Sneak Peek: Engagement Sessions

Within the last 6 weeks, I have done 3 Engagement Sessions
(in the midst of some Fall Family Photo Shoots...coming soon!)

These were the first three Engagement Sessions I have ever done & they were all SO much fun!

Ironically, the first two sessions occurred the weekend my younger sister got engaged!

First up was Amanda & Bobby
(my friend Heather's Brother in law & soon to be Sister in law!)
This is where they got engaged!
We took the pictures in the downtown area of their town, so many fun spots!
And, at 7:30 am on a Saturday morning, it was deserted!
Thanks for being such a good sport Bobby!
The 2nd session was for some of our good friends, Jon & Carrie.
(Kevin & Jon went to high school together & we can't wait for their wedding next August)
Notice Carrie's black stilettos on this log, she was a trooper!
She hiked up the grassy hill in those heels!
And, all for the sake of pictures!
Can't wait for the big day next August!
And, last (but not least) is my younger sister's Engagement Session with her fiance, Jason.
They were working the camera for me!
We are so excited for their April wedding!
Welcome to the family, Jason...you better get used to me taking your picture...I ALWAYS have my camera with me :)
You can see the Save the Date cards that I made for each couple in my ETSY shop!

Congrats to all the couples & Best Wishes on your 2011 weddings!


  1. Aw, you are SO making me wish I had engagement photos done! Such great shots... What a fun job!

  2. Love each couple's pictures! Gorgeous scenery too!

  3. Beautiful pictures!!

    BTW, Kelly is hosting a SUYL that features women with their own businesses, and I thought of you- you should definitely link up!! :)

  4. love them! I also wish we had gotten engagement pictures done!

  5. Um... I can't WAIT until you take mine... one day soon. ;)

  6. Fabulous pics!! I love your job!! I want to photograph couples, babies, seniors... one day!! =) I keep sayin... when my kids get bigger... I'll have more time for photography! ha! ha ha ha.. .

    Congrats to your sister!! Lovely pics!

  7. it has to be so fun to capture that moment in time. the lovey sweet just got engaged feeling is the best.

    your sister and her soon to be hubs are so cute!!

  8. LOVE!! I don't think I've ever seen Bobby without a hat on until these pictures! LOL!



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