Going to the Chapel

And, they're going to get married!
That's right....
My little sister Rebecca is getting married!
Jason proposed this evening in San Fransisco overlooking the Bay & a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
They stopped by tonight to show us the ring:
(Kevin was the one who took Jason ring shopping, so he had already seen the bling-bling)
Congrats Jason & Becks!
We are so happy for you & can't wait for your Big Day!
Let the wedding planning begin!


  1. Already said this on FB, but such exciting news! Your sister looks so happy and they are a darling couple! And, Kate and Claire will be adorable flower girls ;)

  2. awww yay!! congrats to your sister. cute couple!

  3. So exciting! Congratulations, and what a beautiful ring!! ;)

  4. How exciting!! Congratulations to your sister!


  5. what wonderful news! congrats to your sister and soon to be brother in law!!

  6. Yay :) so exciting! Her ring is gorgeous!

  7. Congrats to your sister! Very exciting!

  8. Congratulations to your sister! What a beautiful ring as well!!

  9. Oh what fun! Congratulations to your sister and her FIANCE! They are a cute couple.

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