Last Weekend + This Weekend

I have been so busy this week getting ready for THIS weekend that I haven't posted about what we did LAST weekend!

LAST weekend Kevin & I had the opportunity to go to the ZAP wine festival in San Francisco and pour wine for our brother in law's wine. You see, our brother in law Mike, (Kevin's sister's husband) lives out in Lodi & has 10 acres of wine grapes. For almost 10 years, he has been selling his grapes to other wineries & making "family" wine. A few years ago he got serious about making wine & decided it was time to not just make a family wine, but to start his own label, McCay Cellars.

In 2010, his first 4 bottles were released (they were made with grapes from 2007).
His innagural year was such a hit & his Jupiter Zinfandel was named one of the 2010 Top 100 wines by the San Francisco Chronicle in December and a few weeks ago, his Truluck Zinfandel was given a Double Gold by the San Francisco Chronicle. This is HUGE in the wine business, especially because this was his innagural year and because he is from Lodi (as opposed to Napa)

Because of these prestigious awards from the SF Chronicle, he gets to attend several wine functions. Because he is a family winery & does this on the side, he has no staff.
(Kevin's sister Linda, Kevin & Mike)

That is where we come in! Last Saturday, Kevin & I, my sister Elyse, Kevin's parents, Kevin's brother & our sisters in law headed to San Fran to help Mike out with this event.
The event was held right on the Bay at Fort Mason.
When we first got there, we saw a HUGE line wrapped around 3 buildings.
Turns out Matt Damon & Ben Affleck are filming a movie in SF soon and it was a casting call for extras!
It was SO much fun!
There were over 100 wineries there and over 7,000 people wine tasting.
Kevin & I got the 3 pm to 5 pm shift of pouring wine, so we got there earlier to walk around & taste some wine!
When you first walk in, you get a wine glass & a loaf of bread! These guys were in tux's handing out the bread. Hysterical!
I am happy as a clam....if you know me, I love wine & I love bread!
My sister Elyse & I:
Then Kevin & I had to work our shift pouring wine for people.
It was fun, but also a little nerve wracking because sometime we would get the media or wine specialists asking us questions about the wine, where the grapes where grown, what type of barrels & corks were used, etc.
The event started at 11 am, so there were a lot of funny people we encountered.
We saw a lot of purple teeth! (Some people when the drink a lot of red wine, their teeth turn purple. True Story.)
After the ZAP event was finished we headed out to Scoma's for dinner.
It is a delicious Seafood Reastraunt right on the water at Pier 39.
Scoma's is SO good! It was my first time there.
I got a really "healthy meal"....Fettucinni Alfredo with shrimp & salmon.
Oh my goodness it was heavenly!
After dinner we headed to the one and only "Buena Vista"
It is the home of the original Irish Coffee.
Walking inside, I felt like I had stepped into the 1940's. It was AWESOME!
The bartenders are busy, busy, busy.
They make about 30 Irish Coffee's at once & just line them up on the bar.
I got the Frangelica Irish Coffee:
It was a such a fun way to spend a Saturday! I love going to San Francisco. It is such a great city!
Good food, Good wine & Good times with Family!

This weekend is one party after another.
Tomorrow morning I am hosting a Bridal Shower for my younger sister, Rebecca.
Sneak Peak of the shower:
And, we have our neighbor's Chinese New Year Party.
Sunday afternoon is the Superbowl (rooting for the Packers) which we will be watching at my parents house for a combo Superbowl Party/Birthday Party (Rebecca's birthday is Monday).

Do you have any fun weekend plans?
Hope your weekend is more restful than mine!
Happy Friday!


  1. Sooo fun!!
    Looks like a great weekend!

    Oh, and I *love* Scoma's
    (we went there for our anniversary last year) and Buena Vista is a blast!
    I'm heading into the city tomorrow to see Beach Blanket Babylon. :)

    Enjoy your busy/fun weekend!


  2. What an amazing saturday! Wine and bread has got to be my favourite- throw in some brie and tomatoes and I would be in heaven!

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time. We used to go to the wine expo in Boston but that was so long ago now. It was alot of fun.

  4. What a fabulous weekend! I have always wanted to go to San Francisco. :)

  5. You are always up to something fun! I love San Francisco! When I lived in Seattle we went to San Fran twice. It's such an amazing city. I'm hoping my husband and I can do a West Coast/PNW road trip in a few years when our boys get a little bit older. Have fun at the shower for your sister!

  6. Wine tasting at Fort Mason was my favorite thing to do when I lived in San Francisco! Looks like so much fun. And how awesome is your bro in law!! Congrats to him! PS I am hosting a bridal shower in two months and may steal that cookie idea...

  7. Sounds like SO much fun!!! Okay, you HAVE to post pics and details about that bridal shower! I am having one this week for a friend and the invites I did were turquoise and white (like your cookies) so it looks like you may be doing a similar theme...and I need some ideas from a fellow entertainer:)!

  8. What a fun weekend! Your blog makes me want to move to California! Those cookies are gorgeous! Can't wait to hear about this weekend, too!

  9. I LOVE Scoma's! Sounds like a FUN weekend!

  10. Oh my goodness, that wine tasting thing looks heavenly! I hate the taste of wine, but I love the whole experience, I know that sounds weird. I wish I loved wine, I guess is what I am trying to say!

  11. Hey girl! Guess what! You are the winner of the Lisa Leonard Giveaway! Yeah! I have two of her necklaces and I can't say enough about them! Congrats and when you get a chance email me your contact info including shipping address, etc. my email is bellecooking at gmail dot com!
    have a great day my new friend!

  12. so fun! my dad owns a tugboat company in SF (at pier 15) and we do a similar event for fleet week. and i'm answering questions about tugs. ummm? i'd do better at your event! ;)

  13. Ok, several things!
    1) I am so jealous of the wine connection and wine festival! It looks like so much fun!
    2) I have been to San Francisco only one night and we went to Scoma's. It was incredible!
    3) Thanks for your comment! I love you blog!

  14. Oh my gosh! I have been reading your cute blog for a while now. We have too much in common!! I am from Lodi ( live out of state now), my maiden name is MacKay (similar to your brother in law) and my family has a winery in Lodi. (Harmony Wynelands)...as if that isn't enough. I think I saw once that your husband is a real estate appraiser (residential, maybe?). My husband is a commercial appraiser! Anyway, just too coincidental not to comment on this one!! Best to you!!



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