Dreaming of Summer

It is another rainy day here in California.
The sun is randomly peeking out between storms.
I am longing for summer.
Forget Spring, let's just fast forward onto summer!
Summer is the best, especially being a teacher!
This afternoon, I was backing up all my pictures on my hard drive & I noticed a folder of pictures that I hadn't opened or edited. It made me wish it was summertime.
The pictures were from last summer & I totally forgot they existed, it was like seeing them again for the first time!
I took them on a Tuesday morning in August.
Tuesday morning is trash day at our house.
Did you know that Kate wants to be a trashman/woman when she grows up?
Every Tuesday morning this summer, the sound of the garbage truck would wake her up & she would yell from her crib, "The garbage truck is here!"
She would either want to run to her window to look at the garbage truck or she would beg us to take her outside so that she could watch the garbage truck collect all the trash.
Here you can see the garbage truck coming down our street:
Watching the big truck dump pick up the trash cans:
Look at her focus, staring intently at the big garbage truck:
Every Tuesday she would tell us that she wanted to drive a garbage truck when she was older.
She is so funny!

And, here are some pictures of Claire that were taken the same day.
My little baby.
She has grown so much since I took these 7 months ago.
She didn't even know how to walk yet. *sigh*
Anyone else dreaming of summer?
I don't know about you, but I can't wait to put away my UGGS & start wearing flip flops again!


  1. I couldn't agree more! It actually snowed here in SC yesterday. I'm so ready for Spring and Summer!

  2. Ditto! Although I'm not ready for the 100+ days! I am a little tired of the rain, could be all the muddy paws that I have to wipe though ;)
    Have a question, do you do photo shoots? The reason I ask is that I think that we live pretty close..I would love to have pictures of our family and I LOVE the pictures that you take.
    Btw, I made the chocolate chip dough cupcakes and they were HEAVEN!! My hubbie said that I was forbidden to get anymore recipes off of blogs! lol :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Oh, the weather here is just perfect right now! I'm dreading summer and the 120 degree temps. I wish I could freeze today in time, it's just perfect. Sunny and 74 :-) Those pictures are beautiful by the way!

  4. Since you are a numbers girl, are you counting how many days left of school? :) Summer cannot come soon enough, totally agree!

  5. Love this post, and YES I have said almost every day this week "I am ready for summer". Not spring. Summer. Tank tops, flip flops, and summer dresses. Hurry up.

    We have a little screen on our computer that scrolls through old pictures, and lately it's been scrolling through a lot of ours from last summer too. I click on the picture, and then get stuck going through the whole folder and saying "oooh, look how little claire was. " and "oooh, look how cute hannah looks".

    Cute post.
    Trash truck woman.
    She just might be! :)

  6. Adorable pictures. The trash truck fascination is a cute thing for a girl. Now that you blogged about this, it reminded me of my girls. They would always want to go outside and wave to the trash man. Thanks for the memories!

  7. bring it on...i am so sick of snow and this long mn winter...and i agree we could skip right over spring, but then we would have the summer bugs to deal with...so a little spring is good!

    hope the sun comes out tomorrow!

  8. right there with you. i am craving "no schedule" and no commitments. But, I think I have such a problem where a schedule will be created and commitments will follow this summer. But, my flip flops are calling me... and a pedicure. :) oh yes, and my pasty white legs!

  9. TOTALLY dreaming of Summer. Or at least Spring!! ha ha. Teachers are the best!!! Summers off = HEAVEN

  10. I'm such a summer girl too. Both of the girls look so young in those pictures! Kate's EYES-- so, SO beautiful. And that story is going to be great to tell when she's older, that she wanted to be a garbage collector when she grows up. :)

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  12. As always, beautiful photos! I love your style of photography. I'm so ready for summer and sandals ... 35 degrees (Iowa). :)

  13. I couldn't handle such a cute little face coming to collect my trash! (But I do hear they make pretty good money!)

    I saw a big fat robin in my yard today and it gave me hope that spring (and summer) are near! Enough of the drearies!



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