Deet, Date and Bear

For the past few months, we have been trying to teach Claire how to say Kate's name.
Whenever we say to Claire,
"Say Kate's name" , "What is your sister's name" or "Can you say Kate?"
Claire responds with laughter & then says,
"Mama, Dada, BoBo"
and then lets out another laugh.
It was very cute when she did that, but Kate has been pretty bummed that Claire won't/can't say her name.
We would over hear Kate saying to Claire,
"Say my name Claire, Say my name. It's Kate. K-K-K-ate"
Finally, this week the time came & Claire said Kate's name!
Well, actually....she doesn't say Kate, she says "Deet" (rhymes with beat) or sometimes "Date"
But, that is good enough for us! It's better than nothing, right?
Claire will run up to Kate now & say "Deet, Deet, Deet" or "Date, Date, Date"
It makes Kate so happy that her sister can FINALLY say her name.
Because up until this week, Claire didn't call her anything or even attempt to say her name.
It was a big week for Claire, she not only started saying her sister's name, but she started saying her own name.
But, she doesn't call herself Claire, she calls her self Bear.
You can hear her in her room saying,
"Bear, Bear, Bear, Bear, Bear" over and over and over again.
It doesn't surprise me that Claire says "Deet" for Kate and "Bear" for Claire.
It took Kate a long time to say the names Kate and Claire.
She couldn't say their names correctly when she was Claire's age either.
Like Claire, Kate couldn't say the K or C sound, so she would say "Hate" and "Hair".
I wrote about it HERE.
Our girls take their time with their language development. Kate was a slow talker & Claire is following in her footsteps. Kate eventually caught up, so I'm not too worried about Claire.
And, if her language doesn't pick up, we will sign Claire up for speech. After all, my mom, sister & Kevin all went to speech in elementary school, so there is a good chance that our girls will end up going also. But for now, I will just enjoy the cute little words that my Claire Bear says!

Does anyone else's kids have funny names for their siblings? When my younger sister Rebecca was younger, she called herself "BaBoo", she called Elyse "EC" and she called me "Oofy" (rhymes with Goofy).
How she got "Oofy" from Melissa/Mel, I have no idea, but she called us those names for years!


  1. Date and Bear are ADORABLE!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I've had the best time reading yours, have a great weekend!

  2. I'm so glad you are writing all this stuff down! I didn't blog before 2006, so I missed a lot of stuff my daughter said at those cute ages!

  3. Your girls are so adorable!!! My aunt is named Claire as well and when my dad was little, he couldn't say her name either and called her Carbie. The name stuck and she has been Carbie ever since. She is now 65.

  4. How cute : D She might call herself "Bear" cause you guys call her Claire "Bear" ha!!!! so cute Ryder has definatly not mastered Gracie but he tries, not even sure how to put into writing how it comes out, but it's cute : D

  5. How cute! My middle son called my oldest "Denin" for Devin. And my youngest called my middle "Shordan" for Jordan. :)
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Date and Bear are so stinking cute! :) Alexandra calls herself "Adda" - not sure how it came about, but I'm just glad she calls herself something because I knew Alexandra would be a tough one! The kids in her class call her "Addi".

  7. Oh that is so sweet! My Claire is hardly saying much at all right now. I hope she begins chatting more soon.

    Your girls are always so cute.

    Hope your new house is more unpacked now. :)

  8. Adorable :) Claire seems to grow with every picture you take, it's crazy!

    Mason already says his own name, which I thought was funny. He just mimics me saying it. For a while there I thought he might think his name was "Pumpkin" or "Peanut" or "Sweetie Pie". :)

  9. My little man said Maga and Ma-ca for Grandma and Grandpa. I have no idea how that came about - but then one day - miraculously - he just started saying Grandma and Grandpa. So strange how their development is isn't it?

  10. My brother couldn't say Rebecca Marie so he called me beccaree for a long time. Who knows why he didn't just call me Becky like everyone else?!



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