Thanksgiving 2010

We had a great Thanksgiving this year.
Every year, we have the same Thanksgiving plans.
For the past 45 years, Kevin's family has gone to Golden Gate Fields on Thanksgiving to watch the horse races.
Here is part of our group at the races!
We had 10 more people in our group, this is just Kevin's immediate family (parents, siblings & their kids!)

The girls were both excited about the races this year & couldn't wait to see the horses!
Kevin let Kate pick the horses to bet on, here she is holding her ticket.
Cheering on the horse, hoping that #3 wins.
Claire just hanging out:
Claire loved cheering on the horses....well really, she just loved having an excuse to yell & be loud! :)
Claire with 2 of her cousins, Alexis & Megan:
Megan finally getting Claire to smile.
We had a really good view of the track from our box:
Golden Gate Fields is beautiful:
The kids were getting restless inside, so we took them down to the track to get a closer look at the horses:
It was COLD out there! We have had a cold streak the last few days. Brrr!
When you are outside, you are really close to the track. I didn't even use my zoom lens on this shot!
After the races, we headed to my parents for Thanksgiving dinner!
Can you guess who picked out their Thanksgiving outfits? The color should give it away!
Yep, Kate picked them out.
Aren't you proud of me for buying more purple clothes?
We attempted a family picture, but Kate wasn't cooperating. *sigh*
We had a delicious meal at my parents house (I didn't take any pictures of the food or during dinner) but my mom cooks an amazing Thanksgiving meal! Thanks Mom!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebrating with loved ones!


  1. What a great Thanksgiving recap. I didn't take one picture on Thanksgiving...how terrible of me! I have been sicker then a dog, so that is why!

  2. Love the purple sweaters! The horse races sounds like a fun tradition - wow, 45 years!

  3. I love how the entire family is color-coordinated in the first photo- purple and gray! :D

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. The girls' outfits are adorable and you look just as cute! Happy Thanksgiving, Mel (:

  5. What a fun Thanksgiving tradition! And, I love the girls outfits!

  6. What a fun Thanksgiving tradition! And, I love the girls outfits!

  7. cute. I bet the girls love watching the horses

  8. Looks like a fun day. Mel the girls outfits are seriously so darling! Did you get those at Target? I thought I saw the purple sweaters there, but I might be wrong. If not do you mind telling me where? My girls might need those too. :) Also I love your necklace. Don't tell me that is a Target find too?

  9. I love Claire "hanging out" with no shoes on. :) So cute! And wow, what an awesome family tradition!

  10. My necklace is from NY & Co and the girls outfits are from Target, of course! :)



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