Our Valentine's Day

We had a nice little Valentine's Day.
Know what I love about this Hallmark holiday?
It's just another excuse to bake with my girls!
The girls & I made some treats for our neighbors & friends.
We made THESE again (We first made them over Christmas break)
The girls helped me with the peanut butter. And, after I dipped them in chocolate they helped with the sprinkles.
Yum. I wanted to keep them all.
I bagged them up in individual bags & tied some ribbon on them.
Along with the treats, I gave each neighbor this card that said,
"We love being your neighbor!"
{Our family & friends got the version of the card I posted yesterday}
We put the treats & cards in our basket and set out to deliver our goodies.
The girls were SO excited to deliver their goodies to our friends & neighbors.
(And in case you are wondering, Kate has insisted on wearing this heart dress everyday for the past 4 days)
Having sparkly shoes makes delivering Valentines more fun.
Except for poor Claire who got a blister on her foot (she has really wide feet & Target sparkly shoes cause havoc on her feet, but she still insists on wearing them)
The cutest little cupids I have ever seen.
After delivering the rest of our Valentines to friends, Kate gave Claire a Valentine that she made her at preschool.
The girls got books from my mom:
And, Kevin's mom gave them Princess Dry Erase Boards.
Kevin made them cards & gave them a pack of m&m's.
I got them....nothing.
But, I did make them heart shaped grilled cheese for dinner!
Tonight, Kevin and I celebrated our un-Valentine's Day/Engagement Anniversary.
Kate snapped this picture of us today before we went to dinner:
We don't give each other Valentine's Day presents, but we did go out to dinner to one of our favorite places in town. Dinner was amazing. I got the double cut pork chop with mashed potatoes. Kevin got the Beef Bourgeoisie. And, then our waitress brought us the chocolate fondue for dessert (for free!!!) because it was our Engagement Anniversary.
I still can't believe that 9 years ago Kevin asked me to be his wife!
Happy Un-Valentine's Day to an amazing man.
(You know Kevin is amazing since he has put up with me for over 9 years!)
I am glad he isn't sick of me yet!


  1. aDORable!!! at least kate's getting lots of good use out of the heart dress!! cute aprons too! LOVE the chocolate dipped pb goodness!!! you could do those for any holiday, just change up the color sprinkles! fun!!
    happy engagement anniversary!

  2. I totally made white chocolate covered peanut butter crackers over new years after finding your blog! But I cheated and used the Austin brand peanut butter crackers! lol! They were SOOO DELISH though! I also just made the chocolate chip cookie dough cup cakes for my little girls first birthday and OH MY GOSH those were AH-Mazing! I follow your blog and love it! Your girls are just beautiful and I love all of your creative ideas!! =)

  3. your girls couldn't be cuter. love it.

  4. Love this idea!! Your girls are just too cute for words. Would totally fall in love if I saw them walking up my walk together with the little goodies!

  5. Happy Engagement Anniversary Mel. You two make a super cute couple. I wish we'd live closer. You both seem like people my husband and I would have a lot of fun with. Glad you enjoyed your dinner date. Your fondue looks yummy! And the girls looked darling in their Vday clothes delivering treats. How sweet.

  6. I would die if I was one of your neighbors and saw them walking up hand in hand like that... so cute! And the treats wouldn't hurt either. ;)

  7. It could be worse. Kate's heart dress could be PURPLE! Ha. sorry. Just had to go there.

    Looks like you had a FAB day!

  8. Great photos! I love any excuse to bake. My boys love being in the kitchen and helping out.

  9. Oh my goodness your wee girls are adorable.
    What a sweet idea making these treats and delivering them to your neighbors. I must so that for all holidays.
    Thanks for the idea.

  10. oh my goodness..your girls are cute!! new to your blog...can't wait to get the kiddos to school so i can come back and check it all out...AND the recipe for those treats...oh yum!!!

  11. Ellie Kate got that same Fancy Nancy book too! Love those cute aprons!

  12. Okay, those aprons are adorable! And the girls in their pink stripes and red hearts. SO. DANG. CUTE.

    Saw your FB update about dinner... mmm... my mouth was watering! :) I've got to go back there soon!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. LOVE
    IT ALL!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE that your beautiful little cupids delivered treats to the neighbors! YOU are MY KIND OF MOM!

    Congrats on the anniversary/engagement
    THAT is a BIG DEAL

    LOVE it

  15. oh my word, they are SUCH little dolls!! the valentine's are so cute. love their shoes too - so fun! :)

  16. Okay, seriously, your two little girls carrying that basket together is adorable! What a sweet idea.



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