What are the chances?

What do these 3 pictures have in common?

Exhibit A:
The Refrigerator
*Note the towel on the lower left side.

Exhibit B:
The Dishwasher
*Note the towel on the floor

Exhibit C:
The Washing Machine
*Note yet another towel on the ground

Isn't it normal to have a towel under all your appliances?
Well, it is normal if all 3 appliances started LEAKING within the past 2 weeks.
Yes, I am serious! What are the chances?!?!

They say death comes in 3's and that is right, 3 of my appliances have died.

It started with the fridge. We had noticed that under the freezer, it would drip.
So, we called the home warranty. Fridges aren't covered.
We called a repair guy. $160 dollars later, he tells me that drain seal is broken & that they don't sell that part so we need a new fridge!!! It came with the house & is only 5 years old. Ugh. Luckily, our repair guy (and Kevin) did some research over the weekend and he is coming back this afternoon to see if he can fix it using a different part. Wish him luck.

Moving on the the dishwasher (which is thankfully covered with our home warranty). The digital panel hasn't worked since we moved in, which isn't that big of a deal. But then last week, I cam downstairs after I ran the dishwasher & there was a huge puddle. Awesome. I am still using the dishwasher, but have been keeping a towel there to soak up the water. Repair guy is coming later this week.

And finally, the washing machine. On Saturday, I was doing massive amounts of laundry (I do laundry on the weekends, don't have time to do it during the week). After my 3rd load, we notice a HUGE puddle coming from under the washer.
All Kevin and I could do is laugh.
What are the chances that 3 major appliances had leaks within a few weeks?
I told you our house was the Money Pit!
Our washer & dryer are over 12 years old (a family I babysat for gave them to us when we got married because they were getting new ones) We have already gotten them fixed a few years ago, and they aren't under warranty anymore. Home Depot was having a huge washer/dryer sale, so on Sunday we ordered a new washer & dryer.
(Our dryer wasn't broken, but it takes over 2 hours to dry a load, so we just decided to buy the pair since they were on sale). They are getting delivered on Friday.

I could have had them delivered earlier in the week, but I decided to wait until Friday because I don't do laundry during the week anyways, so it didn't matter that I didn't have a washer for a few days. Right?


Guess who came down with the stomach flu yesterday?
Yesterday, our poor little Kate threw up in Kevin's car (while in the parking lot on the way to preschool drop off).
And, she got sick a few times in the afternoon/evening and again this morning.
I am home from school today taking care of her & disinfecting our entire house.

If any of you have had a young child who has the stomach flu, than you KNOW that the chances of them making it to the toilet is RARE.
Kate is no exception...she tries to make it to the toilet, but so far her success rate is at Zero.
Close, but no cigar.
Which means, I have been using a lot of towels to clean up her mess. Her clothes & pajamas are also "victims" of the stomach flu. And, let's not forget about the car seat in Kevin's car.

What are the chances that this would happen the week I don't have a washing machine that works?!?!

I am thankful we have family that lives near by, because as soon as Kate wakes up we are heading to my parents to wash a few loads of laundry, because this laundry can't wait until Friday.

Hoping & Praying no one else in our family gets this stomach bug!


  1. Oh no! That just really stinks! I hope things look up for you real soon!

  2. Oh my goodness! You poor thing! I hope your little one feels better soon and everything back to normal by Friday! Hang in there!

    Kelli @

  3. Yikes! That's a whole lot to happen at once. Good luck with the repairs and enjoy your new washer and dryer : )

  4. Oh bless her heart, she looks so pitiful on the couch. Her jammies are adorable, though, poor dear. And poor you! It always seems to happen at the worst time, doesn't it? Last year, our brand new 6 month old oven broke right at the holidays and they could not fix it until Jan! So we did not have an oven for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years! Then it broke again this spring. I told my husband if it breaks again I am tossing it in the yard and going all "Office Space" on it! :)

  5. Oh man!! Poor Kate :( My youngest had the stomach flu last week and I couldn't believe that he was the only one of the three boys to get it! Hopefully thats the case for you too!
    Hope everything is all worked out for the weekend! :)

  6. At least the appliances are on sale for the holidays but MAN that is a big hit to take at once.

    We don't even try to make it to the toilet for puking. I keep puke buckets right by the kids and extra towels for them to throw up into. Sounds lame but the towels absorb the puke and help prevent it from getting everywhere.

    Poor thing! What a week!

  7. oh nooooo. All three?? that is freaky. What good timing too, huh?
    Hope everything comes together for you soon - that can't be fun.

  8. Poor Kate (and poor Mommy!) Whenever EmmyKate has been sick with a stomach bug I keep a little plastic bowl right by her for her to throw up in. Works much better than trying to get her to make it to the toilet. Now if Easton gets sick EmmyKate runs to get a bowl and tries to get him to use that!

  9. That sucks. Hope next week is better for you.

  10. Oh my goodness! That is awful! I hope she feels better soon!

  11. I hate spending money on stuff like that RIGHT before the holidays. Blech.

    Hope your little sweetie is feeling better. Makes me so sad when my kids are sick.

  12. Our fridge was leaking, too. Our neighbor showed us how to disconnect (and reattach) some plumbing tubes on the back and it stopped. It had to do with the water dispenser on the front. We lost our water and ice but extended our fridge life. Ben could talk to Kevin if it helps.

  13. Oh Melons... that is what nightmares are made of. I am so glad you have some "laundry relief" close by.

    I hope Kate is feeling herself again soon and that you, Claire, and Kevin are safe from the flu.

    Hugs buddy

  14. on the plus side... I can't wait to see the new washer/dryer x-mas present you guys got!

  15. Hi...just stumbled onto your blog! It's so cute!
    Sorry about your appliances...drives me crazy when that happens:(
    Hopefully your little one feels better soon!

  16. So sorry about the appliances and stomach flu. My little on had that last weekend. I LOVE HER JAMMIES!!! Where did you get them? I think my 4 yr old needs a pair!

  17. Ahhh! That stinks, figuratively and literally! So sorry, hope you and Kevin catch a break soon!

  18. Yes, the puke bucket is a must. And pull ups. They are a life saver for these events.

    Hope she gets better soon.

    Oh and my dear, will you be amazed at how quickly your clothes will dry 2 hours is a LONG time :-)

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  20. Lame! I can't even imagine how many towels you are going through right now...

  21. Oh man. Why is it that when it rains it pours? Hope Kate is feeling better soon and that you all stay healthy!! Poor girl. Sorry about your appliances too. Those are big ones to have to be replacing all at once.

  22. what a big bummer...and right before the holidays!

    i hope things are getting better around the house!
    enjoy the weekend!

  23. Thanks everyone for the kind comments...we are hanging in there!
    @The Baker Family - her pj's are Carter's. I got them at Kohls last month!

  24. Oh no, stomach flu is the worst! Your dishwasher and fridge don't look old enough to be having problems which makes it all the more frustrating! Our washer, which was only three years old, conked out on us a few years ago and we had to buy a new one. Ugh. Hopefully you can get a super fun new washer so that laundry can becomre fun. If that is even possible... ;)



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