Kate's Minnie Mouse Birthday Party!

Kate's 3rd birthday party was last Saturday, on her actual birthday!

Here she is proudly displaying one of my cupcake toppers that I made.
She was excited to be "THREE"!
And, even more excited about the flowers that Daddy got her for her birthday!
For her birthday breakfast, she requested "Mickey Mouse" pancakes.
(I made them using Trader Joe's pumpkin pancake mix. SO good!)
It rained ALL week, but on Saturday morning we woke up to blue skies.
And, it was so cold that there was even snow on top of the foothills/mountain.
(I took this photo from my driveway, with my 75-300 lens)

After breakfast, it was time to get ready for Kate's 3rd Birthday Party!

The theme that Kate chose was "Mickey & Minne Mouse"
(Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has been her favorite TV show for the last year)

Here is the invitation that I made:
{Invite can be found in my Etsy shop}

Since she has a January birthday & the weather in California can be rainy (like it was this week....Hello Stormwatch 2010), I decided to have her party at an indoor bounce house place!

The party place had a huge bounce house,
a "Tot Town" (see below) with a ball pit:
There was also a climbing wall for some of the older kids (and some of the parents even climbed it!)
Air hockey time for the boys:
Elijah, Tyler & Kieran.

After an hour and a half of playing, it was time to get ready to go into the party room!
Here is the party room (before everyone was let in)
The plates & napkins Kate picked out:
Her Minnie balloon:
(Kate LOVES balloons)
Lunch is served! (pizza)
Lots of kids & lots of fun!
After pizza, it was time for cake!
Here is the AWESOME cake my mother in law made:
Seriously, she is the cake master!
(Click HERE and HERE to see other cakes she has made for me)
Kate blowing out the candles:
Make a wish!
{Thanks Becky for the picture}

Here are the favors that I gave out:
My friend Heather made the cookies & I made the favor tags!
The party was a ton of fun & after a very wet & rainy week, it was a great way for all the kids to get out all their pent up & excess energy!

After the party, we headed home for naps & then to get ready for the family dinner party we were having later on that afternoon!
After Claire went down for her nap, we let Kate open up some presents that she got.
I told our friends "NO PRESENTS!" - Kate's birthday is a month after Christmas & she is really spoiled by both sets of grandparents, so she truly doesn't need anything.
But, I kept getting emails from friends asking what they could get Kate. I kept telling them "Nothing!"
But, the about a week before the party, I got an idea!
I emailed our friends reminding them "No Presents for Kate" but I told them if they felt the need to get a present, they could bring a small check written out to the American Red Cross or Compassion International for Haiti Earthquake Relief.
Our friends are SO generous & we collected almost $200 for Haiti Earthquake Relief!
Thank you!!!
Funny Story: After I emailed our friends asking them to give to Haiti instead of getting Kate a present, I told Kate that there were kids in Haiti who lost their homes & all of their toys in the Earthquake. I told her that she wasn't going to get as many presents this year because her friends were going to give some of her presents to the kids in Haiti who needed things more than she did.
Kate's response? "Can we give those kids Claire's presents instead?"
I want to point out Kate's "3" t-shirt.
I made it!
This shirt is attempt #2...attempt #1 was a FAIL.
I have A LOT to learn about sewing!
While Kate & Claire were napping, I got things ready for Party #2 (the family party)
My biggest project for this was this cupcake tower!
I was SO happy on how it turned out!
It was a plain cupcake holder & I added ribbon to each tier.
I made 2 different kinds of cupcakes, Funfetti & of course THESE which are my go-to.
A new little project I worked on was making the cupcake toppers!
I made about 8 different designs for the cupcake toppers & I was really happy with how they turned out!
Seriously, I LOVE cupcakes!
I might start designing cupcake toppers & favor tags and add them to my ETSY shop.
(But, if I do, that wouldn't be until later this Spring or Summer )
I could eat cupcakes everyday! Yum!
When Kate woke up from her nap, I told her I had a surprise for her downstairs & then I showed her the cupcake tower. She kept thanking me for her cupcakes all evening.
"I love my cupcakes Mommy" She melts my heart!
Later on that evening, both sides of our families came over for dinner (I made a double batch of my green chicken enchiladas & Mexican rice)
We also had the cupcakes for dessert!
Happy 3rd Birthday, Kate!
Thank you to all our family & friends who helped us celebrate Kate's 3rd birthday!

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  1. what a great party...way to go!!! and the shirt looks great i think...the girls love mickey mouse clubhouse right now too...love it! ask to watch it 100 times a day...thank goodness for on-demand in this house...and YES, please add cupcake toppers...the girls will turn 3 in june and having a pinkalicious party...i can't wait and have already starting the planning.

    thanks for sharing! enjoyed the photos!

  2. I think this is one of my favorite posts of yours-can you be any more creative? From your photos to your craftiness, what will you do next? Okay here's my order for reals: cupcake toppers for Anna's 2nd birthday (don't know the theme yet), shirt for Anna's 2nd birthday, we'll chat :)
    Side note: look at the photo of Kevin and Kate looking at her birthday cake. I have so many pictures of Kieran blowing out (or at least attempting to blow out) other kids' cakes...not maliciously, of course, he just loves birthdays and cakes-too funny!

  3. SO MUCH FUN! I'm so bummed we had to miss it. And you definitely need to add those to your shop!

  4. what perfect parties! I love the cake and the cupcakes! Beautiful pictures!

  5. Looks like such a fun party for her. So many sweet personal touches.

    We love those pumpkin pancakes from TJ's!

    Great picture of the snow on the mountains. I wish I had a zoom lens that went all the way to 300mm! Mine is just 55-200. I really really want to get ne that is 18-200!

    I love her "3" shirt. So cute and crafty. Wish I knew how to sew something.

  6. Those cupcake toppers are too cute! Good job!

  7. Everything turned out so cute! Her cake was GREAT!! :) I LOVE cupcakes too ;) and I think you should add the toppers, I would def. buy them! I need to try the cookie dough cupcakes, those look delicious!!

  8. It was such a great party - after Leila got over her shoe issue she had so much fun! You did a great job on those cupcakes and the cupcake tower and her shirt too!

    {I'm cracking up at Meeska Mooska way!}

  9. Great job on Kate's shirt! And what a great place to have a party-- especially in winter when the kids are going stir crazy!

  10. Fun party! I am jealous of all the people you guys know.

    Bonus of living somewhere for a long time? lol

  11. THE CAKE IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!! Dare I say, better than mine!!!!!!!!

    OK, so next year, I am inviting myself to you party.
    is that OK?

  12. super cute cupcake tower!! i think i'm going to have to try it for baby girls next party. :)

  13. Oh my lands you are one creative cookie! Loving that cupcake display and the toppers and the outfit and invite... Hooray for a fabulous mom!

  14. How does your mother-in-law make such amazing cakes?!

  15. What a great party!

    I am also planning a Minnie Mouse party for my little one. I even created a blog that is dedicated just to her party! It's minniemousebirthday.blogspot.com

    May I include a link to your Minnie party from my page? I'd love to feature your party on my site soon! You can email me at bearrabbitbear@hotmail.com or stop by the blog and leave a comment.

    Great job on the party!

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