Field of Gold

Behind my parents house is a beautiful open field.
During the Spring months this field is covered in mustard plants. Isn't it beautiful?
There are no fences, so this is what they see everyday from their house. I call it the field of gold.
As a little girl, I would tromp across this field to one of my friends houses.
In the summer, this field turns brown & we would spend summer evenings "cardboarding" down these hills.
(Please tell me you know what cardboarding is...or is that just a California thing?)
I have been wanting to do a photo shoot of the girls in the field and I finally had a chance in between rain storms a few days ago.
This week has been CRAZY busy. It has been one of those weeks, when I look at all the things on the calendar, I think..."How am I going to get through this week?"
It is also a week where I say, "My house is not going to get cleaned & laundry is going to pile up, there is no time for it this week!"
I have had school & work commitments, friend commitments, photography stuff, etsy shop orders and random scheduling conflicts. We have evening activities every night (but tonight). It's all good, but it has just been a busy, busy week. The good news? It's Wednesday night which means we are halfway to the weekend!
I am tired....and the rainy, overcast weather doesn't help that. I needed a little sunshine, and these pictures make me smile. My girls were in such good moods when I took these pictures a few days ago. And, the mustard...the beautiful field of gold flowers, I just love it. My parents have the best view!
But Today? Not very many smiles from them or from me. Two little girls who didn't want to listen or share their toys with one another. It was a cranky afternoon in the Larson home.
(Having PMS & craving chocolate doesn't help the situation...especially since I gave up dessert for Lent & can't have it!)
This may be my new favorite picture of Claire! Need to frame & print it ASAP.
She has the best smile EVER!
Even though today was rough, I am thankful that tonight both girls were in bed asleep by 7:15.
As for me, I have my jammies & fuzzy slippers on, I am armed with a cup of hot tea, American Idol on TV & I am going to get busy editing pictures as the rain beats down outside.
I am thankful His mercies are new each morning & that I get a second chance to have a better day tomorrow!

P.S. I am loving doing vintage edits lately...stay tuned for a sneak peek of a vintage-y inspired engagement photo shoot that I did a couple weeks ago!


  1. you're right that pic of claire is amazing!! i can't wait to see your vintage ones too. jealous of that field of gold, and that you were relaxing by 7:15!! american idol and fuzzy slippers sounds grand right now.

  2. Those pics are so cute of the girls...praying that tomorrow is a better day with the girls!

  3. lovely photos!!
    glad you are cozy, i am too, FINALLY! long day here:/ this post cheered me right up, those sweetie smiles are irresistible! xo

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  5. Great photo shoot! Love those flowers in the field as a background. Hope your day today is better- we all have those days occasionally :)

  6. the picture of claire that you want to frame is completely frame-worthy! wow, she's a beauty! you're whole family is! and you're a norcal girl?! yay! i grew up in petaluma and the north shore of lake tahoe. now i live in the south (s.carolina). it's not as bad as it sounds, but man do i ever miss the beauty of home! enjoy it extra for me! i love your blog's tagline - you genius rhymer you!

  7. What precious pics of your girls! I hope today is better for you.

  8. Those pictures are great and I agree, I love the vintage look!

  9. so I'm not the only one that looks at empty fields and says to myself, "I'm taking my kids' pictures there one day!"

  10. Hi Mel,
    Sorry for your crazy busy week. SOmetimes I hate when that happens. All you can do is take one day at a time.

    Beautiful pics of the girls. I love those mustard flowers.
    They sprout up all over the place on the side of the freeways around here. I wish I knew of a field with em because I tell ya I've been tempted to photograhp my girls on the side of the fway just to get those pics!!! ;)

  11. i love kate & claire's outfits, i wish they had my size!! So cute!

  12. THey must have gotten all their good behavior and smiles out on me.

  13. So know how you feel. Yesterday was one of those days for me too. I think it's the rain! SUCH cute pictures of the girls. :)

  14. That grass is so green! Love the pics:)

  15. ya' know ... i feel the same way .. this week has been nuts for me too! i would say it's probably because the weather is getting nicer here and people are coming alive and getting together more .. but that i'm sure isn't the case for you ... since you have beautiful weather pretty much year round! have a good one and keep on keepin' on my friend ;)

  16. oh we LOVED cardboarding! some of my favorite memories. and only a few injuries... ;) your girls are such cuties.



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