Dancing Queen

This week Kate started dance class!
For her birthday (in a few weeks) her present from us is a weekly dance class from January through June.
The most fun part of her dance class is that Kate is taking it with one of her best buddies, Maddie! Becky and I have been talking about signing them up for dance for the past few months & since they both turn 3 in January, we figured it was the perfect time!
(Maddie is next to Kate on the left)

Becky and I were SO giddy & excited watching our sweet girls during dance class.
I don't know who was more excited, us or them!
And, of course Becky and I both had our cameras out the entire class...we were the Mamarazzi!
The first half of the class is tap & then the last half is ballet.
The class actually started in the fall, but it is a 3-4 year old class, so we couldn't enroll them until now, since they will both be 3 this month. I was curious to see how they did being new (and the youngest ones in the class) but they did GREAT! They followed all the directions & listened to Miss Ashley. It was the cutest.thing.ever.
(please note how tiny Kate is compared to everyone else...that is just crazy to me that I have a short daughter, considering I am 5'9")
Kate was in HEAVEN.
She loves to dance & has been asking everyday if it was her turn to go to dance class.
I can't get enough of all the pink!
Kate practicing on the bar. So focused.
Claire wanted to be in the class also, she will have to wait a couple years.
Working on her form.
Practicing her twirls.
After class, Maddie & Kate showed us what they learned in class.....
Maddie showing us her new moves...
Point those toes...
Getting ready to do an arabesque...
Giving each other hugs!
In honor of their first dance class, I made the girls cake pops!
(I have been wanting to make these, and now I had an excuse!)
Kate reluctantly packed up after class to go home. She didn't want to leave class.
As soon as we got home, she put on her tap shoes to "practice".
Kate says she loves her dance class and likes tap more than ballet.
She wanted to sleep in her dance outfit.
I am so happy she loves her class! Can't wait for next week!


  1. AWWW!I am so glad she loves it! This post reminds me of when my daughter Jaina was 4 and took a pre-dance class at my local college. It had ballet, tap, and tumbling and she loved it! But with a crappy camera and not-very-good photography skills back then, I don't have nice captured memories of her time there :(

    I love the pictures!

  2. so cute...i love the dance outfits...i can't wait until i get the girls in dance...i am thinking this summer/fall!

  3. Mel...that first pic...I love it. It belongs in a magazine. I love it. So jealous. It's gorgeous.

    I love Kate. She is so adorable and looking so much like a big girl. I miss baby Kate. Claire cracks me up in every post...she is so cute.

    I am not allowed in Z's class...and I know why. They said parents distract and after Z's recital...I get it.

    I hope that later on, if she is still into dance, we can do a ballet thing like Kate where I can come...and snap a few pics.


  4. "migate" was the security word...lol Not sure why it ended up in the body of my post

  5. I LOVE these pictures. Our girls are so cute. I'm so glad we have so many pictures to document their first day! Aren't you just so excited for next Tuesday?

  6. So cute! I love the sea of baby pink. :) And Mamarazzi-- funny!!!

  7. Awww....so cute! I LOVE all the pink! Since I never get to adore pink except for on myself :)not quite the same!

  8. Darling!! I can't wait to get A in ballet. We have a couple of years to wait. How did the cake pops turn out? I was going to make them for A's 1st bday coming up.
    Happy dancing!

  9. So cute! I wonder if Anna will want to dance? She's very girly, except when she's playing with Kieran. She'll play geo trax and transformers with him-she idolizes him :) She loves to sing and dance though, guess we'll wait and see! Kate exudes happiness-love it!

  10. So adorable!!! Bella misses her dance class since we moved. She had a wonderful time in her class and loved her recital on "the big stage." I am so happy Kate loves it!!!

  11. Totally precious! Good for her getting right in there! Kinda neat that they do a little of both.

  12. So adorable!!
    I love me a little pink leotard ;)
    Keep the cute pics coming!



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