Weekend Plans

Happy Weekend!
This weekend is one of the first weekends in months were we have NO plans at all.
None. (well, I am working in Kate's Sunday School room on Sunday morning)
But, we have no other social commitments, etc.
Just a weekend to just relax & hang out as a family & get things done around the house.
It comes at a great time.
Both girls are finishing up anti-boitics for ear infections & sinus infections.

Kevin got off work a little early today (such a treat!) and we had Friday night pizza night like we do every Friday night. Because let's face it. I am WAY too tired to even think of cooking on a Friday night.

I have spent the evening uploading & editing pictures from last weekend (while we catch up on TiVo'd shows).

Last weekend, we had a busy fun filled weekend. Kevin had to finish up a project at work on Saturday, but the girls and I went to Sam's 1st birthday party!
My friend Becky did such a great job with the party. Everything was so cute & detailed! It was a race car theme & she had the kids bring a bike/tricycle/big wheel and she set up a race around their court.
Getting ready for the Big Race!
The Birthday Boy!
Kate is officially the slowest biker EVER. But that is okay, she likes going slow.
At the finish line, checking out her ribbon & race car stickers.
I totally forgot to bring a bike/tricycle for Claire, but luckily she didn't know the difference.
She just ran and ran and ran.
After her big run, she decided to test out an unoccupied tricycle.
Last Sunday, we had a very special treat. The University of Colorado Women's Soccer team (who I played for) was playing Cal Berkeley for a spring game. And, they were playing the game in our town! I was thrilled! We took the girls to the game & were basically the only ones cheering for Colorado. It was a fun game for me to be at because my final 2 choices for college were between Colorado & Cal.

This was actually Kate's 2nd time at a Colorado soccer game. Her first game was when she was just 8 months old & we flew out to Colorado for the Soccer Alumni Weekend. Look how little she was:
(oh how I miss the beautiful Flatiron Mountains in Boulder!)
(Kate - September 2007)

Here is Kate cheering on the Buffs this past Sunday!
Claire at her first collegeiate soccer game!
Claire loved it so much, she kept trying to run onto the field:
And, here is the soccer ball she held almost the entire game:
Unfortunately, my Buffs lost the game 2-0. We stayed for the whole game, but I felt like I didn't watch much of it because we were too busy entertaining Kate (and making sure Claire didn't run onto the field). It was a beautiful day for soccer (almost 70 degrees!)

Too bad the weather isn't like that this weekend. It has been raining all day & might keep raining on Saturday. But, that is okay, because we have no weekend plans.

The only things on my "unofficial" agenda tomorrow are:
1. Make Monkey Bread with Kate for breakfast (and drink lots of coffee)
2. Stay in my pj's most of the day.
3. Tackle the laundry (I have about 5 loads to catch up on. ugh)
4. Clean out the girls closets & organize their clothes.
5. Finish up this week's orders from my etsy shop.
6. Set our clocks forward tomorrow night for Daylight Savings!
(bummed about losing an hour of precious sleep, but excited it will stay light out longer!)

Most of all, I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend with Kevin & the girls.
I hope you all have great weekend! Anyone have exciting weekend plans?


  1. I'm so glad I recently discovered your blog- you are such a fun family to read about! :)

    We have a rainy day or two ahead of us as well, so my weekend list looks a lot like yours, ha! Good luck!

  2. There are few things I love more than lazy weekends! I hope you enjoy yours.

    That picture of your daughter in her Colorado t-shirt is awesome! Of course, I would have cheered for the Buffs too!

  3. I LOVE those weekends where you have no plans. Although, there is always "stuff" that still needs to get done.

    Love that pic of Kate in the yellow t-shirt.

    Thanks for answering my Q. For being self taught, I think your pics are great. I'm impressed. I love this new hobby of photography. It is so much fun. I have not taken any classes yet but would love to.

  4. I thought you guys were coming over tonight for cribbage? You must have forgot. Oh well, we'll reschedule.


  5. Cute pictures, as usual!

    Isn't this sunshine great? Hope you're enjoying it!


  6. love no plan weekends

    great pictures

  7. I *just* might have to go and make monkey bread now!

  8. Yay...I love those kind of weekends with no plans. Just lots of housework : )! And what a great idea for a birthday party...looked like lots of fun.

  9. Beautiful pictures! I hope you had more luck with laundry this weekend than I did... ;)



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