Furlough Day Fun

Friday was a Furlough Day for our School District
(also known as a Budget Cut Day....Thank you, State of California)
So that meant I didn't have to go to school on Friday and instead, the girls and I had a day off together! It came at good timing, since I have a sinus infection & needed a day off school anyway!
We took advantage of our day off , had a slow, lazy morning and stayed in our pajamas until 11 am.
We also took advantage of the beautiful November weather we have been having to play in the backyard. (It was 80 degrees all week!)
Look how long Claire's hair is....I think it is time for a haircut! It is looking a little straggly...

For lunch, we got sandwiches from our favorite lunch place & brought them to Kevin's new office! (His office moved a few months ago & we hadn't been by to check it out yet!)
I also picked up some fresh bread at the sandwhich place (which is also a Bakery)
Fresh Cinnamon Swirl Bread....YUM!
After lunch & naps we went to the park to burn off some energy & enjoy the warm weather!
There is the cutest little park by our new house & no one is ever there, so we had the place to ourselves!
Claire, being a goofball, as usual!
The girls were in matching outfits (of course) so, I tried to get a picture of them together. FAIL.
But, I did get some cute individual ones as they were laying on the grass counting clouds (the things Kate likes to count always cracks me up. Kate likes to count EVERYTHING!)
On the way to preschool on Thursday, she counted how many blue mailboxes she saw.
Maybe she will be a math teacher one day :)
Actually, Kate was counting clouds & trying to help Claire remember her numbers (she isn't as into numbers as Kate is)
Claire has the best smile EVER.
I am thankful for the Furlough Day, it is always nice to have a break from teaching (160 middle school students can be exhausting!) and it is nice to spend a fun day with my girls!
Happy Weekend!


  1. Mel, what a wonderful day indeed. Isn't it fun to have a day to spend with the girls and I bet Daddy was super happy to have all his girls join him for lunch!

  2. Looks like fun! Wish our district had a furlough day....hmmm....

  3. What a great day! Are you ready for an odd question? In the picture of lunch at Kevin's office, I think that your purse is peaking out of the left corner of the picture. Can you tell me more about it? I am on a mommy purse hunt and it looks adorable! Thanks!!

  4. Great pictures! I love the last series in the grass. In those first two, the girls look so much alike! It really captures their sister-ness (totally not a word but so much for that). :)

  5. Great photos! I dress my boys in matching outfits so much that it drives my husband crazy :) We don't have furlough day in TX where I teach. It sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Friday.

  6. your girls are sooo cute! love the pictures of them.

  7. What a fun day! Our teachers have already had 3 furlough days and have two more before school is out! OUCH for budget cuts!

  8. Love those pictures in the grass! So cute! Sounds like a perfect day off with mom!

  9. what a fun day! hope you are feeling better too! i love days like that...staying in pjs until 11 is the best!

  10. First, thanks for visiting my blog! I love "meeting" new people!

    Your pictures are awesome, and your blog is very inviting... I think I'll stay a while. ;o)

  11. Claire DOES have the cutest smile ever. I kind of want Mason to marry her when they're 30... :)

  12. That picture of Claire on the slide is amazing!! You have 2 beautiful little girls that are going to someday be gorgeous women!



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