10 on 10 :: March 2010

10 on 10 : Take a photo once an hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a snapshot of your life and find beauty among the ordinary things of your day.

Claire decided to wake up an hour earlier than usual today. So, we did what most parents would do in order to stay in bed for an hour more..
. We brought her into our bed & let her watch a show.
Here she is screaming "Mouse, Mouse!" as we watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:
Kate eating Cheerios for breakfast:
(this is a break from her normal which is usually pancakes or waffles)
It was a beautiful March day, this was my view as I left our house on my way to school: (everything is SO green right now, I love it!)
Here is a huge stack of 150 homework papers that I need to grade!
The grading never ends....:
After I picked up the girls from my mother in law's, I drove home & passed my favorite barn (the only barn in our very suburban town):
After naptime, we headed to Camden's 3rd birthday party:
(the theme was "Wizard of Oz")
The birthday girl:
Kate & her buddies, Camden & Leila:
(sidenote: Camden & Leila wore their ruby red slippers. Kate is holding her red shoes because she refused to take off her pink shoes that she has worn everyday for the past month)
Claire ready for bed, but she stole Kevin's shoes & brought them to her room.
(I told you she was obsessed with shoes! See post below!)
Join the 10 on 10 fun next month!
(and if you did it this month, leave a comment so I can check it out!)


  1. Gotta love the one barn-did you stop on the side of the road? I always think about it, but never do :)

  2. Oh my... I just want to run down that lush green hill like Laura from Little House on the Prairie! So beautiful. Makes me mellow just looking at it. And, those shoes on backwards... love it! Are there teachers still at your school from your days? Now, that would be funny!

  3. These are adorable. especially love the scenery and the 305!

  4. Such good pictures. I love the really green one and of course the note about you teaching in your old classroom. That is so fun. Are any of your old teachers now your coworkers?

  5. It looks to me like you had a good day. Your daughter screaming Mickey Mouse was funny! And about the one not taking off her pink shoes. Reminds me of my daughter. So cool that you teach in the same classroom. My mom is a teacher too and I bet that is so cool.

  6. That picture with all the green is GORGEOUS. And I am in love with that barn! I decided not to do 10-on-10 this month because I was working. And you did it even though you were working. Next month... *sigh*... :)

  7. I am so jealous of that green grass. It looks heavenly!

  8. I love it. So fun to read! I might need to try this. Have a great day!!!

  9. first of all, that was a very, very busy day! and as a side note, i can't BELIEVE how GREEN everything is!! WOW!!

  10. where do you live? those photos are gorgeous ;)

  11. I love the backward shoes.
    Ridiculously cute.

  12. Let's have a shoe play date really soon. Seriously, we could get all the shoes out and let the Jordis and Claire go nuts. And then we could send them out to the ridiculously green hills to frolic.

  13. Kristin - I may or may not have taken the picture while driving VERY slowly!
    Nancy & Andrea- Yes, there are about 6 teachers who I teach with who also taught there when I was a student! (Either I had them, or one of my sisters did or my husband did)
    Jenny- I live in the Bay Area!
    Wendy- Yes, let's have a playdate soon, I will bring shoes :) How about next week? Both my girls will be off their antibiotics by then.

  14. I love this idea!

    I love your cute kiddos.

    I WISH you were my son's 7th grade math teacher. We're having math issues this year!

    I love how green everything there is. We're still in the ugly, brown, snowy phase of spring. (Sigh)

    I love that you named your dog Boulder! That's GREAT!

    I love your blog after reading only one post. I'm going to start following/stalking you. ;)

  15. Man, I forgot to do it, I'm going to put it in my phone for next month and do it for sure : )

  16. Great day! Love that barn, beautiful! looks like such a fun Birthday party!

  17. Great pictures! That lush green hill with the clouds in the sky pic is beautiful. My Claire has those same frog pj's. Love the shoes on backwards pic. And in that one of your girls at the bday party they look so much alike!

    I'm curious if you have taken photgraphy classes or if you have just learned on your own? Your pics are always so great.

  18. loooooove all of these pictures!
    {especially the backwards shoes!}

  19. I LOVE that pic of Claire in Kevin's shoes!!! It me me laugh out loud....and I needed it right now!

    I always say I'm going to do this next month...and then forget until you post it. Tomorrow's the 13th....maybe I should do 13 on 13. Oh, I'd forget to do it next month. Heck, I'll probably forget about it tomorrow! LOL

  20. Oh, bummer, I wanted to do this and I was driving to Madison and was not thinking about 10 on 10...next month.

    Love the pictures!

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