Something Blue {with a Twist} Bridal Shower

My younger sister Rebecca's Bridal Shower was on Saturday.
As soon as she got engaged & her chose her wedding colors, I started planning this shower in my head. I hosted the shower at my house & I was in charge of the invites, the cupcakes, all the "details" and the decorations. You know how I love those little details! My older sister, Mom & Aunt made the food. It was a total group effort!
Our bridesmaids dresses are Aqua "Tiffany" Blue & she is going to have pops of orange, lime green, red & yellow for our flowers. Because of that, I knew I wanted to incorporate that into her Bridal Shower. I am loving the color combo of aqua & orange right now, so I decided that the "theme" for the shower would be:
Something Blue {with a Twist}
The twist was the splashes of orange that I added for the shower.
Here are the shower details!

Invites that I made:
{Available in my Etsy shop}

Pom Poms!
I love Pom Poms!
On the tables I had flowers along with blue & orange candy:
Nothing says Spring like Tulips! And, on Saturday it was 77 degrees! In February!
At one of the tables, I had dipped pretzels also:
The plates had the favor cookies on them:
I got 2 types of cookies at a local bakery, wedding dresses & wedding cakes:
I made the favor tags with their initials & wedding date:
I also had a bouquet of flowers that will be similar to what our bridesmaids bouquets will look like. The coloras are going to look so pretty with our aqua dresses!
My sisters & I:
And, one with my mom & her girls!
The Menu:
Beverages - We offered mimosas, white white, sparkling water & sparkling lemonade.
The future Mrs. Baker:
{with her eliot necklace}

Veggies & Hummus:
Banana Bread & Zucchini Bread:
We had 3 types of Quiche:
Spinach & Bacon
Ham & Cheese:
Fruit Salad:
Mixed Greens with mandarin oranges, pecans & avocado:
Funny side note, my mother in law brought a sponge to the shower & gave it to my older sister so that they could use it when cleaning the shower dishes.
In case you missed it, I am a sponge-a-phobe.
The tables:
We got to meet my cousin's new baby, Brodie for the first time!
We had about 25 women attend.
The Activities:
When I sent out the invitations, I also included a blank recipe card & a note that said to include your favorite recipe in order to build Rebecca's cooking repertoire.
When I got married 8.5 years ago, one of our family friends did this for one of my Wedding Showers & it was so great to have a collection of great recipes. That is where I got my Taco Soup recipe!
She got some really yummy recipes! I am going to borrow some :)

The game we played was called 20 Questions.
We came up with 20 Questions about Rebecca & Jason's relationship and future.
We asked Jason the questions the day before the shower.
Then at the shower, we asked each guest to write down how many questions they think Rebecca & Jason will answer the same.
Rebecca was getting a little stressed after she missed a few questions. She needed more wine :)
She answered 14 out of 20 questions the same way Jason answered.

Next, it was time for dessert while Rebecca opened presents!
Dessert was 2 types of cupcakes. I made Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Funfetti (Rebecca's favorite)
Jason's mom gave Rebecca a gift from Victoria Secret (that could have been awkward) but it was a really pretty white satin robe that said 'Bride' on it:
My family room looked like a Crate & Barrel show room after she finished opening all her presents!
The Bride to Be with her ribbon bouquet:
We had so much fun celebrating Rebecca this weekend!
Next up is the Bachelorette party in March & then the wedding in April!
And, today just so happens to be Rebecca's 27th Birthday!
Happy Birthday to the Future Mrs. Baker!


  1. If I break things off with Shiloh and then we get back together and get engaged would you throw me a shower. Cuz I really want one like this.

  2. fun! i know how you feel, amanda's shower isn't til july and it is on my mind a good portion of every day. we are so obsessive!! :)

  3. Adorable decorations! Love the aqua and orange! And loving the pictures of you and your sisters! Must be great having sisters!

  4. Super cute. Love the colors.
    I'll bet your momma loves that pic of all her girls. How special!

  5. Beautiful shower Mel! I love the colors with the pops of orange. So fun and cheery. Congrats to your sister!

  6. What a beautiful shower! I am hungry just looking at your pictures!

  7. You are so talented! Love how everything came out. So beautiful. I wish I could make the labels you do. Is it all by hand or do you use a color printer?

  8. It looks absolutely beautiful! I love the colour scheme and how you incorporated it into the shower, clever you!

  9. Love the colors! Awesome job! That is one seriously impressive ribbon bouquet. And great, now I want cookie dough cupcakes... mmm... :)

  10. best shower ever Mel!
    you are so awesome!
    I can't wait to plan Maggie's shower/bachelorette party :)
    I MUST make some of those cute pretzels. Love it all!

  11. Hi again Mel, just gave you a bloggy award. You only accept if you want to (seriously!), I just wanted you to know I love your blog!

  12. Super cute...I did a shower in October with these colors...LOVE THEM!

  13. Your sister looks gorgeous and so happy! You did a great job and if you still have those pom poms I know someone throwing a baby shower and an owl birthday party back-to-back who could put them to good use ;)

    Also, what bakery did you get the cookies from? I need milk bottle cookies!!

  14. I love everything about this shower! It makes me so excited for mine in a few weeks! I do have to admit,I told the girls I don't want this shower to be like a Victoria's Secret fashion show if you know what I mean... ;-) (If they insist,that can be another shower!)

  15. this shower is so cute. it is my favorite of what ive seen today



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