Kate's 2 year photos & stats

I took Kate's 2 year photos the other day.
They did NOT go as I had planned.
I had big visions for her 2 year photo shoot.
I was going to go to a hilly grassy field & take fun pictures.
Kate had other ideas that day.
She didn't want to get dressed OR get in the car.
She threw a fit & started crying hysterically when I tried to put her in her carseat...can you say 2 years old??
All she wanted to do was play outside in our backyard.
I decided to give up my battle with a 2 year old & scratched my idea.
Instead, I followed her around the backyard with my camera.
I will save my "vision" for what I had planned for another day. *sigh*

Kate's 2 year appt was last week it was also a FAIL.

She was fine in the waiting room, but once we got to the room, she totally freaked & started crying. We couldnt even weigh her or measure her at first because she was crying so much.
The nurse had me hold her, get on the scale & then get on by myself so we could get her weight. We then got her height & she was screaming. SO embarrasing.

We get back to the room & we needed to get kate in a gown so we could get her heart beat, etc. Kate WOULD not let me get her undressed. The dr said dont worry about it & she tried listening to her heart, lungs, etc. ... Kate was hysterical so i held her while she did that & checked her eyes & ears. The whole time Kate was saying "let's go home".
That is all she checked out on Kate because Kate wouldnt let me put her down. UGH. And, Kate got a shot b/c she was crying anyways, so i said just give her the shot. Once we got to the car, she was fine.
Next time we go to the Dr, i am making Kevin go with me. I am NOT doing that alone next time!

Anyways, here are her stats:
weight: 23 lbs 4 oz YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! (10 th%)
height: 34.5 inches (70th%)

At one year she was:
17 lbs 5 oz (3 %tile)
28.5 inches (40 %tile)


Hair's Hair

Claire's Hair is awesome.
Sometimes I wonder if Kate simply calls Claire, "Hair" because of her actual hair
(not because of the fact that Kate can't say the K or C sound)
Every week her hair seems to change.
Some days it stands straight up or flips out.
Just recently it started falling out in random patches.
Some strands of hair are now longer than the others.

I have taken pictures over the past few months to document her hair.

Disclaimer: I did not style her hair in any of these pictures, this is how her hair naturally was on those particular days.

I decided to "name" her different hair styles.

This is the "Mr. T"
I pity the fool who has hair like this!
This is Krusty the Clown Hair

Gotta love the bald spots on the sides!
Claire could have been a member of The Jackson 5 with her fro:

Bath time is when Claire sports "The Donald"

The bath comb-over is fired!

I love putting headbands in on her because it *sometimes* disguises the craziness of her hair. But, it makes her look like she belongs in on of Jane Fonda's jazzersize videos.

I have saved the best hair do for last.
There truly are no words for the next few pictures.....

1982 called.....it wants it's rat tail back!
I have put in several different views of Claire's rat tail.
I wanted you to be able to see it in all it's GLORY.

oh. my. gosh.
Those strands of long hair are so nasty. Why are some strands of hair randomly longer? They weren't like this last month.

I think I need to trim her hair & say good -bye to the rat tail. Or, maybe I will braid it...hmmmm.
What do you think?

Kevin says this post could cause Claire to need counseling in the future.
Just remember, I will always love you baby girl, no matter what your hair looks like!!


Kate's Carnival Party

Kate's Carnival Party was on Saturday!
It was a lot of fun & a lot of work!
There were over 30 adults & 20 kids...I am still recovering!
Here is an overload of pictures for your viewing enjoyment!

Invitation I made:

Hats & Party Favor Table:
Bean Bag Game:
(Kevin's mom made it!)

Ball Pit:
Awesome Cake that Kevin's mom made!
Cotton Candy Table (churros & pretzels too!)
Face Painting Table:
Entrance to Party:
The Descombaz Family:
The Runfola Family:
The Sembrat Family:
Cotton Candy Time!

Carnival Parties are fun!

Kate & Maddie the Pirate!
Kate sat here eating her cake for over 15 minutes!

Happy 2nd Birthday Kate!


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