Kate's New Trick

During snack time, Kate told me to go get my camera & take a picture of her so she could show me her new trick.
***Note the gap in between her front 2 teeth. I love that gap, by the way!***
"Look Mommy! I have a new trick! My straw stays in between my teeth!"
"Aren't you so proud of me Mommy? Take my picture!"
Think someone is a little jealous of all the attention Claire is getting as we potty train her?
Kate has resorted to sticking a juice straw in between her teeth & asking me to take pictures of it. *sigh* I need to make sure I have some good 1 on 1 time with her this weekend!

At least the big gap in her teeth is giving her confidence now, because Lord knows the years & years of dentistry and orthodontics required to fix that gap could cause some issues (not to mention it will cost us a pretty penny!)


  1. We were quoted $4,000 *after* insurance for our 8 year old. Eek! Maybe we shouldn't have more than 2 kids!

  2. My son has a big gap & he has discovered how to squirt milk through it. Good times....

  3. So sweet! That is a pretty darn cute gap :) Your girls are so adorable!

  4. I love it! My 6 year old has a gap and when he first heard of losing a tooth he pointed to it and said, "look! I lost a tooth!"

    As for the orthodontics, I've heard the opposite- that gaps are good because they leave more room for the adult teeth.

  5. Too cute and so funny!
    Kenzie has the same gap.

  6. Too funny! And we are dealing with a little jealously too since it is Easton's birthday and not EmmyKate's. Oh, well, she'll get over it soon enough.

  7. no! it's great. it means more spacing for her adult teeth to grow in! :)

  8. I used to do that. Or I would shove the end of the straw on one of my teeth.

    She is adorable.

  9. How cute! I assume they're baby teeth though, so she may not have the gap once her permanent teeth come in. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. My daughter was actually born on Dec. 30, 2006, so she was almost in 2007. But, when we decided to remodel, it was right after she was born and in 2007. LOL Looks like they're less than a month apart!! I'm following you now.

  10. So cute! lol And there is a very good chance the gap will close up with her adult teeth. In my case it didn't until the braces but most people it does :)

  11. Too cute! They think of the funniest things :)



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