I Heart Faces: Texture

The theme this week is "Texture"

Texture is not something I have a lot of experience with.
In fact, today is the very first time I have ever used or attempted texture!

But, since the girls both napped at the same time today, I had some fun playing around with some of my favorite pictures & adding texture to them!

After about 4 different attempts, here is my favorite!
(I added a fiberglass texture to the background)
{original picture is on this post}

Check out I heart faces for more fun pictures with texture!


  1. Fun! I still have to buy Elements so I haven't even messed around with anything like that...I guess I should figure out how my camera works first ;)

  2. The photo is very sweet.

    I wasn't really sure with the "texture" challenge (hopefully my photo is has enough texture). (:

    But yours looks great.

  3. Such a sweet, sweet picture! I love the very subtle texture, too. :)

  4. I am not a big fan of textures personally...but I really like how subtle yours is...not overdone at all. awesome

  5. Wonderful photo! The fiber glass texture in the background is great but I love the detail in the dress. Great job!

  6. I love that you're participating more in I Heart Faces. Great entry!

    (And YAY for both girls napping at once! :)

  7. i really love the subtle texture and she's so cute!

  8. I just love the subtle texture you added! i think you did a great job choosing a texture that blended well with the photo! And she's just a doll!

  9. that is really fantastic...love how she POPS out at you!

    And your post about turning 3 made me want to have another baby.



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