elementary School, Middle School & High School and we were bridesmaids in each others weddings. She has lived in Santa Barbara since college graduation, so we don't get to see each as much as we would like. But, at least we are in the same state!
{me & Sue - friends for 28 years & counting!}

This is her first baby & It's a Boy!
We have been waiting for & praying for this baby for a long time & I am so excited for his arrival this August!
Here are the invites I made:
I also made the cupcake toppers, cupcake tower & cupcakes.
It is always fun to do boy themes/colors since I usually have girly/pink parties!
I am slightly obsessed with cupcake towers.
This was only the 2nd time I have made a cupcake tower.
The first one was for Kate's 3rd birthday in January. Check it out HERE.
I made 2 types of cupcakes.
Vanilla cupcakes & of course my favorite cupcake.
The shower was at her mom's house & she has a great backyard for parties because her yard doesn't have a fence (that is rare here in California) and it backs to open space.
The decor was very simple & classic.
I am all about yellow, red & green flower arrangements right now. So summery & happy!
How cute is this book some gave her called "Good Night Cowboy"
(The nursery is Vintage Cowboy, which is why the shower had a Cowboy theme)

Her sister in law got her THIS hysterical book:
It is so funny (don't let the title scare you!)
This is one of the pages, it says,
"I poured you a bath & here's your glass of Chardonnay. And don't worry...even if it gets in the breast milk, it'll just help him to fall asleep faster"

This is such a funny book for new moms!

I am so excited for this long awaited baby boy for my dear friend.
It is bizarre for me to think that Sue and I have been friends since we were 3, which is Kate's age! I hope & pray that some of Kate (& Claire's) current friendships stay strong until they have kids of their own!


Falling off the Wagon

In high school and college I was a Diet Coke addict.
I would have at least 2 a day.
After college it tappered off to about 1 a day.
When I got pregnant with Kate 4 years, I went cold turkey. No more Diet Coke for me.
After I had Kate, my Diet Coke addiction was gone.
I just didn't have soda any more.
I would *maybe* have 1 soda a month.
But, then a few weeks ago, I bought a case of Diet Coke & it was all over.
After 4 years, I have fallen off the wagon (or have I gotten back ON the wagon?)
And, it doesn't help that my neighbor gives me fresh limes.
My favorite way to drink a Diet Coke:
- A glass of half cubed/half crushed ice
-a squirt of juice from a fresh lime
-then fill the glass with Diet Coke & garnish with fresh lime
Note: I only drink Diet Coke, no Diet Pepsi (yuck!)
The perfect way to quench my thirst on a hot summer afternoon like today!
And, the caffeine pick me up is always welcome!
Oh Diet Coke.... I hate you, but I love you.
I can't wait to drink you all summer.
Don't be offended if I break up with you again this fall.


Kids Ask the Darnedest Things

Kate & I had an "interesting" conversation the other day.
{Don't you love her outfit? It's her ladybug costume & her snow hat. She is getting ready to go to Tahoe}

The conversation went a little something like this:

Kate: Mommy, how did I get in your tummy? Did you eat me?

Me: No, I didn't eat you. Mommy & Daddy loved each other very much & decided it was time for a baby.

Kate: But how did I get IN your tummy?

Me (starting to feel awkward): Well, we prayed for a baby and God put you in my tummy.

Kate: But, how did God put me in your tummy? A hole?

Me (muttering under my breath): Ummmm....yeah, kinda though a hole.

Kate: Well, if God put me in your tummy, then how did I get out of your tummy?

Me: Well, the Doctor said it was time for you to come out.

Kate: Did he look in your tummy & say, "There's a baby girl in there! She needs to come out?"

Me: Yep. That is exactly what happened. The doctor knew we were ready to meet you.
(which was true....I was induced both times.)

Kate: Oh. Can I have some cereal?

Kate is not even 3.5 yet.
Isn't this early for her to start asking me these kinds of things?!?
(Although, last year she did have THIS conversation with Kevin.)
I was TOTALLY not prepared her questions (obviously, based on my lame responses)
Does anyone have any tips on what to say if this conversation comes up again?
Any books I should read? How much info does she really need to know at this age? What is appropriate?
Help! I can't take another awkward conversation with my 3 year old! ahhhh!!!

***Edited on June 3oth:
HERE to read part 2


Before & After: Kitchen and Family Room

We are finally feeling pretty settled in our new house (although there are still a lot of boxes in the garage!) We are lucky that this house that it was pretty updated, but there are still some things that we did when we moved in (and we still have a bunch of things we want to do, but that will come in time, maybe when I win the lotto......)

Here is the BEFORE of the kitchen:
Left side:
Right Side:
Here is the AFTER:
Left Side:
Right Side:
What we did:
1. Painted the walls a darker color. (We painted them Spanish Sand by Kelly Moore)
2. We painted the french doors white (before they were a natural wood color)
3. Added a (move-able) butcher block island
4. We added 2 more cabinets on each side of the window. (I don't know why the previous owner never added those, we really needed the storage!)

Family Room/Kitchen Table Nook BEFORE:
Close Up:
What we did:
1. Painted it Spanish Sand
2. Added a light fixture (before there was no over head light above the table area)

Family Room BEFORE:
Family Room AFTER:
View #1
View #2
View #3
What we did:
1. Painted the area Spanish Sand (our whole downstairs is now that color, I love it!)
2. Painted the built in TV stand/bookshelf white (it was a natural wood before)
3. We also removed the door from the family room to the laundry room for now because that door was NASTY!

Oh, and to clarify, when I say "We" painted I mean we hired painters to paint. Kevin and I are THE.WORST.PAINTERS ever. This is the first time we have hired painters & it was so nice! I loathe painting! My edging is terrible & I always spill the paint. I don't have the patience for it!

So, there is our Kitchen & Family Room Area.
It was a pretty easy re-do because the kitchen was already updated.
(with granite & Viking appliances!!!)
Love the 6 burner stove!
I am not a big fan of the oven yet, I liked my my good old GE at our old house. Every time I bake/cook something in our oven here, it gets burned or is under cooked. I need to make sure the temperature is calibrated. Something is off and I refuse to blame the cook ;)

The re-do/update was mostly paint & a few cosmetic & functionality things that we improved!
The only thing left that we want to do in the Kitchen & Family Room is to add crown moulding, but that is not going to be anytime soon!


It's Jam Time!

The girls & I spent our morning making homemade strawberry jam with my mother in law.
We make it every June & make a year supply of jam for ourselves & to give as gifts!
We made over 30 jars this morning.
Tip: Use a few recycled baby food jars to give a small jar of jam (along with homemade scones, etc)
There is nothing better than homemade strawberry jam.
I haven't bought store bought jam in over 5 years. Homemade jam is so fresh & sweet.
It's perfect on a PB&J, Toast, English Muffin or homemade scones or biscuits!
Click HERE for the recipe so you can make some yourself!


Dad's Day

Happy Father's Day to the greatest Dad in the world!
Kate & Claire are so lucky to have a Dad who is loving, caring, supportive, encouraging, playful & fun. They are both Daddy's Girls & love you so much.
{my new favorite picture of all 3 of them}

I am so glad we get to partner together in this crazy thing called parenting.
Thanks for everything you do for me & for our girls. We love you!
My Dad with Kevin & the girls - Father's Day 2010

And, happy Father's Day to my Dad, Jimmy!
I am so lucky to have 2 great men in my life.
I hope you all had a great day celebrating the Dad's in your life!


Zoo? Check.

One of our things on our summer list was to go to the zoo.
We got passes last year & they expire at the end of the summer so we want to go as much as possible in the next couple of months.
Earlier this week the girls and I headed to to zoo with our friends The Joyce's, Holbrooks & Eakins. Auntie Becks also joined us! Gotta love having an Auntie as a teacher also!
Kate's favorite animal was the elephant.
Kate, Maddie & Nicole checking out the meer cats. (they gross me out)
Kate on a frog:
Kate, Maddie, Nicole & Becky posing on the frog.
Sam is just the cutest!
After we saw all the animals, we headed to the Merry Go Round.
This was Claire's first time on the carousel.
She loved it!
The whole time she was saying "weeeeee"
Kate also loved the carousel (as usual)
This was the first time she rode it without an adult holding her to make sure she didn't fall.
Click here to see her at the zoo last summer, she has grown so much (and so has Claire!)

Claire & I at the end of the ride
(yes, my sister and I showed up wearing the exact same thing....white hoodie, tank top underneath, jeans & the same pair of flip flops)
This happens all the time with my sisters and I.
After the Merry Go Round, the bigger kids went on the airplane ride.
Kate was *just* tall enough to go on it.
I wasn't sure if she would like it because the planes went up pretty high, but she LOVED it!
Kate & Wyatt zooming around!
Maddie (and all the moms smiling in the background!)
We had a great time at the zoo (well except when we tried to leave & Kate threw a temper tantrum & wouldn't get in the car)
But besides that, it was fun to check the first thing off our summer list!
Now we need to decide what to do next!


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