It feels like Summer

The past 3 days the weather has been INCREDIBLE!
80 degrees during the day.
Last night at 8 pm it was still 70 degrees out.
After the 2 weeks of rain & cold temperatures, this weather feels glorious!
The girls think it is summertime.
They were upstairs playing while I was making their dinner last night & they came downstairs with their bathing suits on & said they wanted to go swimming.
It was 5:30 and 82 degrees out, so I thought, why not!?!
I told them they could go in the (freezing cold) pool, but I wasn't going to swim with them!
They had some mac & cheese poolside & then it was time to test out the water.
The water was SO cold. Really, really cold.
They realized I was right...it was cold!
And, they jumped out pretty quickly!
But, like all kids...they couldn't resist the water & went back in.
They only played in the pool for about 10 minutes & mostly just waded around our Acapulco step
It is crazy to think that just last week it was dumping buckets & 50 degrees!
Kevin and I realized last night that our girls are SO much happier (and so are we!) when the weather is warmer.
They need the sun, nice weather, the ability to run around & play to burn off all that energy!
Spring is finally here in California, and to make it even better, baseball season officially started today!
Let's go Giants!

This gorgeous weather makes me want to skip Spring & go straight to summer.
The bad news?
Summer is over 2 months away....
The good news?
Spring Break is only 2 days away!
Can't wait for a week off school next week!


  1. LOVING this weather. We rode bikes and had family over last night and ate outside. I cannot wait for more evenings like that. :)

    Go Giants!!!

  2. How fun! Your girls are so adorable, they look like they had a blast out there! I so wish we had a pool in our backyard!

  3. Oh Mel!!!! That first picture of Kate is stunning... my new fav of her. Print that sucka BIG!

    It is getting HOT here... 96 out right now.

    Am I the only one who finds it amazing how close in size your girls are? Colin and Zoey are opposite ends of the % chart and there is a HUGE size difference. Zoey rocks size 6-7 in big girls and Colin is in 12-18 months.... I look at your girlies and they only look slightly different in size... I can't believe the difference.

  4. Okay, now please don't take this the wrong way, but...can I hate you for just a minute??? Totally kidding, and completely envious- we're bracing for a Nor'easter tonight, yikes! So, so, soooo sad.....

  5. I know...this weather?
    LOVE it!

    I'm outside eating dinner and watching
    the kids jump on the trampoline
    as I type. Bliss. :)

    {and looks like the weather might hold for Saturday??? fingers crossed!!}


  6. Ugh I don't want 80 degree weather but I could go for 50 or 60 right about now!! :) enjoy it!

  7. I love the "backwards swimsuit" look. My niece who is Claire's age "likes it that way". Definitely made me smile.

    We are loving spring at our house too!

  8. Yay warm weather (Kieran is in his birthday suit around the house right now, said he was too hot), yay Spring Break, Go Giants!

  9. California has Spring Break late! Texas had ours a few weeks ago, so I will be envious of you this week!

  10. The weather HAS been awesome! Still praying for that wedding tomorrow though. Love the pics of the girls!

  11. The pool looks great. I totally agree that springtime and warm weather equals happiness. :) Enjoy your upcoming spring break! I wish we got one!

  12. I so wish it felt like summer in Ohio :)

    ps... I cannot get over how beautiful your pictures are! Inspires me to actually LEARN about my camera!



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