Jalapeño Poppers

One week from today is Cinco de Mayo!
Mexican food is one of my favorite types of food.
I make Mexican dishes at least once a week.
The spicier, the better!
Here is one of my favorite appetizers to make.
They are a real crowd pleaser.
 Here is what you need:
 12 - 15 Jalapeños
1 package of cream cheese (I use 1/3 less fat)
2-3 green onions, diced
1 cup of diced bacon (I use Hormel Black Label Real Bacon Pieces)
3/4 cups Cheddar Cheese, shredded
BBQ Sauce

Dice up your green onions, put in a bowl.
 Then, get your mix ready.
Add your diced green onions, softened cream cheese, 1 cup cheddar cheese & bacon to a bowl.
Use beaters to mix everything together. 
Set aside.

Get a pair of rubber gloves & get ready to cut the jalapeños.
You NEED to wear rubber gloves when cutting jalapeños. If you don't, your skin will burn. Trust me from experience on this one. I have a box of latex gloves I keep in my kitchen pantry for when I make these.

Cut the jalapeños lengthwise.
Scoop out all the seeds in the jalapeños. The seeds are the really spicy part, so be sure and get all those out if you don't like spicy.
I keep all my seeds in a bowl & then dump it in the trash when I am all done scooping.
 Lay out your jalapeño shells on a cookie sheet:
Scoop some cream cheese/bacon mix into each of the jalapeño skins.
Brush with BBQ sauce:
The more BBQ sauce, the better :)
 Bake at 300 for 30-35 minutes.
 Let cool for about 5-10 minutes and serve!
 Seriously, these are SO good. 
I could eat an entire plate of them.
There is just something so good about Bacon, BBQ sauce & jalapeños....delicious!


Five on Friday {Spring Break + Easter Edition}

Happy Friday!
 I am SO happy it is Friday.
We had Spring Break last week, so it is always rough having re-entry into school after a week off. 
For 5 on Friday, here is some of what we did over Spring Break & Easter.
Corn Hole.
You guys.
 Our court is OBSESSED with Corn Hole. 
It started last summer when we borrowed our friends Corn Hole set for Luke's Nautical Birthday Party.
We kept the corn hole set for the rest of the summer because our neighbors loved playing it.
I had to give it back to our friends last fall, but now that Spring is here and the weather is nice, it is time for Corn Hole season! Some of the guys on our court BUILT a corn hole set for our court to use! 
It has been so fun. So, for a few days leading up to Spring Break & during Spring Break, all the adults would gather in our court and play corn hole...for HOURS!
We bring out spotlights so that we can see and we have music playing. 
Here is my neighbor Cristina, we are Corn Hole partners & we are team California Love since one night we both showed up for Corn Hole matching :)
 Have I mentioned how much I love our neighbors?!?!
I can't wait for summer so that we can play even more Corn Hole!
Corn Hole is really big in the South, but we are making it big in California!
Our neighbors are going to build another set so we can have a big Corn Hole Tournament this summer!

Breaking Bad.
My friend Jackie gave me the entire series of Breaking Bad so I could start watching it over Spring Break. 
I am totally Binge watching this show.
Have you watched Breaking Bad yet?
Gah! So good!!

I love to read books, but rarely make the time to read during the school year. 
I do most of my reading during the Summer and then I squeeze in some books during Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break & Christmas break.
I jumped on the Divergent Bandwagon and started reading it!
Again, SO good!!!! I bought all 3 in the series, so will start the next 2 during Summer if I can wait that long! 

If you have read my blog for awhile, you know I LOVE crying kids with Santa & the Easter Bunny.
Luke did not disappoint this year. LOVE it!
 Is there anything better than crying kids on Santa's lap or with the Easter Bunny?
Yes. 2 kids crying! My nephew Jack was not a fan either. Classic.
In a bad mood? Look at these bunny pics to bring a smile to your face!

 We had a sweet & simple Easter.
I don't know about you, but we do very practical Easter Baskets.
Every year they consist of basically the same things.
A movie (or book), a bathing Suit & flip flops.
Instead of flip flops this year, I got the girls fins because swim team started this week and they are required to have them for practices. I also gave them swim caps since they need those also.
Luke got Swim Diapers. 
Gotta love being practical for Easter Baskets.
I give them things they need & that I would have to buy them anyways!

I made my usual bunny prints with flour:
The girls get so excited about these!
I also make a "Bunny Trail" of mini marshmallows from the front door to their baskets. 
Luke kept eating all the marshmallows off the ground. Hilarious.
 I tried getting a photo of all 3 kids with their Easter Baskets, but did that happen? 
Of course not.
They wouldn't still, they were too busy trying to find all the eggs around the house.
Oh well.

It's Freebie Friday for our Rodan + Fields Team!
  Order our AMP Roller, our Macro Exfoliator OR a Regimen by midnight tonight and I will throw in our awesome eye cream for FREE! 

I can also get you 10% off and FREE Shipping! 
Email me to place your order or if you have questions.

And, a reminder!
The Pinspired for May will be one week from today on Friday, May 2nd!
Link up with me, Sheaffer & Shay and show us your Pinterest Inspired outfits!

 Hope you have a great weekend!
We are headed to Napa tomorrow for my friend Jackie's birthday...I can't wait!


Cookies & Milk Baby Shower

Last Saturday, I hosted a Baby Shower for my younger sister Rebecca.
She is due with baby #2 in May.
Her first baby, Jack was born 6 weeks after Luke.
It seems like just yesterday I was throwing her a little man mustache shower for Jack!
You can see that shower {here}
This baby is a girl & it has been quite the eventful pregnancy for them.

Read {THIS} post here that my sister wrote about their baby girl on the way.
It's a true life miracle story that we are giving thanks to God for.

I always told Rebecca that if she had a girl, I was going to throw her a "Cookies & Milk" Baby Shower.
You see, Rebecca's last name is Baker, so that only makes sense that the theme of the shower has to do with baking :)
Here is the invite I made:
{Now available in my Etsy shop!}

The shower was in the afternoon and the menu was pretty simple.
Simple decorations with pink/brown colors to go with the Cookies & Milk theme.
Cute Banner from this Etsy Shop:
You know me...I love a dessert table!
Close up of the dessert table:
Because it was a "Cookies & Milk" Shower, I had all the desserts involve some sort of cookie!
I made my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes:
Recipe {HERE}
I also made my Cookies & Cream Oreo Cupcakes:
Recipe {HERE}
Cute Onesie Sugar Cookies:
 Sugar Cookie Fruit Puffs:
Recipe {HERE}
I also had cookies in glass containers for guests to take home as their favor.
I had clear gift bags for them to fill up with Cookies!
French Macaroons:
Chocolate Chip Cookies:
Recipe {HERE}

Recipe {HERE}

In addition to Cookies, we also had some other snacks.
Fruit Kabobs:
Veggies & Hummus:
  My sister's favorite candies... Sour Patch Watermelon:
Good & Plenty:
More Decorations:
We did a few games including guess how big the belly is:
 Then, presents!
Love these swaddle blankets...they are the best!

This pacifier holder is awesome!
I got this cute onesie for her...I couldn't resist...I will be taking lots of photos of my new niece!
How cute is my sister's baby bump! She is so tiny for 34 weeks!
I am so excited for my niece to arrive. 
She is due a month from today & we are anxiously awaiting her arrival.
Can't wait to meet you Baby Girl Baker!


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