A Voting Tradition

Today is Election Day.
Thank goodness it is FINALLY here.
I don't think I can take anymore of the Election commercials, the phone calls that interrupt dinner time, campaigners who knock on my door & the junk mail that fills my mailbox.
Can we talk about the junk mail?
So much wasted money on thick CARDSTOCK flyers that go straight to my recycle bin. ugh!
Such a waste of money & trees!

It seems especially worse this year.
Maybe because we are getting a new Governor in California?
I am not a very political person, I rarely discuss politics & avoid talking about them.
But I DO value the right to vote (and I do watch Election Coverage on Election Day)
I have voted every year since I turned 18.
I think it is SO, SO important to exercise your right to vote.

In our new neighborhood our polling place is just a few courts down.
This evening we took a family walk/wagon ride so Kevin and I could vote.
At our old house, our polling place wasn't walking distance from our house, so we would always vote on the way home from work without the girls.
I loved walking as a family to vote.
Kate was asking us a lot of questions about why all the people were in line to vote & it was fun to give her a mini-History lesson as we waited in line.

There were a lot of people out voting today, it was a beautiful fall evening here in Nor Cal.
One family rode up to the polling house on their bikes & had American flags on the back of their
We have freedom in our country & it is a privilege to vote!
So, from now on, every Election Day, we are going to take a family walk and vote so that the girls will grow up with the appreciation of what it means to vote.
Did you exercise your right to vote today?


  1. Love it! Yes we always early vote and always with the kiddos. Love the pics of the flag flanked bikes, that is a priceless picture. I think I talk more about voting than I do about the issues, while I certainly hope voters are making educating votes it kills me when someone doesn't exercise the privilege!

  2. i think it's awesome that you did that as a family! what a way to model that for your girls!

  3. I voted and brought my "future voter" along with me too! I loved trying to explain to her why we vote, and got quite a kick out of the questions she was asking. Not sure if she totally understood, but it was an adventure anyway!

  4. LOVE IT! We don't have kids yet but I love the idea of voting as a family to instill the importance of voting in your kids! Awesome!

  5. Yay! I love that you took your kids! We didn't yesterday, because of weird schedules, but usually we walk to the polling place and vote with them in tow. It is SUCH a great way to teach them the importance of voting. And I usually get all goofy and excited which makes H get all excited and it's just fun with a sticker and all. :)

  6. I think it's wonderful that you took the girls with you to vote. I always take my entire brood for each primary and election. They have gone so often that they recognize the poll workers and the workers recognize them!

  7. Fun post Mel! That's great you guys could walk as a family to vote. I wish we could do that.

    Yes I did excersice my right today!

  8. we did! my kids were happy to get "I voted" stickers!

  9. I love that you voted as a family! Such a great idea, Mel.

  10. i love that you guys can walk to your voting site. that is so cool! what an awesome thing to expose the girls to. our polling place is kind of far so we do mail in ballots. we still try to talk to the kids about it, but its so much less impactful.

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