A Cowboy Baby Shower

Last weekend I helped throw a baby shower for one of my best friends.
She is actually my "oldest" friend.
We have been friends since preschool!
We grew up together going to the same preschool, church, Elementary School, Middle School & High School and we were bridesmaids in each others weddings. She has lived in Santa Barbara since college graduation, so we don't get to see each as much as we would like. But, at least we are in the same state!
{me & Sue - friends for 28 years & counting!}

This is her first baby & It's a Boy!
We have been waiting for & praying for this baby for a long time & I am so excited for his arrival this August!
Here are the invites I made:
I also made the cupcake toppers, cupcake tower & cupcakes.
It is always fun to do boy themes/colors since I usually have girly/pink parties!
I am slightly obsessed with cupcake towers.
This was only the 2nd time I have made a cupcake tower.
The first one was for Kate's 3rd birthday in January. Check it out HERE.
I made 2 types of cupcakes.
Vanilla cupcakes & of course my favorite cupcake.
The shower was at her mom's house & she has a great backyard for parties because her yard doesn't have a fence (that is rare here in California) and it backs to open space.
The decor was very simple & classic.
I am all about yellow, red & green flower arrangements right now. So summery & happy!
How cute is this book some gave her called "Good Night Cowboy"
(The nursery is Vintage Cowboy, which is why the shower had a Cowboy theme)

Her sister in law got her THIS hysterical book:
It is so funny (don't let the title scare you!)
This is one of the pages, it says,
"I poured you a bath & here's your glass of Chardonnay. And don't worry...even if it gets in the breast milk, it'll just help him to fall asleep faster"

This is such a funny book for new moms!

I am so excited for this long awaited baby boy for my dear friend.
It is bizarre for me to think that Sue and I have been friends since we were 3, which is Kate's age! I hope & pray that some of Kate (& Claire's) current friendships stay strong until they have kids of their own!


  1. That is an awesome theme! I'm so thrilled you got to be such a big part of it :) Great job!

  2. What a cute shower!! I love the onsie's hanging on the light strand and the invites were just too cute!! :)

  3. That is such a cute shower...I love the onesies on the clothes line! The flower arrangement is gorgeous. What a sweet party for a great friend.

  4. what a cute shower! I love those flowers...so, so pretty!

  5. What an adorable shower, you did a great job! I love all of the details - so creative. :) How lucky you are to have a friend that you have known all your life?!

    Oh, and I LOVE your dress!

  6. Adorable shower! I love Cowboys. And I've seen that book. It's awesome!

  7. That book is hilarious. :)

    You both look GORGEOUS in that first picture! I need to know where both of those dresses are from...

  8. This is so cute! I wish you had more pictures of the guests. :)

  9. This was a DARLING shower, love it!

  10. Love the shower theme. Your blog is adorable. I'm your newest follower.

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  12. I never saw this post! You are the sweetest. Love you my "oldest" friend.

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  14. Is there a printable for the cupcake toppers?



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