Good News & Bad News

We have some Good News & Bad News around here.
First, the Good News....
Claire is 100% potty trained as of Friday!
Last week we were having a hard time having her go #2 in the toilet (she would wait until she had a pull up on) So, Thursday night, Kevin told her if she started going poop it in the toilet, then we would get her a big girl bed (she has been asking for a big girl bed for a few weeks now).
Well, that seemed to do the trick for her & everyday since then, she goes pee and poop in the toilet! Hooray! Now, we need to follow through & get her a big girl bed.....I am NOT looking forward to that.
On to the Bad News.....
Claire got the stomach flu on Saturday night.
She didn't eat most of the day & kept telling us that her tummy hurt.
Sure enough, she puked (for the first time ever) on Saturday night. Poor thing.
It made us sad that she was sick, but we were also bummed we had to miss church.....again!
Because of sick kids or being out of town, we haven't been to church the entire month of February. We were so looking forward to going yesterday & then Claire got sick.
Claire's tummy was still hurting her yesterday and she kept asking me for to get her a band aid for her tummy. I finally gave her one & she told me that made her tummy feel better.
She is obsessed with band aids, by the way! We go through at least a box of month. Anyone else have a toddler who is a Band Aid hoarder?
I am keeping my fingers crossed that no one else gets it and that we stay healthy this week!
I have my sister's Bachelorette Party this weekend....no time to be sick!

And, if you haven't entered my Pioneer Woman Cookbook & Book Giveaway yet, make sure you do!

Here's to a healthy & happy Monday!


  1. Claire did well with the potty training! Awesome! We haven't been to church but twice in the last two months ...all b/c of sickness. So hard with all the yucky stuff that goes around this time of year! Good luck with the party! :)

  2. Oh yay for the potty news and boo for the sicky girl news.
    We have not delt with vomit around here yet, not looking forward to that first for C. I bet it is just pitiful!

  3. YAY for Claire and doing so well on potty training! And too bad she got sick.

    Yes, both girls want band aids all of the time...drives me a little nuts, because within 5 minutes i find them on the floor!

  4. I am laughing so hard at that first picture of Claire. Her face is so funny!!! Lol!

    Way to go, Claire! Feel better soon. :)

  5. oh no - poor thing. I have the opposite problem with my little girl. She is afraid of bandaids for some odd reason. I love the picture of her with it on her tummy. So cute.

  6. My daughter did the same thing yesterday. Her tummy was hurting and she wanted a Dora band aid for it. She LOVES band aids. :)

  7. Okay, you're hired...come over and potty train Anna!
    Sick of pull-ups :)

  8. congrats on getting all potty trained! whew!

    and poor little muffin, nothing is worse than watching your baby be sick. hope she feels better soon.

  9. You've inspired me to get our 2 year old daughter potty trained in the next few months. I even made my husband read your two posts on how you potty trained your girls! Now I just need to find a time when we'll be home for 3-4 days. Enjoy reading your blog!

  10. Wow hooray for Claire being potty trained so quickly! That's great.

    Sorry to hear she was sick. Hope you all stay healthy! Have fun at your sister's bachelorette!

  11. Yay for the potty training! I've been putting off training Anya due to moving and the family and sickness - never seems like a good time lol.

    We have a couple bugs we seem to keep passing between us and I really hope they go away - I'm am over being sick or having sick kiddos! Hope she feels better soon and chooses NOT to share the germs

  12. hope she is better soon... and oh yes can I relate to the bandaid hoarding toddler! I bought him a box of super hero bandaids for Valentine's Day and I think he liked that more than anything else! I get so tired of picking up all the little white tabs!

  13. Sorry to hear about the pukage. Get better so we can play and potty party.

  14. I don't have a toddler that loves band-aids, but I do have 18 kindergarteners that love band-aids. I've found that they help fix everything. Tummy aches, bruises, and even hurt feelings. It's a quick fix that works almost 100% of the time!!

  15. So sorry about your little sickie! We have a bandaid hoarder too!

    And I would be all over your PW Cookbook if my sweet husband hadn't scored one for me for Christmas! :)

  16. YAY for potty trained girls, BOO for stomach flu!

  17. Oh I hate to hear that your little girl got sick. I hate when my son is sick. Yeah for Claire- can you give me some tips and advice because G is almost 2 and I need to start- or do I? When did you start PT Claire? Have fun on your ettrip and hopefully that gift card will be there today! Oh and I know what you mean about church, we missed it 3 weeks in a row because we had to be out of town for certain things and I was so ready to get back!

  18. Hi Mel.
    Stomach flu... no fun. period. I'm hoping it has left your home for good today! Thank you for stopping in and checking on me. You are so sweet. I have been in a world of adjustment the past 5 months or so and truly miss blogging. I keep saying I will post something here and there but never get around to it. I do check in and read others (yours included!) from time to time. When life slows down a bit, I will make a comeback! :) XOXO Nancy

  19. Yea for the potty training! Such a HUGE accomplishment! Way to go mama! But so sorry about the bug. That is never easy!

    And, Oh man we have MAJOR band-aid addict over here! Kyleigh LOVES them! It's a tough call though because she gets rashes from them if she leaves them on too long. I feel so bad when I have to rip them off. Ugh.



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