This afternoon, I went to upstairs to check on Kate while she was napping.
(who has recovered from the stomach flu, thankfully!)

When I came back downstairs, I saw this:
A sneaky (& determined) little 2 year old brought a pillow into the kitchen while I was upstairs in hopes of being able to reach what was on the kitchen counter:
Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies. YUM.

Luckily, I my camera on the dining room table, so I was able to snap a picture of her being sneaky. If I had taken a picture of her 20 seconds before this, you would have seen her with both feet on the cupboards trying to climb onto the counter.

Claire had been asking me for {another} cookie and I told her she had to wait until after dinner.
Well, she decided to take matters into her own hands when I went to check on Kate.

She was REALLY frustrated she couldn't reach a cookie.
Unfortunately for Claire, that pillow didn't give her the boost she needed.
Fortunately for me, she went for the pillow & not one of the chairs from the Kitchen Table.
Knowing Claire, it won't be long until she figures that out.

She sure does keep us on our toes....you never know what she will come up with next.
I am already dreading her teen years!!!


  1. lol - Uh oh!
    Cute picture - and those cookies look soooo good.

  2. you guys bake cookies a lot! I need to do that more often with my kids!

  3. What are we gonna do when your Claire and my Claire are teens!!!!? We are gonna need some kind of support group. lol My Claire's newest thing is to turn the water on at the bathroom faucet and splash water all over the place. uuugh.

  4. Claire is getting so big I actually thought that picture was of Kate. I was so confused reading the post. :P Mason is just now starting to climb up on things. I know I'm in for it...

  5. Oh, look at the face she is giving you! Too sweet. :) Claire is looking more and more like Kate as she gets older!

  6. too funny...but i think i would want another too...they look yummy!

  7. I would have done the same thing looking at those puppies.

  8. that was DEFINITELY me as a child. stubborn and tenacious... my poor parents. but in the end i think i turned out well! :)

    also... the hubz and i have been married just a year and your posts always make me want to start having kids like right now! :)

  9. Those cookies look AMAZING! And your daughter's face is precious. I have a picture of my teenage son when he was 2 opening the fridge and holding a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper. Thank goodness he couldn't open it!

  10. Such a cutie! My girls tag-team stole 24 gogurts from my fridge, ate them all in one sitting and then stuffed the evidence in the floor vent. Yep, can't wait until they're teenagers...



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