It's Wedding Week!

My sister's wedding is in 5 days, so it's officially Wedding Week!
Because Rebecca is so organized, this week shouldn't be too crazy.
Yesterday, Kevin and I helped them finish up all the programs & tie ribbons on them.
I helped Rebecca format the menus that will be on each person's plate.
Tonight, everyone is coming over here to tie ribbons on all the menu's.
We did a sample one last night to figure out what kind of ribbon/bow to use.
Her wedding color is Tiffany Blue, but she is having splashes of tangerine, so that is the color she is doing for the menu's.

Here is a sneak peak of the girls flower girl dresses.
Originally, my mother in law was going to make them dresses.
I found a really cute pattern at Joann's.
But last month when I was at Target, I noticed this dress & it was only $20.
You can't even buy fabric for that cheap!
We are going to tweak a few things with the dress, like take off the bow in the back.
And, with this ribbon we are going to add a sash/bow.
My mother in law & I are going to work on that tomorrow!

So, the only things left on my wedding to-do list are:
1. Finish up menus (tonight)
2. Make sashes for the girls dresses (tomorrow)
3. Go to Mac & get make-up for wedding day
4. Mani/Pedi (Friday)
5. Write my Matron of Honor Speech
6. Do a practice run on the girls hair (hoping they let me curl it)
7. Pray that it doesn't rain.
Here is the projected forecast:
Beautiful all week & then rain on Saturday?!?! No!!!!
I keep telling Rebecca it is good luck if it rains on your wedding day.
As a precaution, she ordered these (with expedited delivery) last night just in case!
Praying the weatherman is wrong...rain, rain, stay away!


  1. I hope it doesn't rain, BUT those umbrellas are so perfect!

  2. So exciting!!! I can't WAIT to see pictures. :)

  3. ah, hope that rain stays away.
    Great buy on those dresses at target! They will look great with the teal ribbon. Congrats to your sis. Have fun with wedding prep.

  4. Okay, so I'm sending you my best weather dance, since it all worked out for Kieran's party. I say, bring the umbrellas rain or shine, way cute for way cute pictures!
    Happy wedding week!

  5. Those {Bullseye Boutique} dresses are darling!
    My daughter HATES me to curl her hair...last time she had her dance recital I used those cheap-o foam pink rollers and put them in overnight. I put her hair in a high ponytail and then used the small size and rolled little sections of her hair from the pony...that way it was semi out of her way while she slept. Keep them in as long as possible, remove and then hairspray like there is no tomorrow! ;-) Good luck with the curls! Can't wait to see all the pics! Tell the weatherman to send the rain south to us! It will be beautiful no matter what! ;-)

  6. SO SO fun! i'll be praying with you for a dry day. i think we've had MORE than enough rain, right? we'll miss you at dinner tonight! <3

  7. Have fun this week! It looks like you will be :) The dresses are too cute and such a good deal! Congrats to your sister and your future brother-in-law!!! I'll be hoping and praying for no rain.

  8. My girls are flower girls in my brother's wedding in May and I bought the same dress for them! It is a perfect flower girl dress. I'm adding a sash made out of the remnants of my bridesmaid dress that were cut off during alterations.

    Have a great week!

  9. Everything looks beautiful and that menu sounds delicious! Have fun!

  10. I thought about you last night as I was watching our weather report for the week. Praying it doesn't rain too!

  11. I used the beautiful tiffany's blue too, love it! Also it rained just a bit on my wedding too (rain is GL remember) To make the most of it we bought a ton of black umbrellas, didnt need them, but actually turned out fantastic in pictures... http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=1770125778046&set=t.100000154697872&theater (not sure if the link will work tho)

  12. fingers crossed that it doesn't rain. What beautiful programs, and menus.

  13. Have a wonderful week, I can't wait to see the photos!

  14. How exciting. It rained on my wedding.. all morning and the sun came out just as we said our vows outside! rain or shine I was getting married outside we had lots of umbrellas lined up :). The pictures where perfect because the sun wasn't shinning so bright!

  15. Okay, but you HAVE to get pics with the umbrellas!! Even if it doesn't rain! Seriously, that is very cutesy right now for spring weddings. Have fun & can't wait to see the pics :)



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