Happy Valentine's Day

We are home from a {fun} long weekend with friends in Lake Tahoe.
Kevin & I will be celebrating Valentine's Day tomorrow, February 15th (like always).
Read this post to hear why we celebrate on the 15th.

Happy Monday & Happy Valentine's Day from my girls to you!


  1. Cute engagement story & cute picture of your girls! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Cute card! I loved reading your engagement story! I'm really in awe of the similarities I keep finding in our lives. We got engaged on Feb 12 because Jeff didn't want to do it on v-day. Then we got married the following August (2001).

  3. Aww...so sweet! You do such a good job with your cards! I used a free template, but I'm sure you made your own.

    Happy engagement anniversary!

  4. What cute pictures of your girls! They have such pretty dark hair & sweet faces! I loved reading your engagement story as well! What a sweet surprise! Now Feb. 15th is always such a fun day for you!

  5. happy valentine's day mel!
    that photo of your girls is so sweet.

  6. Adorable! Enjoy your special day after V-Day celebration. Feb is a great month to get engaged!

  7. Adorable picture of your girls Mel! Happy Valentine's to you and your loves. :)

  8. What a nice twist to Valentine's Day! I really enjoy reading your blog and looking at your pictures. I especially like this picture of your girls. May I ask what program or tool you used createw the look? Thanks a lot!

  9. Thanks everyone! Jeymmy - I use photoshop to edit my pictures!

  10. I am so glad you found my blog!! Your blog and daughters are just too adorable! I LOVE their outfits! Where are they from, if you don't mind sharing that is?!

    That was such a sweet thing y'all did for you neighbors! Those look sooo yummy!

  11. Mel! Your engagement story is so sweet, and so hilarious! As I was reading it, I kept thinking "this sounds so familiar" - my sister's husband proposed in a very similar way - on a run (which she didn't expect, because, you know, sweat), and when he got down on one knee she thought he was tying his shoe too! Anyway, I sent her the link, and she laughed so hard, and even read it to her hubby! So sweet! Congrats on the engagement anniversary!

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