Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls

Have you ever made the Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls?
If you haven't....you need to! They are A-mazing!
On Monday, a few girlfriends and I made over 300 of them!
When I got the Pioneer Woman's cookbook for Christmas last year, I knew I wanted to make her cinnamon rolls. So, when my friend Becky sent out an email last month to myself & a few of our friends asking if we all wanted to get together and make them, I said Yes!

We met Monday morning at our friend Susan's house.
Everyone had different assignments on what to bring.
One batch of cinnamon rolls makes about 7 tins (with about 8 Cinnamon Rolls in each tin)
Because there were 6 of us who were making them, we 6x the recipe.
That makes A LOT of Cinnamon rolls! But the thought was to keep some for our families & give some to friends & neighbors!

The night before Becky & Susan made the dough (which I was very thankful for because whenever I use yeast, it is a fail)

The first step is to roll out the dough...work it Becky!
Then pour 1.5 cups of melted butter on it like Susan is doing:
Then sprinkle sugar & cinnamon and roll it up!
Then, slice them up!
The middle ones turned out best!
Put them in a buttered tin & then bake them!
After you bake them, you make the glaze...which is full of powdered sugar, coffee & maple flavoring.
I am not a big frosting person, but this stuff was GOOD!
Here are some more pictures from the morning!
Kelly & Bridgette:
The boys helped out for a little bit:
Kate looking on (we had my younger sister come to watch some of the younger kids because between all of us, there were 10 kids there)
Kelly perfected the rolling & cutting, look how pretty this batch is!
The table of cinnamon rolls waiting to go into the oven:

Chaos in the kitchen:
So much fun!
2 hours later, we had 45 tins of cinnamon rolls!
Which is over 300 rolls!
These are perfect to make before the holidays because they freeze great & they make a great gift to give to neighbors & friends...wrap them in cellophane, but a bow around it & Viola! you have a perfect holiday treat!

(Partial) Group shot:
It was such a fun morning & we are going to do this every year before Thanksgiving!
Hooray for new Traditions!
Making Cinnamon Rolls is fun & easy, especially when you make it with a fun group of friends!
Can't wait to make them again next year!


  1. THat sounds like a great tradition! They look soooooo good!

  2. What a great idea! What's better than good friends and good food? Yummy!

  3. YUM! i'm living in Africa and forced to learn to make lots of things from scratch. i made paula deen's cinnamon rolls a week ago, but i've heard excellent things about PW's. i think i'll have to try those next.

    ...and i'm with you on the yeast thing. so frustrating!!

  4. I LOVE her cinnamon roll recipe! I actually have 3 or 4 pans in my freezer right now! I hold off on the icing though until I rewarm them then I can switch it up and go from the coffee icing, to maple to cream cheese or whatever I want at the time.

  5. I am forwarding this post to some of my girlfriends! We are doing this same thing Next Friday!!! Yay! And I heart PW! I met her at her book signing last year - and was starstruck! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I think I just gained 5 lbs reading this! :0 Looks delish!!! And what fun to make them with friends!

  7. Just the title of your post made me smile! They are wonderful - absolutely the best I have ever made. So fun to have fun friends who will cook with you!

    Just curious...how many cups of flour did you gals go through? :)

  8. So cute. Love all the action shots. :) I'm so grateful for you, friend, and your sweet and delightful family. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. how much fun! they look AMAZING! will have to try them out christmas morning. :)

  10. I love her cookbook. I haven't tried the cinnamon buns yet, they have been on my to do list for a while. I love that you got to bake them for the first time with friends. How fun.

  11. I can smell the cinnamon rolls through this post! Seriously so dangerous, because I'd probably eat all 300 of them! Glad they are in your post and not in my house-2 weeks out and I'm ready to get rid of the baby weight, got enough rolls! ;)

  12. When you made these did you cook them first and then add the icing? And when you take them out of the freezer to use later, how long do you let thaw and then how long to cook to reheat?




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