Wine Tasting in Napa

Saturday was my younger sister Rebecca's Bachelorette Party!
One of my duties as Matron of Honor was to plan it (along with my sister, Elyse who is the Maid of Honor)
We asked Rebecca what she wanted to do for her Bachelorette & she said Wine Tasting in Napa with her bridesmaids and closest friends!
We all met at my house in the morning for coffee, bagels & mimosas:
There were 14 of us going wine tasting. It was a mix of Rebecca's friends from childhood and her college friends from Cal Poly.
The Bride to be with her heart cup. Rebecca's birthday is in February & every single birthday party my mom threw her was a heart themed party. (Rebecca blogged about it here). Needless to say, Rebecca DOES not like hearts, at all...so of course, as her sisters we try and incorporate hearts whenever we can! Ha! We love you Beck!
After we had bagels & coffee....our limo arrived to take us to Napa!
The forecast originally called for rain, but it ended up being a beautiful California day!
If you have never been to Napa in early Spring, you are missing out!
The mustard & rolling green hills are GORGEOUS!
Because we had such a big group of girls, we were limited on what wineries we could go to. Not many wineries allow reservations for 14 people. We were thankful for the ones that did allow us to make reservations! Our first stop was Provenance Vineyards.
They had a little area in their tasting room reserved for us:
The Future Mrs. Baker!
Rebecca with Chrissy & Kristina. They have all been friends since elementary school & all 3 of them are getting married this year!
Rebecca with 2 of her college roommates from Cal Poly:
Our next stop was Louis M. Martini:
They had a special reserved spot for us in their cellar room. We had the whole cellar room to ourselves, it was dark & had a huge red table.
I felt like we were in a room that they would have used on The Bachelor! Ha!
Rebecca with Jason's cousin & half sister:
After Louis M. Martini, we headed to lunch at Dean & Duluca.
I am OBSESSED with this place....it is a fancy grocery store/kitchen store/fine food/deli & bakery all wrapped up under one roof!
Waiting in line to order our lunch...they have the best sandwiches!
This is my favorite sandwich...pesto, turkey & provolone. I had it last time I was in Napa, a year ago and I have been craving another one ever since!
The weather was beautiful & we enjoyed our lunch outside on the patio:
The food was great & we had a beautiful view!
The whole group!
After lunch, we made one final stop at V.Sattui winery:
V. Sattui has such beautiful grounds & buildings.
We decided to do our wine tasting outside so that we could enjoy the weather.

We said good-bye to the beautiful green hills & mustard of Napa Valley & headed back to my house.....
Some of the girls took a power nap on the hour drive back to my house.
They needed to rest up because once we got back to my house, it was time for Rebecca's Bachelorette Shower!

We had a lovely day wine tasting in Napa celebrating Rebecca!
Napa is one of my favorite places...if you haven't been, you should definitely go one day!


  1. That looks like the perfect bachelorette party! Such pretty scenery and fun times wine tasting!

  2. what a fun trip! yay for bachelorette parties!
    (lovin' the heart story...heehee)

  3. Gorgeous! V. Sattui is my fave! ;-)

  4. Looks like a perfect Napa day!!
    I'm cracking up at the power napping. Funny!


  5. SO FUN!!! we honeymooned in san fran and napa. amazing! we need to go back! p.s. i totally would have been power napping too! p.s.s. i thought your morning coffee was wine in a box!!! :) ha ha

  6. I've been to V. Sattui, and it is beautiful!

  7. WOW!!! That just might be the best bachelorette party EVER!!! The pictures are fantastic! I am a huge Dean and Deluca fan too. They have the best "Diner Style" mugs.

  8. How fun!! What a great bachelorette party!

  9. It's funny to see your pictures. I live in Germany. Therefore when I think of wine tasting, I see very old buildings with dark cellars and rustic inventory. =)
    Greetings from Hamburg

  10. what a great idea for a bachelorette party. Much better then the bar scene ones I've been to.

  11. What a fun party !! And a great idea for a bachelorette party !!!

  12. sure wish you could have been my matron of honor hehe! looks like it was a great time!

  13. Wow! I just did Napa for the 1st time last year. So much fun. Even better with girlfriends! Hey, are you going to Blog Sugar? You should come! The link is in my sidebar if you're interested.

  14. Glad you had a beautiful day in Napa! We ended up in Berkeley that day and it was gorgeous there too!

    When I see some of the scenery pics you posted it reminds me that I do live in a beautiful place.

  15. Wow, that looks like SO much fun! I wish I had sisters!! Hearts and all, ha! :)

  16. That sandwich looks amazing! I see lots of avocado... oh be still my heart! And mimosas are my favorite drink. :o)

    Looks like a great time... and what a gorgeous group of women!

  17. How fun! Wasn't Saturday gorgeous? We got so lucky! And don't even get me started on Dean & Deluca - love the place!

  18. Wow what a beautiful day you all had.

  19. It's official. THAT is what I want to do for my bachelorette party. Can't wait for the next post so I can send the links to my matron of honor and maid of honor! :)

  20. Love it! Napa is my favorite place in the country (next to Tahoe). That's what I'm planning for my husband's 40th (!!) birthday next year.

  21. Hey you! I was up in Napa this same weekend! We went home on Saturday (stayed Thurs/Fri night) but had breakfast at Dean & Deluca and lunch at V. Sattui! Would have been so fun to run into you :)

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