Scenes from St. Patty's Day

My cute Irish girls:
Lucky Charms & Green Milk:
Kate's face when she realizes that a leprechaun has visited our house:
The "leprechaun" had switched our kitchen table chairs with the dining room ones:
He spilled some Lucky Charms & turned the milk green:
Left a treasure map for the girls:
He left a trail of gold coins:
That sneaky leprechaun even turned BoBo's water green:She didn't mind.
He turned pictures upside down:
Hung Claire's beloved blankies from her window:
Made Kate's bed the WRONG direction:
This is what Claire thought of the leprechaun's shenanigans:
She was quite upset that things were out of place.
Kate on the other hand, loved discovering what the leprechaun had done:
Kate named our leprechaun, "Pete" (no idea where she came up with that!)
We took the map & set out to find our treasure.
There were a few obstacles in the way...
{Claire still grumpy about the leprachan messing up our house}
Getting closer.....
The pot of gold & treasures left by our leprechaun:
Inspecting her gold coins:
Enjoying the sunny afternoon:
Coloring in her new coloring book from the leprechaun:
Getting ingredients ready.....
.....For Rainbow Cupcakes!
Dinner for the girls....green yogurt, green jello and mac & cheese with peas:
*and, in case you were wondering, yes, both girls had green poop today because of all the green food dye. classic!*

Dinner for Kevin & I.
We don't do Corned Beef & Cabbage (yuck), so our tradition is Guinness Stew served over Mashed Potatoes, along with Peas, Irish Soda Bread & Green Beer:
St. Patty's isn't complete (in our house) without watching some March Madness. My bracket is doing horrible. *sigh*
It was a fun St. Patty's Day. I am part Irish, so OF COURSE we celebrate St. Patty's Day.
Let's be honest, even if I wasn't part Irish, I would still celebrate it. I love any excuse to celebrate a holiday!
Hope your St. Patty's Day was fun as well!


  1. you are a champion mama!! love all the festive ideas! can't wait until my guy is just a bit older to join in such fun! woohoo!


  2. Looks like so much fun!
    Clever ideas :)

  3. ok, claire's reaction is priceless. so glad you took those shots. i dont know why, but pictures of crying tots are like my favorite thing. i love when its the end of the world for them. PRICELESS.

    and the green DOG WATER? Amazing! These girls are going to be blessed with the awesome memories from this day! LOVE IT!

  4. Now I'm sad that we don't celebrate it in Germany!

  5. I love St. Paddy's Day. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Love Claire's faces, haha.


    Go Purdue!!

  6. I meant to make Irish Soda Bread but ran out of time!

  7. what a fabulous idea. Next year I am going to steal it.

  8. You go all out for st pattys day! I did nothing. lol
    Well, not nothing. That is the night my blog buddy from utah came to visit, so i got our house and dinner ready. just not st pattys style.

    hannah filled out a bracket. jake read her the two teams, and she'd say which she liked best. for a while there she was in first place!!

  9. For real, I think you deserve mom of the year award! I wish I had kids so I could copy all your ideas :) How fun! Love that Claire was upset that things were out of place- how adorable! I understand her pain!

  10. love it! so creative. we're not irish either but we pretend someone was WAY back. and claire's meltdown is awesome. she wants a piece of that leprechaun!

    hope you survived last night! :)

  11. You guys are so fun! Wish I was neighbors with you...mostly to eat that yummy looking dinner!!
    Usually I say how Allikaye and Kate are similar...but this time it's Allikaye and Claire! I just posted about how scared AK was of the leprechaun that visited our house! Funny!

  12. So cute! I've only recently discovered that many familys have traditions for st. patty's day!! haha Where have I been all these years???

    Your girls are beautiful! I love their rainbow dresses and all of 'petes' ideas :)

  13. I'm with Claire! That is messed UP of that leprechaun.

  14. Such cute ideas... I might have to steal some of them!

  15. New reader of your blog - LOVE your pictures! Your girls are just too precious.

  16. So funny that the sneaky little leprachaun bothered her so much! What a great memory!

  17. This is such a fun idea! You thought of so many fun, cute things to do! I know the girls had fun! Claire's reaction is just too funny! ;)

  18. Great ideas - you went all out! You have 2 beautiful girls! Can't wait to follow along with all of your adventures.

  19. You are such a cute mom to do all that for the girls!! Adorable. I can't even remember if I wore green (shameful).

  20. What a lovely day! You made it so special for your girls

    My goodness lady, I want to be you.
    Great ideas.

  22. I absolutely love all of your adorable and festive ideas for your girls. Their little outfits were adorable, and it's too cute that Claire got upset about the sneaky leprechaun.

  23. Those pictures of Claire are classic! Love it!

  24. You are so inspiring! I'm looking forward to Alice being old enough for me to do things like this for her.

    And I LOVE Claire's reaction!

  25. I love all your St. Patty's Day ideas! So Cute!

  26. LOVE those ideas! how fun!!! i will have to be doing some of these next year once my little guys are a bit older :)
    I'm your newest follower!

  27. What a sensationally FUN way to celebrate with your sweet girls! Even with tears... You create so many lovely moments they will never forget!

  28. Aw! you made St Patty's Day so much fun!! We didn't do anything. I was just happy that I remembered to dress my girls in green. ha!

  29. oh my goodness!!! i am just catching up with blogs!!! this post is so cute!!! love all of your ideas!!! i keep forgetting about lucky charms!!! and my kids would love the treasure map idea....next year!!! we did make rainbow cupcakes!!! they were a big hit!!!



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