10 on 10 :: June 2010

10 on 10 : Take a photo once an hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a snapshot of your life and find beauty among the ordinary things of your day.

Today was a special 10 on 10 because it was the LAST day of school!!!!
So excited for summer!

Claire's new morning routine, taking off her pj's by herself when she wakes up:
Kate's new obsession: drinking milk out of a "big girl cup" with a straw:
The last day of school meant a day full of signing yearbooks!
Here is the cover of my school's yearbook:
The last day of school means teacher gifts! One of my students gave me this little plaque & the sweetest note ever. Her note brought tears to my eyes. It is students like her that make teaching worth it. (well, that and the Starbucks gift cards I got today.....)
After school, Kate & I cut some flowers off one of our hydrangea plants in our front yard:
Claire was a happy girl after her nap!
More flowers on my kitchen table:
We had a playdate with Sam & Becky today!
Playing with dirt in the front yard before dinner:
It is tradition for Kevin & I to go to dinner at one of our favorite local spots on the last day of school to celebrate the school year being over. Elyse, Rebecca & Jason joined us this year to celebrate the start of summer!
Cheers & Happy Summer!

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  1. Yeah! Another Ten on Tener! So happy to find your blog. Your photos are beautiful and we seem to have a great deal in common. Love that plaque your student gave you. So touching.

    Looking forward to following along.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog to comment! :) It's so great seeing all these 10 on 10 sets...your photography is amazing!

  3. Looks like a great day...yay for the last day od school! Summer has arrived! Great 10 on 10 Mel!

  4. Love your pictures and day! I did it as well...but I have not posted yet...it is coming, but might be next week.

    enjoy your weekend! and happy summer!

  5. Oh, the last day of school. A teacher's favorite day. We had our last day a couple weeks ago. I've been savoring the "lazy factor" ever since.

    Great photo set. And what a nice tradition of going out for a special dinner.

    Enjoy the start of your summer!

  6. Your pics are always fun to look at! Happy Summer! I just recently heard about some state made it a law that teachers couldn't get personal gifts anymore. (ugh!)

  7. That 2nd picture of Claire looks so much like Kate!!! (Or at least what I have seen of her in pictures anyways) :)

    Congrats to the end of the school year. Sweet gifts that you got from your students.

    Hey what kind of editing program do you use? I'm looking to get something. The instructor of my class recommended PS Elements.

  8. greatl photos, mel! your girls are so beautiful. and i just love that quote on the gift from your student.

    thanks for popping over to my blog and leaving a comment; i'm not sure what those flowers are, but i thought they were lovely, too, and couldn't resist snapping a photo of them while out and about in our neighborhood.

    have a wonderful summer break!!

  9. I always love your pictures! You've inspire me to get to know my camera better. :)

    Also, I saw the "I donate milk" badge. I'm very interested in this. Any chance you wrote a post about your experience with it?

  10. yay for the last day of school! happy summertime!

  11. Great pictures! That one of the little guy totally makes me smile. :) Enjoy the start of your summer!

  12. Thanks for reminding me to do this! It was fun! Love your set and have a great summer vacation!

  13. YAY for the last day of school! I love hydrangeas and those are gorgeous. Funny about Claire taking off her pj's... Mason has learned to somehow take off his diaper WITH his pj's still on! Good times.

    Have an awesome first weekend of summer!!!

  14. Love all the photos! The last one might be my favorite this time, though. :) As always, your girls are beautiful!


  15. Love all those pictures... Such a sweet set. You really have a gift. Thanks for sharing!!



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