The Tuesday that was like a Monday

You know what I love about 3 day weekends?
It means the following week is a short work week.
All day, I kept thinking it was Monday, but it was really Tuesday.
I LOVE that feeling!
That means the weekend is almost here (again!)
Our 3 day weekend was obviously consumed by potty training Claire, and I hadn't left the house in 3 days. The good thing about this is that it was pouring rain most of the weekend and by staying inside, we were able to get A LOT of cleaning done around our house.
Prior to this weekend, we have been so incredibly busy the past month with Kate's birthday party, pouring at ZAP, my sister's bridal shower & our Tahoe trip.
This 3 day weekend was one of our first free weekends in a month...and our house was a disaster. Because we have been so busy & I haven't been able to keep up with cleaning it.
It was so nice to finally have a weekend to clean & organize. I was able to go through clothes & closets and bag up stuff to giveaway.

We were able to have a little fun on Monday night.
We had dinner with my BFF & her husband (who were in town from Colorado).
Two of our other friends Jon & Carrie also joined us.
After dinner, we all came back to our house for dessert.
(thank goodness my house was clean!)
I made chocolate chip cookie bars & topped them with coffee ice cream, hot fudge, pecans & whipped cream. Yum.
It was a nice way to end the our potty training weekend...to be able to get out of the house & have adult interaction!

Which brings us to today, the Tuesday that felt like a Monday.
And, a beautiful day it was. The sun was out & the girls and I enjoyed the afternoon sun in our backyard.
Claire's newest obsession is the scooter.
The look on her face says,
"Look at me, I'm a Big Girl who hasn't had any pee accidents in 48 hours! But, you won't catch me going poop in a toilet...I save that for my pull up"

Kate is getting really good at the balance bike.
She was whipping around the back patio.
Kate also sharpened her tree climbing skills. She loves climbing trees.
And, on this beautiful Tuesday, the girls got some presents.
Last night my best friend AK brought over a Christmas present that she got the girls TWO Christmases ago but had left it at her in laws & just found it this week. Hysterical.
And, they got a package from my blog friend Rachel who sent them a Mary Poppins umbrella!
(Don't mind Claire's expression in the above picture...she was mad that she had to share it with Kate.)
She was much happier when she got to hold it on her own :)
Thank you SO much Rachel! The girls LOVE it!

Know what I love right now?
Tulips! Spring is on it's way!
And, check out what I put up in Kate's room.
I used the pom poms that I made for her Cinderella Party and put 2 in her room because they matched perfectly!
I hope you had a lovely Tuesday!


  1. That dessert looks delicious, I just might have to wipe some up this weekend.

    And the poop part of potty training was the worst for us too. It took her forever to get it and it had to be on her own timing.

  2. Usually its pictures of your sweet girls that are the best, but today that picture of the cookie bar and coffee ice cream is the best, haha! I’m pregnant so there ya go. mmm …definitely putting that on my list of must-eats! Any special recipe for the cookies bars?

  3. I would LOVE the recipe for the cookie bars. :)

  4. So many fun things! Your girls are just too adorable! Good job Claire (and mama) on the potty training!

    Wayyyy jealous of the girls and their new umbrella - I LOVE that!!!!

  5. you are so welcome friend. ;) enjoy!

  6. 3 Day weekends mean 1 less day to do the same amount of work...bleh.


  7. I would LOVE the recipe for the cookie bars too please!

  8. random question but I've seen a bunch of people with that ruffle shirt/dress that kate has on. can you tell me where you got it?

  9. Lol-- that picture of Kevin with the girls reading under the pink and purple pom-poms... adorable. :)

  10. I can't wait for spring either and tulips are my favorite too! The pom poms look adorable in the room!

  11. Jealous of the umbrella!!

    And the pom poms look great in kate's room! I am still feeling a day off. Ugh!

  12. Mel I have never heard of or seen a balance bike before! What a fantastic idea!!!!

  13. Oh my goodness I'll be on the hunt for an umbrella like that now. My girls would LOVE it! They got to "meet" Mary Poppins at Disney over Thanksgiving vacation and were so excited. Awestruck is how Id describe it. So cute!



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