Vintage Inspired Engagement Shoot

One of the reasons I am thankful for the blog world is because you meet new people that you wouldn't have met unless it was for your blogs.
Tegan & I have been reading each other's blogs for almost 2 years now.
{We met via our mutal friend Heather and over the past 2 years, we have gotten to hang out on several occasions & become friends beyond just blogs!}

Tegan & Matt got engaged over Christmas and I was thrilled when she asked me to do their engagement shoot. Heather had a craft night a few weeks ago and we all had fun brainstorming outfits, props & a location for the engagement shoot.

Before we started the engagement shoot, I snapped a some pictures of Tegan's son Mason (he turned 2 at the end of January, so this was his 2 year photo shoot)
Isn't he adorable? I took his 1 year pictures last year, I can't believe how much older he looks now!
Now, onto the engagement shoot...here is a sneak peek!
It was such a fun session & I think the pictures are really fun!
And, it was fun to go "outside the box" and edit them with a vintage feel.

They are getting married on 09.10.11...be still my number loving heart!
Congrats, Matt & Tegan!


  1. yes!! blogs make for great friend finding for sure!!

    these photos are beautiful, you have a gift, girl! xo

  2. Love the pictures, esp. the one of them sitting on the log. I may have some work for you sometime soon too:)

  3. Pretty, pretty pictures! Love the vintage look!

  4. those came out beautiful, i love the accessories props too!

  5. Super cute photos :) Love them all! Love the vintage feel!

  6. i am in love with her dress!! beautiful pictures, mel.

  7. Awesome photos! The vintage effect is perfect. Congrats to the happy couple. Blog friends are a blessing :)

  8. Great photos! I love the log shots! So random...but were you at the Bollinger Target today? I saw someone and thought "I should know her...but how?" As I was driving home I realized it was you (I think!) from blogland! Crazy!

  9. We could NOT be happier with the pictures. I have looked at them a billion times already and I can't WAIT to get some printed so I can stare at them on our walls. :)



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