Open House

For the past few months we have been talking about moving.
We have been in our current house for 5 and a half years & decided it was time to sell & buy something walking distance to the elementary schools.

Last Thursday we listed our house.
Thursday night we got an offer.
We countered & by Saturday afternoon we had officially sold our house.
We can't believe it happened so fast.
We were supposed to have an Open House on Sunday, but never needed to, so I thought I would post pictures of our house on here for you to see!
And, because I want to be able to show the girls what their house looked like because they are too young to remember.

Here is the front of our house:
Here is the kitchen:

(we gutted it & remodeled it when we first bought it)
Here is the downstairs bathroom:
Here is the dining room:
Here is the view of the family room from the dining room:
Here is the view of the family room from upstairs:
Here is the master bedroom:

Master Bath:
The girls RED bathroom:
Kate's room:

Claire's room:

Please note, my house is NEVER, EVER, EVER this clean
(unless people are coming over! haha!)


I will miss our neighborhood HOA ammenities.
Here is the Pool & Clubhouse (where I had Kate's 2nd Birthday Party)
The tennis courts:
The playground:
This house & neighborhood have held so many amazing memories for us.
But, we are excited for the next step...where ever that may be.
Did I mention that the escrow closes in 21 days?!?!
Did I mention that we haven't found a house to buy?!?!
Needless to say, the next month or two is going to be CRAZY!
Luckily, my parents are amazing & they said we can move in with them until we find a house to put an offer on. So, we are ordering a POD and we are going to store all of our stuff in that.

Please pray that the close of escrow goes smoothly.
Please pray for the right house to come on the market for us.
All of this uncertainty is WAY beyond my comfort level.
In the end, I know it will be worth it, but right now it is a jumble of emotions:
stress, excitement, fear of the unknown, etc.
But right now, I am TOTALLY.FREAKING.OUT.
So much to do & pack in so little time.

Thanks for coming to my Open House, listening to my ramblings & thanks for the prayers!


  1. wow how exciting and crazy at the same time! I've been thinking about moving recently too which i've also posted about. But prob to another state if so :(

  2. Oh my gosh, that's a whole lot of stress! I've been there...I know what that feels like. Ugh! I'll be praying for a smooth transition and for you to find your dream house quickly! Good luck! :)

    PS- the house looks fab!

  3. Congratulations!! That is great news. :) What a wonderful new adventure for you and your family!

  4. Oh my goodness, I would be freaking out as well! We sold our house in 10 days (but luckily the guy didn't want to close for another month) and I thought THAT was fast! Good luck home buying! I'm glad you had so many nice memories in your current home :)

  5. your house looks awesome! and congrats on such a quick sale that's amazing. hope everything goes seamlessly!

  6. Well that was fast, especially in this economy! Your house is beautiful! I am sure you guys will find the perfect house! I will be praying that everything goes great!Congratulations!

  7. wow! that is crazy! It is a beautiful house so I see why it sold so quickly. You live inside a magazine Mel! I am so jealous of your furnishings lol.

    Good luck and Im sure you will find something perfect!

  8. yeah! hope, pray you find a house near us!

  9. What a beautiful home - no wonder it sold so quickly! :) We had a similar circumstance a year ago, when we received an offer within a week of listing our house. I was SHOCKED and freaking out because we didn't have a house we were interested in at that point, but it all worked out. Just keep the faith - I'm sure there is the perfect house out there for you and your cute family!

  10. love your house...and i can see why it sold so fast...congrats!

    i love kate's bedding...so cute, where did you get it?

    praying for you.
    we have lived in our house for 5 years now and have thought about moving a lot, just getting to small and need more space, but we can't find anything we like....so i think we will add on within the next 5 years...i hope sooner!

  11. Your house is beautiful, that is awesome that is sold so fast! I am sure you will find the PERFECT house for your family! Good luck!

  12. House looks great. Buying and selling real estate is a stressful process. My life verse:
    Acts. 17:26
    From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live.

    He is in control and knows where and when you will find that house!

  13. Wow! You got a LOT going on right now!!

    That is crazy how quick your house sold. I can't even imagine that rollercoaster of emotions that comes with all of that.

    We've been our house for 5 and a half yrs too, and I would love to upgrade soon, but we aren't listing just yet.

    Your house looks beautiful in all your pictures! Thanks for posting that disclaimer about it not always looking that clean. :) I was starting to think oh man, I gotta start cleaning!

    Best of luck to you all on this journey and transition into your new home... wherever it may be!

  14. Congrats! Your home is beautiful! We did the same thing 2weeks ago. It is crazy, stressful and exciting (I think)! We are moving across the country The Lord is in control. Happy house hunting!

  15. Love your house!!

    We lived with my parents for 6 weeks, with all of our stuff in a POD while we were in escrow.

    So excited for you guys - praying that everything goes smoothly from start to finish!

  16. You are awesome. I am praying for you. For your family. For your sanity.

    WOOT for new beginnings!!!

  17. I know you guys will find it! It's waiting for you! There couldn't be a nicer family for this to happen, so I'm definitely praying for you guys! Maybe that drool house, oops, I mean dream house will miraculously come down in price! :) It will all work out, and I'm so excited for you! Wish we were moving to bigger digs, but we're stuck for now. In the meantime, I'll live vicariously through you!

  18. That's awesome! Congrats! What a beautiful house

  19. Your house is beautiful! Best of luck house hunting...I know you'll find just the perfect house that you can make your home!

  20. Ummmm...your house ALWAYS looks like this when I arrive. What it looks like when Maddie, Kate, Claire and Samuel are done is another matter. :) Glad it sold, and praying the next steps come together really smoothly.

  21. Wow! That is bold!! Congratulations! And, PS - your home is gorgeous. Mine doesn't even look like that when people ARE coming over!

  22. Super cute house!

    So excited for you.
    Enjoy the house hunt...you'll find something great!


  23. Omigosh, this is HUGE news! Congratulations on the house selling! We will miss that place, but I guess it means we just gotta visit you in your new digs! Much love!

  24. What an adorable house!! The house that we live in now was only on the market 4 days. We saw them put the sign out in the yard one night and called to look at it the next day and put an offer in the next day!!

  25. Congrats!! You have a gorgeous home so it's no surprise it went so fast!! I hope everything goes smoothly and that you find a new house to make your home ASAP!

  26. WOW. That's awesome! and crazy. But your house is beautiful, so it's not totally surprising.

    I'll pray you guys find what your looking for quickly!

    ...and those doors that lead from the dining room to your yard...yum. So pretty.

  27. Wow congrats to you! We can't sell our first house so we have been paying 2 mortgages for nearly 12 months now.... it is so rough. We are in the middle of a sale (Finally) but the bank is taking their time...... and it is killer.

  28. oh, fun! my husband is a custom home builder & we are the model home. we move every 2 1/2 years in order to show up-to-date product. it is A LOT with young kiddos, but also exciting and fun! hope you find the house perfect for you quick! =)

  29. WOW, what a blessing but at the same time, ay yay yay!!!!! Praying for you sister, good luck, the right house will come along, let me know if you need any help!

  30. Your home is lovely! Our first house sold very quickly as well and it was a blessing but didn't give me much time to adjust. :)


  31. Thanks for clarifying that your house is never that clean...now I can still like you (kidding!) Its beautiful and exciting, too.

    How very cool that Kate got in the magazine. She looks older in the pic.



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