Warm Blue Cheese & Bacon Dip

This is my "go-to" appetizer recipe.
Whenever we go to a party or an event, I sign up to bring an appetizer & this is what I bring!
I made it for Julie's birthday & she renamed it "Blue Cheese Crack".
I think that is a fitting name for it. You can't just eat one bite of it.
I LOVE it. I crave it. I never get sick of it!

Don't let the blue cheese scare you. It doesn't have a strong blue cheese flavor.
I HATE blue cheese salad dressing, but LOVE this dip. Go figure!

Here is what you need:
7 slices bacon, crumbled
8 oz cream cheese, softened
1/4 c half & half (or whole milk)
4 oz blue cheese, crumbled
1 t garlic powder
2 T fresh green onions, chopped
3 T smoked almonds, chopped

Cook bacon in large skillet OR use the pre cooked bacon that you microwave!
Once bacon is cooked, remove from pan & let cool.
Let it cool, then chop up the bacon.
In a bowl, beat cream cheese until smooth.
Add half & half (or milk) & mix.
Stir in crumbled bacon, blue cheese, garlic powder & green onions.
Stir until combined.
Transfer to a 2 cup oven proof serving dish.
Cover with foil & Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

After it has cooled, sprinkle with chopped almonds.
Serve with slices of fuji apples and/or a sliced french bread baguette.
Seriously. This dip is amazing.
All your friends will love you for making it!
And, you should love me for posting it!


  1. I do love you! I actually almost emailed you last week cause I wanted the recipe for bookclub.....AND NOW IT'S MINE!!!

    Thanks for sharing. You're the best.

  2. I'm so bummed that I didn't even try it when we were in So Cal! I got past the bleu cheese part, and when I realized it was out it was empty!! You'll have to make it again :)

  3. I love love blue cheese so I'm sure I'm going to love this one.

    Thank you for sharing!


  4. Want it every single stinking day. and that rad bowl it comes in. if by chance it is ever gone, please don't come looking for it. I am good at hiding things.

  5. That looks delicious!! Sad thing is I think that I would eat the entire bowl!! It has WAY too many of my fav. things in it :)

  6. you could post NOTHING and I would still love you!

  7. Hi there,
    I love looking at your blog! Just a random, question....how do you customize your blog banner with your own photos? Would love to do it but don't know how to start! Thank you!

  8. Oh my... that looks delish! First of all, if it has bacon AND blue cheese, count me in. Count my butt in! If you dip apples in it, it makes it healthy, no??? Yummmm.

  9. YUM - YUM - YUM. Anything with blue cheese (or goat cheese) is a fav of mine. I'm going to try that recipe.

    Have a great day!

  10. I was just getting ready to make this for lunch and I realized the recipe doesn't say when to add the blue cheese! I am assuming when you add the bacon and green onions though. I hope I am right!

  11. I got the link to this from Joy's Hope. Made it for Christmas. Um. Hello. Delicious. My husband and I both DON'T LIKE blue cheese, but went for it anyway, based on your post. And. Yum. Ate it all up. And, no one else I know ever makes something like this. Totally stealing your appetizer. :) Thanks!

  12. This sound delicious. Will definitely have to try it!

  13. holy crap i insanely admire BACON!

  14. I am not a fan of blue cheese, but with your recommendation and love for this dip....I really might have to try it!!! It looks seriously amazing! And serving it with apples just sounds divine--I love sweet and savory combos! Thanks for sharing :)

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Thank you for sharing this wonderful food with us. It looks like a highly nutritious meal for pregnant women. I have read before that blue cheese is useful for pregnant women.




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