Signs of Spring

It was the first "official" weekend of Spring.
Here are some signs of Spring around our house...

Playing outside with short sleeves on:
Our daisy plant in full bloom:

A vase of Daffodils in my kitchen:
Sweet Tea from McDonald's...once Spring/Summer hits, I just can't resist the $1 drink
(this is only thing I get from McDonald's except when I get a Sausage Egg McMuffin *maybe* once a year). This is the only place I can get Sweet Tea in California!
Our apple tree in our backyard is starting to blossom:
Our lime tree has it's first buds:
Cherry blossoms in our front yard:
Green hills behind our house:
Because of all the beautiful green hills & blossoms, come allergies!
I didn't get allergies until my mid-20's. Not fun!

We also spent the weekend SPRING CLEANING!
I literally scrubbed & cleaned every inch of our baseboard this weekend.
And, I touched up paint throughout the house while Kevin touched up paint on the outside of our house:
Our house is the cleanest is has EVER been!
Let's see how long that lasts....
Watching March Madness....
My bracket is DONE. Shouldn't have picked Kansas to win the whole thing. Ouch.

One of my favorite things about the official arrival of Spring....
Only 12 more days until Spring Break!
Hope you had a good first weekend of Spring!


  1. Love the pictures of her swinging and those cherry blossoms are just beautiful! I cannot wait until our weather is that nice! Have a great day!

  2. Love it! I clicked the link to the previous post about your apple tree, I want one!! oh and I'm sippin' on my McCalister's sweet tea right now! Great pictures! yay for Spring!

  3. Oh, this was a great blog. I need to try to do this. I love short sleeves and warm weather and the blooming of nature. My husband loves the sweet tea from McD's too but it is hard to find it here where I live.

  4. Love the pictures of Kate in the swing...so cute in her pjs! And I can't wait for spring...it is coming, I can feel it, but it just takes a little bit longer in MN.

    And I might just have to try that Sweet Tea...sounds good...and I wish that was the only thing I got at McDonald's...you are too good!

  5. Yes, we had beautiful weather here too.. we were able to play outside all weekend! We have been doing some spring cleaning here too.. I actually just finished our baseboards today..fun fun!!! I love all of your pictures and we are still watching March Madness too.. our team just made it into the sweet 16!!! Have a great week!

  6. That picture of Claire smelling the flowers is so great! And those daffodils from TJ's are the best. They are on our kitchen table and on my desk at work too. :)

    Really sad taht I picked KS to win it all too. Boo.

  7. Wow! Gorgeous pics. Could that sky be any more beautifully blue? I love the spring! Fun post. :)

  8. That looks heavenly! Our spring started with a cold front in the 30's. Yuck!

  9. You just can't beat a good swing ride in your jammies! That's a favorite activity around here, too. Happy Spring!!

  10. I love that look of pure joy on your daughter's face as she is swinging - priceless! I love the greenery and the beautiful trees outside of your home, just gorgeous.

  11. What beautiful photos! I picked Kansas in my bracket to win it all too. : ( Stopping by from Fabulous K's link party. Have a great week!

  12. so cute, love the pj's in the swing. My daughter has one of those shirts too that claire has on ")

  13. Oh my how are your girls SO CUTE? Seriously! and the pictures of Kate swinging are to die for. I cannot capture a good swinging shot for the life of me so i have swinging photo envy :)

  14. I am in awe of the fact that you guys did touch-up spring painting. That's hard core.

  15. Spring Break... come quickly, please! I love the sniff of the flowers. My girls did a blow/sniff attempt. I just love that facial expression. adorable.

  16. Beautiful beautiful pictures! Those cherry blossoms are so gorgeous. The kids are pretty darn cute too. :)

    Love springtime!

    Me too on the allergies... didn't get em until about 4 years ago, and now I take zurtec every single day.

  17. it's true. i hate sweet tea. but i LOVE peach tea at sonic!!!

  18. Your pictures are beautiful! I LOVE that one of her "smelling" :-) too cute!

    And this warm weather is making me so so happy!



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