Meeting Pioneer Woman

Last night I met one of my favorite women ever: The Pioneer Woman.
Also known as PW, P-Dub or Ree.
When her cookbook was released last year, I was SO bummed that San Francisco wasn't on her tour list. Last month when the dates Black Heels to Tractor Wheels Book Tour came out, I was so excited that she was coming to San Fran!
My friend Becky and I immediately put it on our calendars because we are both huge PW fans. We met Bakerella together last Fall, so of course we were going to meet the PW together!

So, yesterday afternoon, we trekked over to the city on Bart to meet PW.
The book signing wasn't until 7 pm, but when I called the bookstore last week, they recommended that we get there around 5 pm. We got there at 5:15, bought our books & were given our tickets in Group D. (There were 20 tickets per letter, so we were part of the first 60-80 people to get there).
There were tons of chairs set up & a lot of the seats were open, so we grabbed seats in the third row, front and center! Both Becky and I were giddy with excitement! And, the caffeine from my Peet's Iced Vanilla Latte didn't help my hyperness :)
Becky & I SUPER excited about sitting in the 3rd row! Score!!
And, trying not to sweat...it was HOT in there!
While we were waiting for PW to arrive, my friend Jen (second from the left). Her husband was roommates with Kevin in college. We have been following eachother's blogs for a couple of years, so it was finally fun to meet in person. (She lives near Sacramento)
Ree arrived right on time & we all cheered for her!
She did a Q & A for over 30 minutes for us to ask her questions about her cookbook, her new book, her family, etc.
I was brave & raised my hand to ask a question!
I asked her what was her favorite thing to eat for breakfast, lunch & dinner. And, what is her kid's favorite meal?
She said if she could she would eat a pan of her cinnamon rolls for breakfast, her Asian noodle salad for lunch & dinner would be some kind of roast & cheesy grits.
Her daughter Alex said her favorite recipe was the Chocolate Sheet Cake & Paige said she liked the Marlboro Man Sandwich.
Ree wasn't by herself for this book signing. She brought her 2 daughters Alex & Paige, her sister in law, niece & mother in law!
Ree was so funny, so nice, so humble & so personable.
And, she is so pretty! Her hair is gorgeous!
After the Q&A it was time to line up & and wait (and wait and wait) for Ree to sign our books.
We were group D, so there were about 60 people ahead of us. While we were in line, I spotted my blogging friend Keri!
After over an hour of waiting in line, it was our turn.
Here is a picture of my feet & Becky's feet at the blue line, which meant....we were next!
Here is Becky chatting it up with P-Dub!
Then, Becky & I got a picture with her.
Could Becky & I have bigger smiles?!?!?
Then, I got my one on one time with PW.
Even though she had already talked & signed books for over 75 people, she still took the time with each and everyone of us. She asked me about my girls, I talked to her about soccer (both her girls love soccer) and when I told her I played soccer for the University of Colorado, she told me that is where her daughter Alex wants to go.
Becky snapped this picture of me chatting with PW. This may or may not have been the time that I was telling PW that I would happily come out to her Ranch to give her girls some free soccer lessons. Yes, I seriously said that to her. And, yes, I really meant it. I want to go to her Ranch SO badly!
I seriously felt like I had been friends with Ree for years. Her personality is so warm & welcoming. I think all 400 woman who were there last night would say the same thing.
Me & the P-Dub:
I had her sign my PW cookbook (left) that totally had food on it (I use it at least once a week)
and, her new book Black Heels to Tractor Wheels (right)
{Oh....and I *may* have had her sign an additional copy of extra cookbook.
Stay tuned for a PW cookbook giveaway. Coming soon on my blog!}

It was such a great night!
Becky & I were like giddy school girls walking back to BART.
It was a beautiful night in the city:
We got home at 11 pm and I was exhausted & starving, but still on a caffeine mixed with adrenaline rush!
All I had for dinner was a granola bar and looking through the cookbook all night was torture :)

If PW is coming to your city, I have one word for you: GO!


  1. I'm so glad you went...that looks like so much fun. My husband has taken me to a few book signings and I think they're super fun. A girly one would be even MORE fun.

    Also can't believe I don't have that cookbook. Seriously. I think I'm going to trek over to Amazon right now...but I don't know...I may have to wait and see if I win your giveaway.

  2. How fun! She came here for the cookbook signing and it was actually close to my house, but I chickened out and didn't go.

  3. Oh I wanted to meet her SO badly when she was at The Grove in LA!! I didn't know about it until too late and there were NO more tickets. What fun! And how funny that you saw Keri too. Seriously this little ole blog world is so small!

    I bet Ree is just the nicest lady. I am sure everyone tells her they feel like the have known her for years. Glad you got to meet her. I can't wait to read her new book. I just got it!

  4. That is fabulous!

    And I just found out that she is doing a children's book about her dog, Charlie! So excited! I am hoping that she does an event close to us after it is released in April. My children would love it. :D

  5. Ree was SO lovely! I can't believe how personalized she was with everyone, and sounds like your moment with her was awesome! I hope you DO get invited to the Ranch! :) (Don't we all!?!)

  6. I'm thinking of making her cinnamon rolls this weekend. :)

  7. Hi Mel--I've been reading your blog for a while but this is my first comment! I SO wanted to go to that book signing and thought about it all night! We live in the East Bay and knowing that PW ws SOOOO close just about did me in. Of course, my hubby is out of town on business this week and we have no babysitter, so I couldn't make it. Waaaah! I'm so glad you got to meet her! What fun! And if you haven't started reading Black Heels yet, just do! I read it in 3 days. SO fun!

  8. HOW FUN IS THAT!!! I love her blog and would love to meet her too! Unfortunately I don't think she's coming to my neck of the northeast this trip. :(

  9. OH MY GOSH! Sooooo jealous! Think she'll come out to New Zealand any time soon? I wish!

  10. SO fun! :) And you met my friend kim - aka stalkerella :) Definitely anxiously awaiting your give-a-way. SO bummed I missed her.

  11. So awesome!! I have her cookbook but I want to get her new book as well.

  12. Awesome! My best friend just emailed me today about PW's cinnamon rolls so when I saw your post I had to stop and read it. It looks like you had an amazing time.

  13. I'm so sad I missed it!!! Looks like you had a great time & I cant wait for your giveaway.

  14. How fun!!! I'm so jealous :) I just got her cookbook, love it!
    I would've been smiling from ear to ear too! Great pictures.

  15. Yep, she came to SLC again and me and my momma went!! It was such a blast. She is so awesome and was so incredibly nice. We had an overflow section at the library there were so many people. Us Utahn's love us some P-Dub!! We were group R so we had to wait for.ev.er. but it was totally worth it!!

  16. Okay, so I checked the Pioneer Woman's book tour schedule and she was in Denver TODAY. And I MISSED IT. Unbelievable. I was so sad when I realized I was too late to go. :(

  17. SO fun! I'm bummed I wasn't able to go with you (but since I didn't get to bed until 3am Wednesday morning it was probably for the best) She is one of my heroes, and if you ever go to her ranch I'm hiding in your suitcase!!

  18. What FUN, Mel! I've given her cookbook away twice as gifts, but have yet to keep it for myself. I'll def stay tuned for a giveaway. The first time I made mashed potatoes from scratch was using her recipe off her blog, years ago. Two words: YUM and BUTTER. Whoa. Delish.

  19. WELL HOW LAME AM I?! She was here yesterday and I missed it. I just checked her schedule. Stupid me. But hey! Don't you suppose that if her daughter really wants to go to CU she'd need a personal tour of the campus and city? Hmmm?! Sign me up! Fly out here and help me do it, mmm-kay, Mel?

  20. isn't she so adorable and pretty and funny?! i met her last year at her cookbook signing in KC but the wait was sooo long i think it was 11pm before i met her and looked like i should have been sleeping! ha ha glad you had a fun girls' night!

  21. Waa!!! I can't believe I missed it. I kept looking for dates on her web site!!! Oh well! :(

  22. I'm laughing right now. I was looking at your blog on my iphone...and apparently accidentally hit the link to the post last year. What? I missed PW? I almost freaked out. But I did post a comment. And then I looked at the date. Whew. I didn't miss PW. :)



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