Generic School Pictures

Photographer's Confession:
I caved.
I actually ordered prints of Kate's school picture that were taken last month.

As someone who loves photography & who does photography on the side, this is like a Cardinal Sin....to actually buy prints of the generic "blue/grey" background school picture!
Kate's First Year of Preschool - Fall 2010

Let me explain why I decided to order prints of it.
Was it because of the "high" quality picture? NO. But, it is a cute picture of her!
Was it because of the stellar photography? Definitely Not.
Was it because I don't have that many pictures of Kate? Just the opposite, I have tens of thousands of pictures!
Was it because it was such a good deal? Ummm...NO. It was actually a rip off.

It is because I like tradition.
It is because there is something special about that "generic school picture".
It is because it captures them at school, in their element.
I bought them because they are timeless....and priceless!
It is because I want to be able to have a photo collage of the each girls' school pictures from Preschool until High School.
Sure, I have thousands and thousands of pictures of my girls, but there is something so "classic" and "cheesy" about the School Picture that I just can't say no to.
Ahhh, Generic School Picture....I hate you, but I love you!

You will never see a School Picture framed in my house (that just isn't my style, I like framing my own photos that I have taken), but you bet I will by the smallest/cheapest portrait package there is just so I can document the "School Picture".
I wish there was an option to buy just one 5x7 or just four wallets.
I don't need that many school pictures, I just want one.
I still have a photo album from when I was growing up that has all my Individual School pictures (and class pictures) from Preschool through Senior Year of High School (including all the Middle School Awkward Years. Good times!)

And, actually, I have school pictures from each year that I have been teaching. As teachers, we have to get photographs for the yearbook & the company always gives the teachers a portrait package for free. I have saved them all for the past 7 years. Yikes.

So, there you go, Cheesy School Photography Company, I am a sucker for tradition and you have my business for the next 18 years.....but, please lower your prices on portrait packages, they are OUTRAGEOUS!


  1. Okay you've got to admit though, that is a pretty good school picture of Kate (considering it's a cheesy school picture)!

  2. I buy them because they are priceless in a cheesy sort of way. Both kids have their pictures framed in my house. I think they are hysterical. I love it! Wait until you see Nicole's picture...so funny & cute!

  3. I completely agree with you, even though they're cheesy, there's something so classic about them how can you pass them up.

  4. I am so with you on this one too! I am a huge into tradition around here...so yes to school picture, even though I can't really stand them!

  5. I like the tradition! And it is a cute picture too! :)

  6. I have a file at work with all of my "school pictures" as a teacher too. Not sure if/when I'll ever take them out of that cabinet, but you know, they're there just incase!

  7. Oh seriously! They are so expensive! But i am the same way - I want them to have for tradition purposes! I love that! We would so be teacher friends too if we were close! Some of my friends and I would swap photos - and write on the back like we were in high school again. Makes us teachers laugh! :0)

  8. she is pretty darn cute in that picture

  9. Super cute picture!! We ordered Leila's crappy quality school pictures too. Memories, my friend, memories!

  10. Cute post. The prices are outrageous! I ordered the cheapest package I could for Hannah too, and it did not come out as cute as Kate's. Oh well. Good thing I take tens of thousands of her on my own huh?! :)

  11. Cardinal sin? I think not. Most photographers I know do the same thing. I was so bummed last year that Zoey missed her portrait session due to illness. Well, it happened again this time too. No make-ups or anything. I wonder if I will ever get a school picture of her.

  12. LOL, I bought my girl's preschool pics even though I wasn't keen on them. I felt like I had to. The teacher said (well everyone bought the whole set).

  13. She is such a cutie and that is a GREAT school pic! I am sitting at my desk with my son's under a pile because it's terrible! I don't have the heart to tell him that he needs a retake...in the meantime my daughter loves hers so much she wants me to frame it. UG! School pics!

  14. These are my feelings exactly. I have purchased preschool pictures the last two years....how can you not? They are a rip off though I agree. Luckily we did have a 5x7 and 4 wallet option.

  15. I wholeheartedly and entirely hear ya. I am torn every year, every kid. They NEVER capture my kids.... the way I would :)
    BUT I love the tradition..and know I will look back with some great memories.
    The biggest glitch is the price!! Do you know how many photos I could buy for me 26.00 that are GOOD! ha!
    And for me it is 5X....so really, 129.00 is tooooooo much.
    What to do??...thanks for a morning chuckle
    ~Ada in Coastal Cali

  16. I just found out that I am the same way! My daughter just had her first preschool "professional" portrait taken. I caved. I too have a photography business on the side and my story is much like yours! I think it's okay ;-)



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