Charge your camera battery!

Tomorrow is 10 on 10!
Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month.
Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments.

I highly encourage you to charge your camera battery tonight and take your camera with you during the day tomorrow so that you can participate in Ten on Ten!
It is such a fun way to document & take snapshots of your everyday life!
Yesterday, I was interviewed by Kristen of the Ten on Ten blog.
You can read it here!
Then after you read it, go charge that camera battery & join in the fun tomorrow!


  1. Way to go Melissa!!!! That was a great interview and I can't wait to do 10 on 10 tomarrow!!!! For a second I thought I missed it today, but pphwhhhweeweeew!!!!!


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  2. What a brilliant idea. I hope I can get my act together and join in!

  3. ohh, sounds fun! I may just have to try it :)

  4. That sounds like fun! I might go for it! :)

  5. thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos with us over at Ten on Ten! we loved featuring you!

    looking forward to seeing everyone's photos tomorrow!

  6. Oh nuts. :( my battery is dead and the charger is at my mother in laws.
    Next month I definitely will participate! SUCH a fun idea!

  7. I am so sad I can't do it this month since it falls on a weekday. I just don't think my coworkers would want me taking pictures of the office all day long!

  8. DARN! I read this last night and wes inspired to join the fun! I even took your advise and charged my battary! I woke up this morning and it never crossed my mind until I got to work...without my camera! I hope I can remember to "play" next month!

  9. I can't wait to do this today...thank you for the reminder...it is 9:30 and i have not taken a picture, but that is okay...I will start at 10!

  10. Oh that must have been fun! Of COURSE she would interview you... your 10 on 10's rock!



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