Flashback Friday: Kate's Cupcake 1st Birthday Party

Back in August I decided to start doing Flashback Friday on my blog to document things that happened before I had a blog. I didn't start the blog until Kate was 18 months old & I was 8 months pregnant with Claire. Because I started this blog as a scrapbook for my girls (but it has turned into much more!) I want to incorporate things from Kate's first 18 months!
In honor of Kate's 3rd birthday (tomorrow!), here is a flashback of her 1st birthday party!
Here is the invitation that I made:
This was the very first invite that I ever made! I never would have guessed that 2 years later I would have started a side business making them!

The theme was cupcakes, mostly inspired by this cute outfit I got her at Gymboree:
The day of her party was rough. I was 7 weeks pregnant with Claire & the morning sickness (all day sickness) was full force. I was throwing up 2-3 times a day & the morning of her party I could barely function. Luckily, we were having the party at my parents house (our house couldn't fit everyone, there were about 50 people there). And, no one knew I was pregnant except for my parents & sisters. We hadn't even told Kevin's side of the family yet, so I had to "fake" smile the entire party & try my hardest not to throw up.

Our little family before the party
(please excuse how AWFUL I look. I felt like I had been hit by a car)
Here is a picture of the food:
(Thankfully my mom & sisters helped make most of the food)
The drinks:
The favor table:
Close up of the favor table:
Close up of the favors I made, they were cookies shaped as cupcakes:
The cake & cupcake table:
Close up of Kate's smash cake that my mother in law made:
Close up of the amazing Cupcake Cake that I found the day before the party at a specialty grocery store in town:
Everyone said it was really good, it was white cake with raspberry layers.
I didn't have any because I knew it would come right back up...
Kate greeting her guests as they arrived:
We had this slide show of Kate's first year playing during the party:

Singing to the birthday girl:
Kate enjoying her cake. She didn't get messy at all.
She was very dainty about eating her cake.
(Claire on the other hand got very messy when she ate her birthday cake)
I totally dropped the ball on taking lots of pictures during her party and documenting all the friends & family that were there to celebrate her. I was so focused on "not throwing up" that I didn't get pictures of all her guests. And, we forgot to video tape her eating her cake. Oops.

Opening Presents:
Me & my birthday girl:
Kate had a fun first birthday party!
It feels like we just celebrated her 1st birthday...
I can't believe she is going to be THREE tomorrow!

If you want to see the post about her 2nd Birthday Party, click HERE!
Tomorrow is her 3rd Birthday & Party, stay tuned for that post!


  1. how adorable! My daughter's first birthday outfit was an ice cream dress from Gymboree! So we've made that our tradition every year! :)

  2. Don't you just love to look back and remember how everything went? What an adorable party... can't wait to see what you have in store for the next one! Good for you to make all of those cookies and have the morning sickness... that was probably not fun.

  3. I was thinking just what Nancy said... you made all those cookies and did it while you were sick? Impressive.

    I love that little cupcake outfit of hers. My 3 yr old had the cupcake jeans and top, and I loved that outfit.

    Can't wait to see pics from the 3rd bday. Hope it goes well, and you are feeling better this time around! ;)

  4. How cute! Love her outfit :) What a fun idea for flashback posts, I too didn't have my blog until the boys were 6,4, & 18mths..may need to copy you! ;)

  5. Such a cute invite. By the way, I forgot to offer up my cake decorating services for Kate's party. I can do anything, really. No prob.

  6. I borrowed your invitation idea with all 12 pictures and made mini calendars for favors for Mason's first birthday party (which is Sunday). I didn't know Kate's birthday was so close to Mase's!

    The cupcake theme is an ADORABLE 1st birthday idea. :)

  7. Scary how time flies! I still have Kate's 1st birthday picture, how is she 3? Happy early birthday, Kate!



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