A Rainy Weekend

Our weekend plans got rained out.
I was supposed to have 3 photo shoots this past weekend, but they got rained out until next weekend.
I was bummed at first because I wanted to get all that editing done this week while I am on Thanksgiving Break.
But, based on how crazy last week was, it was a good thing it was a Rainy weekend.
We needed a couple days to just relax as a family & get Kate healthy.
So, I declared Saturday a "Rainy-cold-stay-in-your-pajamas-all-day-kind-of-day"
And, that we did!
So, a lazy day it was. And, it was much needed.
You see, we thought Kate was over the stomach flu.
She hadn't gotten sick since Wednesday morning.
She was fine on Thursday and Friday.

At 4 on Friday my new washer & dryer arrived.
Aren't they pretty?
I couldn't wait to try them out, but I needed to get the right kind of detergent for them since they are front loaders.
So, off to Target we went (but I dropped Claire off with Auntie Bots because she is awesome)
I was going to drop them both off, but Kate wanted to go with me.
We go to Target & then to Starbucks to get " a buy one get one free" holiday drink special that they had going on. I got myself & Beck a Caramel Apple Spice (YUM!) and Kate asked for a Horizon Organic Vanilla Milk. She hadn't had dairy since Wednesday (I always wait to give them milk/dairy when they have upset tummy's)
Starbucks is less than 5 minutes from out house. And as we were driving home, Kate starts crying, tells me to pullover because she is going to get sick. I was in the middle of an intersection and couldn't pull over, so I grabbed her raincoat that was on the passengers seat and told her to use that as a bucket. Well, that didn't work and Kate's carseat became the bucket.
I am STILL trying to get the smell out of my car. *shudder*

Kate was fine the rest of the night & was feeling good on Saturday, which is why we decided to just lay low and hang out in pj's while it dumped rain outside. And, there was even lightening & thunder which is rare for us!
After dinner, we decided to snuggle up & watch "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"
I made the girls Hot Chocolate & let them drink it in the Family Room!
I love this movie!
And, I let them eat popcorn while we watched it.
It was a fun evening!
How do you like your Hot Chocolate?
Kevin is a marshmellow guy , but I am all about the whipped cream.
We had a good day, we thought Kate was better, but about an hour after she went to bed, we heard her crying & I knew what was about to happen. I ran upstairs & but I was a few seconds too late. I guess her tummy wasn't ready for the hot chocolate.

Kate wanted to sleep in our room after that, so we gave her a bath & I made a "nest" for her in the office area of our bedroom:

Let's just say I am SOOOOOO glad my washer & dryer arrived. I have done 10 loads of laundry over the past 3 days and they are quick & efficient!

We skipped church on Sunday & had another semi-lazy-rainy day.
Kate acted fine & seemed back to normal, but I learned my lesson...no dairy for her for a few days.
I cleaned out closets because the Good Will truck came this morning.
It feels so good to get rid of stuff!!! But, I must admit, I was a little sad with this batch of items because Kate's crib bumper was in one of those bags. So sad to part with it (I kept the quilt) but there is no reason to hold onto it anymore.
We went to my parents for dinner to celebrate because it was my mom's birthday.
Happy Birthday, Mom!
Kate picked out these "party outfits" for them to wear to her birthday dinner.
You can see the tile that Kevin & I put in last month in that picture! It looks much better than the orange tile!
Speaking of orange, check out Kate's turkey that she made at preschool. She is so proud of it.
I hope this week is much more uneventful for us than last week, especially because it is Thanksgiving and we have a lot of fun family things planned. Hoping and Praying we stay healthy!
Our week has already started out good..Both girls slept in until 8am today!
And, we had fun morning making the Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls with friends...more on that tomorrow!
(Speaking of the Pioneer Woman, did you see the Thanksgiving Throwdown between her & Bobby Flay last week? LOVED it!)

Happy Monday & Happy Thanksgiving Week!


  1. Cute pics! I love whipped cream in my hot chocolate too! PW vs. Bobby Flay was awesome! I hope Kate feels better!

  2. so sorry to hear kate still has the flu...that is no good. hope she feels better soon! and would love your new washer and dryer. we don't have the room for them, but i am hoping to get a new stackable set soon!

  3. Ugh...nothing worse than sicky babes :( :( glad they're feeling better!

    I'm a whipped cream kind of girl!!! Half a cup of hot cocoa with the rest of the cup filled with whipped cream!!! :)

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving break!

  4. I'll take marshmallows AND whipped cream!

    UGH! Poor Kate :(

  5. Your girls are so cute! Hope your little one is on the mend.

  6. My weekend sounded very similar to yours. Only my hubby was at work for much of it. And no one threw up over here (thank goodness), and I drank a lot of wine instead of hot chocolate. :) I like whip on mine too.

    Hope Kate is all better now!

  7. Poor Kate! Just when you think they are better... Great photos!

  8. I love reading your posts. I usually smile because we're are so similar (even our kiddos except mine are boys, of course). We LOVE Charlie Brown and the whole Peanuts gang! And, I'm totally a whipped cream kind of gal. One of my BFFs sent me a facebook message to remind me to DVR the Throwdown with Bobby and Ree. All of the food looked delicious. As far as the smell in the carseat, maybe vinegar and baking soda and then wash with laundry detergent and repeat as needed. Pretty rough stuff.

  9. We had one of those awful tummy flus in our house earlier this year. My youngest, who was not yet 2 at the time, would seem fine, hold down food, and then randomly throw up again hours later. She was sick off and on for five days before I did what my sister's doctor recommends: give her yogurt. It helps replace some of the bacteria in her tummy. I don't know if that's the problem you're having, but if she keeps it up, you might try yogurt.

    That sounds awful. I haven't yet dealt with kids getting sick in the car. I hope I never do!

  10. Loved the Throwdown! The food looked so yummy! I hope your baby girl gets feeling better. Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. So glad your new washer & dryer came just in time! I am learning that sometimes plans change and things don't work out for a reason. Your sweet Kate needed you at home this weekend. I have made PW's cinnamon rolls and they are worth every last bit of butter on the counter tops. 9 cups of flour??!!

    p.s. The tile looks great!

  12. Poor Kate with that yucky stomach bug! Why is it that kids always get sick in the car with sour milk. Grossest thing ever!

  13. MY stomach is turning just thinking about the car incident... *shudder*.

    I love the "nest" you made in your room. So cute. :)

    And I'm with Kevin, marshmallows all the way!

  14. we call them "nests", too!! that's so funny. your new washer and dryer and very, very lovely.



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