Here Comes the Sun

Claire's ready for Spring, are you?
I am especially excited about the forecast this week:
High's in the mid-70's?
Yes, Please!
Time to bust out the short sleeve shirts & flip flops (but first I need a pedicure...yikes!)


  1. I am, I am!!! I could easily skip Spring and head right into Summer though. Yay for sunny weather!

  2. And my daughter informed me that I need to shave my legs before I wear shorts! Thanks, Jaina! :)

    Our highs are still in the 50's and 60's, so we haven't broken out the summer clothes, yet! But we're so close I can feel it!

  3. I am loving this weather, too. Not a raindrop in sight. Perfect!


  4. we're enjoying some of that weather right now and it's glorious! I'm feeling so thankful for sunshiny days. Enjoy yours!!

  5. Woohoo for sunshine! I went for a jog this morning and it felt glorious to be out in the sushine!! Enjoy it!

    Love that pic of Claire in her shades.

  6. So cute! It was 85 degrees here today in orange county. I just wish i had a pool to float in...

  7. isnt so nice! I have 65 degrees here but im not complaining :)

  8. Loving this weather..I think that our highs are pretty much the same. The boys are loving it outside until bathtime!
    Loving my flip-flops!! Got my pedi last week :)

  9. Cute glasses! I love the dollar bins at Target! lol :)



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